What Is More Important To Fans? Traditions or Trophies?

So like it or not – yesterday’s public announcement by Dein made on the same day as the European draw was a master stoke in ensuring that all Arsenal fans would be fully aware of his sale of shares/ his new appointment as chairman of Red and White Holdings. Do you think that Wenger would […]

Live Football On Your PC and Free Arsenalsupporter Email Account

Get live football, sport, movies, music and entertainment over the internet liveonyourpc.net offer a massive range of great channels on-line. Whatever you want to watch, live football, live cricket, movies, entertainment, music – it’s all here. We provide quality content, giving you an unrivalled service, including up-to-date listings of forthcoming football matches, so you can […]

Any Answers?

Firstly my apologies for the nature – or rather timing of this piece – it should have been posted on Monday. But I forgot. So I am sorry, and I will post it now nonetheless, as most of the questions are relevant. It goes as follows: I wonder dear readers if anyone out there can […]

Getting The Arse With Arse.

My mates and I were talking about the weekend’s football as usual in the pub last night (that’s both talking football as usual and in the pub as usual) when the discussion came round (as usual) to Arsene Wenger. The general feeling amongst us was that we are starting to get bit worried about Arsene. […]

Watch Arsenal v Manchester City Live On Your PC

  We are pleased to announce the launch of our sister site: Liveonyourpc.net. Our new site gives you all the tools to watch live football on your pc. For a one-time charge of £4.99 you can watch all Premiership matches live. You can see it with liveonyourpc.net, with all the major footy action being shown, […]

Dutch…Not French!

  You may think I’m crazy, but I’m not actually comparing this Arsenal side to that great Ajax team, more towards the entire Dutch culture towards football and it appears to relate to this new Arsenal side. Naturally it is easy to look at past Dutch players at the club, when you had arguably the […]

Arsenal A Finishing School For Other Clubs?

David Bentley, Matthew Upson, Fabrice Muamba, Steve Sidwell. What do they all have in common? They were trained at Arsenal and now are at other Premiership clubs. This highlights an issue within Arsenal Football Club. We have arguably the most exciting crop of youngsters in Europe. Youngsters from all over the world are at Arsenal […]

One Up, Two Down

  All in all we are not in a bad position after the first two games of the new campaign. Like most of our rivals we have dropped a couple of points but it’s a shame we couldn’t have taken advantage of the fact that Manure have stuttered badly and that Chelski and the Pool […]


This week has led me to question Arsene Wenger somewhat on two fronts.  These being: his tactical substitutions and his refusal to give up on certain players.  Jens Lehmann has dropped two clangers in two league games.  Against Fulham the players bailed him out but were not able to repeat the trick today.  They were […]

Are Options The Key For Arsenal This Season?

  Looking at Arsenal last season it looked as though the squad looked very thin.  This was most apparent in the defence and the attack.  With Gallas injured for a very large chunk of the season, Arsenal were left with only 3 natural Central defenders, 2 of which were only young talents, (Senderos and Djourou).  […]

Is Arsene Being Sneaky?

This, as you see, is a very short post. But it has to be said.  I can’t believe what I am hearing regarding Gilberto finding out he had been stripped of the captaincy on the internet at Arsenal.com when he got

An Open Letter To Ian Wright

  Dear Wright, I really think it is time the club considers dismembering you from the Arsenal family, once and for all. I have had it with your negative rants against Arsenal, a club which has so much respect for him.

God Bless America

  Around this time last year I wrote a post, on a somewhat less reputable site, talking about how crazy football has become.  I voiced concerns over the fact that signings now seemed to attract more interest than actual matches and were viewed as ends in themselves. That summer I was completely demoralised, after all […]

Arsenal To Finish 5th! Brilliant!

  Good Lord – I can’t believe this is my first post since June 11th. The kitchen is nearly finished, but the plumbing, gas fitting, electricianing?, carpenting?, painting etc. have certainly taken their toll – I’m bloody shattered. At the end of June my computer also decided to blow up and I’ve only just got […]

Over Confidence At Liverpool And Spurs?

  Everytime I speak to a Spurs or Liverpool fan lately its always the same. Liverpool WILL win the league and Spurs WILL finish above Arsenal. Any

Is This Arsenal Side Strong Enough To Win A Major Trophy?

  Looking at the pre-season games, there are quite a few positives about the current squad but also feel that there are still a few worries as well.  

Who Would The Best Arsenal Captain Be?

10 Points To Ponder Pre 12th Aug…

  Just watched the Ajax game (still Saturday here) and was shocked at just how ruthless it was for a ‘friendly’. Both the Arse and Ajax seemed to be out to prove a point. Seemed to me to be the first serious game of the season even if they were just playing for a toy […]

Pre-Season Thoughts **Not Recycled**

With the 2007/8 season tantalisingly close now, here are some thoughts (that come from careful observation of facts rather than received opinion) on the Arsenal and how we are fixed for the new season.

We Still Need More Members!

  Insidearsenal are pleased to announce the launch of our new members club – a sort of MySpace for Gunners. For a limited time it’s competly free to join and have full access of all our great features such as: