How do you solve a problem like Jack Wilshere?

The problem for Jack Wilshere:
The problem for Jack is simple, he needed games and he has finally got games, by going out on loan to Bournemouth which so far has been an impressive spell and a nice run of matches.
He needed to raise his fitness levels and has started to achieve that and what he needs is to stay injury free until the end of the season.
It’s at this point that Jack has some serious decisions to make.
Does he stay at Arsenal, the club he has played for all his life or does he leave for permanent pastures new?
Staying means fighting for his place, possibly not being played in his best position. Let’s be honest, what is his best position? It will change depending on who you talk to. For me. I have always liked seeing him playing just behind a striker where he can punish teams, and if he loses the ball it’s in the opposing half not his own. If that is Wilshere’s best position he faces major competition from Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. Is he good enough to oust one of them? Or would Arsene Wenger consider one of them making way to fit Wilshere in? I can see Alexis’ face now after Wenger tells him that!
Jack is a confidence player, he needs games on a regular basis and that’s the problem. The question is will he get them at the Emirates?
Which gives him option number two. Leave at the end of the season and play for a team that will play him week in, week out. We’ve seen already this season that by playing him in his favourite position Jack is back to enjoying football again.
It’s a big dilemma for the local boy.
The problem for Arsenal: 
Arsenal’s problem is that they are paying big wages to a player that, through no fault of his own, has been injured more often than not. In a way, the club are still waiting for the potential to shine through and at some point they will want to see something back.
Having a strong squad is important in this day and age and you saw earlier this season there was a stage when Arsenal probably could of done with Jack Wilshere playing, or at least on the bench. But that was after a few players were out and you do wonder how far Wilshere is down the pecking order.
Of course, as we get told many times, Arsenal is also a business and the club do have the option of selling him to another club and gaining a good fee. Then, in turn, giving Wenger the money to invest it back into the team is probably the option the club are considering.
The problem for Arsene Wenger:
The problem for Arsene is how much loyalty does he continue to show to the player? He has always spoke of Jack’s potential, of how great he can become, but this has been said for what feels like many years now. Injuries have not helped him to push on to where he should be and each year Wenger must be sitting there thinking “this is Wilshere’s year” only for another injury set back.
Maybe what Wilshere needs is games on a regular basis to keep his fitness levels up, but that means dropping another player. Would Wenger look to drop Ozil or Sanchez? I don’t think so.
Which leaves Wenger with the other option, which is to sell Jack, a player who he has stood by and shown so much loyalty too over the years. Arsene, just try not to sell him to one of our rivals, you know, just in case.
The problem for the fans: 
The fans love Jack Wilshere. He has come through the ranks, he’s a local boy and he feels like one of us. We even love how he will fight everyone on the pitch if he has to! Who remembers him headbutting Fellaini’s chest and standing toe to toe?
Everyone associated with the club wants to see him succeed, but even the most hardened of fans are looking at where he can fit in.
Some supporters are now looking at what is best for his career and talking about of it in a way that suggests it will be apart from the club he has grown up with. If that did happen it would still be a sad day for the supporters and probably a day of mourning all round. Wilshere is a Gooner after all. If the supporters needed any proof of this it was confirmed after the FA Cup win celebrations. Its always good to ask the fans what they think of Tottenham!
Overall you read this and think the future for Jack Wilshere is away from the Emirates. But he is still only 25. However, with Ozil and Sanchez still stalling on signing new contracts there could yet be a light at the end of the tunnel.
Losing one of these players would be a massive loss to the Gunners but that could be Jack’s chance to shine and prove that he is the player we all want him to be. The end of the season is going to be a huge time for Jack Wilshere with the biggest decision he will make in his career.

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