Will Gazidis look again at Emirates ‘standing’ after Arsenal fans banned?

Two Arsenal fans have been banned from football matches for an altercation with police at the Emirates which was prompted by the fact they were standing during the game. It is fair to say there was more to the incident at the home game against Manchester United than simply the fact that they wouldn’t sit […]

United give Gooners the boot at Old Trafford

Should Arsenal banish away fans to the Gods at the Emirates next season? I only ask as it has emegerd that Manchester United will kick visiting supporters upstairs in the top tier of the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand at Old Trafford. Previously,  away fans have been housed in the Scoreboard End corner but not from the […]

Clock End move ‘may lead to away fans boycott at Arsenal’

I read with some interest the news from Ivan Gazidis that away fans could potentially be moved from their current position in the lower tier at the Emirates to the upper tier of the Clock End that houses away fans in cup ties. Whilst I think this is a great idea in principal, this suggestion […]

Is Wenger still the right man for Arsenal?

It is clearly evident that during recent months the red and white armoury has come under intense pressure, with many even questioning whether “Arsene Wenger is the right man for Arsenal Football Club?”. A few years ago such a question would have been responded with laughter, yet today critics and many Arsenal fans find themselves […]