I am a humble man.
And, as a humble and fair man, I think I owe a few apologies.
After watching us demolish Seville, my first thoughts were that I may have got a few things wrong.
If a week is a long time in football, then in a month surely anything can happen. And only a month ago we had played just three games – a narrow last minute win at home to Fulham, an away win in Prague, and a battling draw away at Blackburn. Most certainly nothing to get very excited about. At that time I was questioning our team, our manager, our formation, the inclusion of Flamini, the tactics, the qualities of Adeybayor etc. etc.
Now, after a further 5 games – winning them all and showing ever increasing confidence and panache – things are certainly looking different. At least to me.
We mustn’t of course get carried away, but, BUT! everything is now looking beautifully rosy and everything seems to be going our way. Three goals scored on each of the last four games, beating the great impostors at the Lane – not to mention the poor start by both United and the Mercenaries. Top of the league, probably safely into the knockout stages of the CL and then Jose the Moaninio is on his bike!
I must say, however, that I do feel the Premiership has lost a colourful character – love him or hate him, his comments were always interesting to say the least and I am a little sad that he has gone before we were able to be the first team to beat him at the Bridge. Football does need the odd flamboyant type – I still miss John Bond, Malcolm Alison and of course big Ron Atkinson – and Jose was certainly up there with the best.
Back to my humility.
Sorry Matty the Flamster, for thinking you were crap. My opinion of you has changed dramatically over the last few weeks and you are becoming the new Peter Story at Arsenal.
Sorry Adey, I used to think you were just a big useless lump but I suppose I forget that you are only 23 and have time to hone your undoubted skills. You have a heart of a lion and I love you.
Sorry Arsene, for ever doubting your decisions. Djourou out on loan? Pfff – what does it matter now when we have good cover from Gilberto and ………………..and well from Alex Song. Who knows, Alex might be an absolutely brilliant centre back. Lets face it, who would have thought Kolo would have been so brilliant in a completely new position?
I am at the Emirates for tomorrows game and I can’t wait. Of course we must never take the opposition too lightly, but I sense a difference in our approach to these ‘easy games’ and I reckon we will get a comfortable three points.
Now for another slice of that tasty humble pie. . . .