Where’s the crisis?

Do we as Arsenal fans perhaps have the right to feel slightly aggrieved at the way the media treats us? I see no special reason for pundits, journalists and bloggers to have some kind of agenda against the club, but it does seem like there’s something there. Take the coverage our rivals Spurs are currently […]

The curse of being too good

You can’t win the league and the Champions League every year. Five out of the last six of those isn’t bad, with a few other smaller trophies thrown in and the possibility of another Copa del Rey still to come this season. However, second in the league and a semi-final exit to an inferior team […]

Can we trust Wenger on van Persie future?

The line “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that” comes to mind when listening to Arsene Wenger in today’s post-match press conference. “I must say we will do anything to keep him. I cannot say much more because I have said that many times,” said the manager, who was adament he […]