Steven Powell

Vic Crescit is the pen name of Steve Powell, a Gooner who first saw the light at Highbury in January 1968. He’s being going ever since – 43 years and counting. After two decades standing on the old Highbury North Bank, becoming a terrace season ticket holder in 1981/82,  he moved to the old East […]


Tony aka FTK co founded in November 2006. often found on the site having a rant about the topic of the day. Contact FTK: View FTK’s posts here

Rob Johnson is part of the Football Insider (UK) Ltd group of sites. Arsenalinsider was the first site I developed, in November 2006, and its almost immediate success appeared to identify a real need for football fans across the globe and prompted us to duplicate the format across the other Premier League clubs. Three years and alot […]

Oliver Yew

After gaining a BA(Hons) in Music from Nottingham University, Oliver decided career in Music was not for him. Now he is embarking on a career in sports journalism after graduating with an MA in print journalism from Nottingham Trent University. He is a sports fanatic, with his particular interest football and cricket. He has been an Arsenal […]

Charlie Webster

A huge football fan, Charlie currently presents on Sky Sports News and also features for BBC1’s Football Focus. She is in the process of completing her Level 2 FA coaching badge working to encourage females into the game. Over the past two motorsport seasons Charlie has been the lead reporter on Sky Sports’ Live Speedway […]

Carl Eldridge

Arsenal fan for 40 years. Schoolboys, North Bank, Clock End then East Upper. Then Emirates. AFC dream team: Wilson, Dixon, Sansom, Adams, Pates, Brady, Williams, Pires, Bergkamp, Henry, Wright. Subs: Seaman, Eldridge, Wilshere, RVP, Ball. Manager: Arsene Chapman. Contact Carl:  Tweet Carl: View Eldo71’s posts here

Mike Harvey

I have been an Arsenal fan for as long as I can remember. My family has had Arsenal links since the 1920’s and that trend is showing no intention of slowing down. I am a season ticket holder at The Emirates, so attend every home game, a handful of away games and the odd Champions […]

Mark Brus

I’m 22-years-old and currently living in Bristol. I’ve been hooked on Arsenal since I was about 10, and as much as I sometimes wish I could stop, I can’t give them up. Favourite player of all time would have to be Patrick Vieira for the sheer passion with which he played the game. As well […]

Carl Eldridge

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