Ladies – are you an Arsenal superhero?

If you’re a lady headed to a fancy dress party, or stocking up early for Halloween, or if you’re male and want to buy something a little different for your significant other, there’s a fun costume available from a company called Jokers’ Masquerade, that might fit the bill.

The costume in question is an Arsenal Ladies Superhero costume. Complete with red cape and a red white and gold dress with the Arsenal logo in the middle, it’s certain to inspire comments. Strangely, the costume is currently on sale as a clearance item, which may mean that, just like in the professional ranks, a new and wonderful 2012-13 version is just around the corner. Or that they aren’t selling. However, with only small and medium sizes left, they must have moved a few. I’m not sure how an XL cape differs from a small, however.

On the bright side, search the website for other teams, and you are met with a gratifying: “Sorry, we cannot find Tottenham.” That’s alright then. In fact, the only other team I was able to find was a child’s Manchester United fairy costume, also on clearance and, one suspects, left over from the Ronaldo days.

Type in Liverpool FC and, I kid you not, up pops a Star Wars costume, Shrek, a parrot, and a few other items totally unrelated to football. Which, allegedly, is totally appropriate given Liverpool’s inability to play much of it last season.

We should be totally proud of the fact that there are, in fact, four Arsenal items, even though all are in the clearance section. And it’s probably no coincidence that there are no items from Wolves, as they didn’t manage a clearance all year.

One of the ‘Arsenal items,’ totally unrelated to football I think, is the Batgirl Sexy Super Hero costume. I’m not sure why it’s in the section, unless there’s a connection to Batman and Robin (van Persie). Sad though it is to say, from my perspective, I have to admit it’s got the Arsenal costume beaten, even though it’s more than twice the price. Not that the Arsenal one isn’t unattractive, as it most definitely is.  But I can’t see the official Arsenal Ladies team wearing this, however nice it is.

And thanks to Jokers’ Masquerade, we have one of these ladies costumes to give away!

We could make it simple and just have entries with a draw date, but that wouldn’t be much fun. So here’s what you need to do.

If you were a real Arsenal superhero (fictitious ones, not Thierry Henry or Tony Adams), what would the superpowers be, and how would you use them?

Submit your entries here by July 1, 2012 and we’ll pick out what we think is the most amusing or interesting response. Multiple entries are accepted; please include your name, email address and mailing address in case you’re the winner. Entries restricted to the UK and Eire only. We reserve the right to publish online any of the entries received, along with names (fictitious or otherwise) of the entrants. The decision of is final.

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