Arsenal And Spurs Now Have Something In Common…

So, after a brazen summer flirtation, Juande has left his pretty wife, for a more difficult woman. Bottom three and struggling, the majority of Arsenal fans have revelled in the mess going on at the Lane, especially after such mighty proclamations of glory before the season started. However, will the appointment of such a high […]

The Twenty Greatest Losses Of All Time (no. 20-16)

Following on from my article about reasons of defeat, I have compiled a list of defeats, which have caused a great impact in the course of footballing history. Here is the first five…of which most have been chosen of the circumstances and the drama involved. 

Rugby Over Football – Must Be International Week – What About Arsenal?

Arsenal’s last game was over a week ago – 9 days to be precise – and I cannot wait for the Bolton match on Saturday.  Top of the table fever has hit me.  Don’t get me wrong last season I looked forward to every match but this season there is something new; there is an expectation, […]

Rooney or loft lights?

  I have been thinking about the debate that always starts during an international break – the perennial club versus country argument. There can be little doubt that supporters of Arsenal and other top premier league teams can’t get too excited about international football.

We Can Sign Big Players – Lets Get Out Of The Mindset That We Can’t!

  During the last few days I have seen us linked with a few players; Micah Richards, Robert Green, Martin Caceres and Kaka.  There are some things I would like to analyse following these rumours.  Having visited a few forums to get the lo-down on what Gooners think about these perspective signings (?) I noticed […]

Ten Games And The Guns Are Still Blazing

  On paper Sunderland was a done deal, our interest was by how much our goal difference would increase, not whether we will get the three points, on the pitch Roy Keanes men had other ideas, not that they were any better than Derby, but they seemed to have the kind of faith and belief that […]

Want To Promote Your Blog For Free?

  Insidearsenal is pleased to announce the beta launch of our new site: the new Premier League blog site. Including feeds from blogs from fans of: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Birmingham, Blackburn, Bolton, Chelsea, Derby County, Everton, Filham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Middlesborough, Newcastle, Portsmouth, Reading, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham and Wigan. […]

Can Anyone Tell Me Why . . . . .?

  Yes it’s time for another mini-rant from Renoogami. But first I must say a very big thanks to Arsene and the boys for a fantastic start to the season – I can’t really remember such a good start before – played 11, won 10 drawn 1, goals for 26, goals against 4. Fantastic stuff!

Usmanov Raises Stake

  Arsenal fans should be worried about takeover affairs; Alisher Usmanov and the ironically named Red and White Holdings have increased their stake to 23%, a two percent upwards movement. The company was first setup when former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein sold his shares to Usmanov after “resigning” from the Arsenal board, and their aim […]

The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Red and White!

Newcastle at home was arguably the hardest tie for anyone in the Carling Cup 3rd round. Newcastle wanted to have a run in this cup and Wenger was sure to play the reserves. This was clear as only Senderos, Walcott and Eduardo started from Saturday. The bench included 4 players who had not appeared for […]

An Ode To Arsene!

Today’s announcement of Arsenal being the second richest club in Europe and the richest in Britain took me back to 1998. We were about the 15th richest club in the world. And where has this great man taken us. I applaud Arsene for his vision. More than anything, you put the club’s interests before anybosy […]

If Money Could Buy Class Then Abramovich Could Buy Wenger

  Sounds ridiculous, not so?, i just thought a while when the news broke that the special one had been given the sack in a special way. Never mind that this happened after arsenal humbled Sevilla, just coming on the aftermath of a humiliating draw between Chelsea and Rosneberg and ofcourse dont forgot; that last […]

Five Questionable Decisions By Arsene

Now the dust has settled following a fabulous weekend for us Gooners, and ahead of our CL match tonight, I intend to bring us all down to earth by questioning a few of the decisions made this season by our unquestionably magnificent manager.

After Another Boring International Week Do You Really Care About England?

  At the start of the season,I looked at the first 2 months fixtures and then realised we did not have a game arranged for last weekend – Oh no I thought – another week of boring internationals and no Premiership football!

Is It Too Early?

  According to the media, our young team is now the best thing since – well since the Invincibles – and all of a sudden everyone reckons we have a good chance of winning the title.

Reality Check – 3 Years Time

  Ok so Arsene Wenger has signed a three year contract.  This article is not about the positives of this, we already know them; we keep the most successful manager of our team, the man who has transformed us from “Boring Boring Arsenal” into the best footballing side in England and the man who has […]

Wenger On The Verge Of A New Deal?

  It has been reported today that Wenger is on the verge of signing a new deal said to be worth £75,000 a week. It is reported that an official announcement will be posted on the within 24 hours. 

Why Arsenal Should Be Happy To Be Out Of The Limelight

  While the Gunners are currently second in the table, level on points with leaders Liverpool albeit with an inferior goal difference, nearly no one apart from their fans have even mentioned their names with regards to who will be competing for the title come May 2008. Liverpool will finally do it is the cry, […]

Can You Keep A Secret?

  So four league games and two Champions League games into the season and we are so far looking pretty all right. The post Henry collapse that many were predicting at this stage seems to be just press talk and there is an obvious unity in the team and a willingness not to be pushed […]

Takeover Talk: A Yank’s Perspective

  With all the talk of behind-the-scenes maneuvers in the quest for Arsenal’s soul, memories can’t help flood back to 2005. Man-U fans were burning the Glazers in effigy as the takeover became real. The images and reactions beamed back over the pond seemed to us, if nothing else, a bit over t

Last Season Was Not All Bad

  Like most Arsenal fans I have delighted in watching our team improve from last season. We are a tighter defensive unit, only conceding three goals this season so far and through no fault of our backline.

No to Double D……

  While basking in the afterglow of another great Arse victory and the knowledge that the team are really pulling together nicely I began to reflect on the Chelski game I watched with great amusement this afternoon.

Sneaky Wenger, Diarra, And Why I Think Gallas Got The Armband

Evening all. It’s been a while since my last post, been working my tits off and travelling all over the place. I’ve been pretty pleased with the Arsenal performances so far this season (caught all but the Champs League games due to those thieving bastards Satana), yes there have been moments to moan about but […]

Surprise, Surprise – Last Minute Transfer Catches Us All Out!

Just about to got bed on Friday night and switch the tv off when Skysports jolted me back with the statement that Arsenal have signed Lassana Diarra from Chelsea for an undisclosed fee!! Why is it that no amounts are ever mentioned with transfers in or out of the club! Anyway, absolutely amazed that Chelsea […]

Da Silva Has All The Hallmarks Of A “Fox in the Box”

We all woke up to one of those mornings with stormy headaches, anxious and planning to check out with our Docs. just in case our blood pressure is getting out of range, reason Le Proffesseur had shown no indication of buying a Henry replacement, i bet with the likes of Hot spurs buying incredibly and […]