Backpage Roundup: Lewandowski’s Bayern ‘Dream’ Dashed, Arsenal to Bid £70 Million for Trio, No Gunner Bid for Fellaini, Wanyama’s Confession and More

Lewandowski’s Bayern ‘Dream’ Dashed Arsenal’s options of signing a World Class striker increased by one earlier today after Borussia Dortmund declared that their prized possession Robert Lewandowski – who had previously looked set for a summer switch to Bayern Munich – will not be sold to the Bavarians this year. The Westphalian club’s CEO Hans-Joachim […]

Parking the bus – why does it work?

We’ve seen it so many times in recent years – inferior teams go to difficult games (at Barcelona and Arsenal in particular) with the sole intention of ‘parking the bus’ in front of their goal. Ironically, this term was coined by the master of this tactic, Jose Mourinho, when Spurs came to Stamford Bridge and […]