The once mighty invincibles have finally fallen

The once mighty invincibles have finally fallen. The last of them, Kolo Toure having joined Manchester City. I have to admit I am sad that he has decided to move on. Unlike Adebayor, Kolo always played with a heart of a lion whenever he put on the red and white which made him a fan favourite among the Arsenal fans. Even though he will play against us next season i have no doubt he will always be red and white at heart.


With the start of the new season not far away it seems that the players are more eager than ever to win a trophy for the club, the fans and especially Arsene Wenger. The players have learned harsh lessons in the last two seasons and especially the last one when they were beaten by the likes of Stoke and Hull. The players seem determined to use those experiences and not make the same mistakes again this season, which is a good sign.

With the players realising the mistakes they commited last season we the supporters also have to realise the mistakes we were guilty of last season. Last season when Arsene Wenger failed to replace Mathieu Flamini with a new signing, the whole morale and psychology of the fans were flat. Even before a ball was kicked no one was confident we were capable of challenging for the title and unfortunately it turned out to be true. Let us keep an open mind and get behind the team, because booing them will not make it any easier for them. Another fault which we the supporters commited last season was to leave the ground early if the team was losing. If we are 1-0 down at home with about ten minutes to go, it is not a good sight for the players to see a stadium with a capacity of 60000 half empty. Whether we are winning and losing I hope all the fans sing their hearts out until the final whistle.

We complain that the ticket prices are inflated so why can‘t we stay till the end of the game, showing our frustration towards the team will not do anyone a favour. Another issue I feel which needs to be addressed is the atmosphere generated at the stadium. We have been playing at the emirates for 3 seasons and i have never seen the emirates rocking and making our opponents feel intimidated. Many people will point to the atmosphere we created during the champions league semi finals against Manchester United. If we can create an atmosphere equivalent to that magnitude, I am sure most teams will mentally lose the match before it has started.

The biggest of all crimes we the fans were guilty of last season was singling out players individually and criticising them for the bad results

By Akshay.