EXCLUSIVE: New look for Emirates Stadium

Take a look at how Arsenal plan to brighten up the Emirates — with the help of Gunners legends through the years.
This is a sneak peek at the planned art believed to have been commisioned to decorate the stadium. My first reaction is that it reflects the majesty of Arsenal superbly and the typeface for the club’s motto is very strong.
And to portray four of the club’s legends Cliff Bastin, Tony Adams, Liam Brady and Thierry.
Henry(plus an unamed keeper — Bob Wilson maybe or Dave Seaman but probably not George Wood!) arm in arm providing a historical link to present day is, I contest, a brilliant way of conveying the sheer magnificence of Arsenal.
My one regret with the players chosen is that my favourite player Dennis Bergkamp isn’t depicted but presumably these have been chosen through consultation with fans.
Then again I can live with the fact that Lee Chapman, Ray Hankin and John Horley aren’t on it.
Overall, I love it. Well the version with the club’s crest anyway and I assume there will be one at either end of the ground.
So when is this going to go up? Could it be lined up for the new season? if so Pompey at home on August 22 will be the first chance for us to see it in all its glory.
Any other insiders out there have more info for us?

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