Aaron Ramsey can look back at a solid season

If Aaron Ramsey wasn’t entirely sure whether he was out of form, he knew now. Because it had quite literally, snuck up behind him. Fernando Torres, desperately out of form himself and hoping he would be rewarded through hard-work, dispossessed Ramsey on at least two occasions and the Emirates crowd quickly grew restless at his lack of urgency early on in the goalless draw with Chelsea. Ramsey did improve, however, as the game wore on and he played a fantastic long-pass to Robin van Persie which indicated anything but a downturn of confidence but there was no escaping that he was – and deep in the thick of it.

In a season where Arsenal have finally made The Emirates feel like their own – and they’ve had to, after the disastrous start they had and those involved in the 8-2 drubbing by Manchester United have quickly had to rectify matters; Tomáš Rosický has been rejuvenated, Robin van Persie can’t stop scoring, Laurent Koscielny has gone from strength to strength while Theo Walcott initially lost, and won back the fans – Aaron Ramsey hasn’t quite been able to get the fans on his side. That task was made harder when Jack Wilshere succumbed for the whole season and Ramsey was given the unenviable task of replacing Cesc Fàbregas. And after a difficult start, he started to show his talent.

After a captivating performance in the 5-3 win over Chelsea, which he capped off with a superb lifted pass, Michael Cox of ZonalMarking.net hailed Ramsey as a better prospect than Jack Wilshere. His drive was crucial in the early parts of the season and he quickly became Arsène Wenger’s go-to man, usually tasked with the simple brief of taking the game “by the scruff of the neck.” He drove Arsenal to a 3-0 second-half win over Bolton Wanderers, creating the opener with his determined running after Wenger had pushed him closer to Robin van Persie. The same tactic was deployed straight after the break against Tottenham where he scored his first goal and afterwards against Marseilles where he got his second. Perhaps it’s natural to give instructions to a young player such as Ramsey as older heads need less guidance but the fact that Wenger trusts him so much, highlights the detail of the role he is playing.

Indeed, it has been slightly difficult to define Ramsey’s role because the duality of it: is he a playmaker or just an advanced box-to-box midfielder in a 4-3-3? Because at times, he presses as the second-striker behind van Persie but in possession, he drifts around the pitch, looking to get into pockets to influence. Indeed, Arsenal’s midfield operates best in rotation – one filling in when the other gets forward – such that it’s probably best not to give titles to roles. Certainly, what was most striking about Song-Arteta-Ramsey partnership is that each member of the midfield excelled in area atypical of their role. Alex Song, the enforcer, has been Arsenal’s best creator, playing the most through-balls in the Premiership while Mikel Arteta, the regista, has the best technique but it’s not use to create and rather to provoke, and he’s made the most passes in the attacking third this season. Aaron Ramsey, on the other hand, might operate in the spaces a playmaker does be he’s primarily been used high up the pitch for his energy to press (he’s in the top 5 in the league for distance covered) although he still creates a lot of open play opportunities.

Arsenal have probably improved lately, however, with the return of Rosický in the midfield, giving the team a degree of specialisation. It’s meant Aaron Ramsey has had to miss out, coinciding in Arsenal’s impressive late season form but he can still be satisfied with his involvement this season. Because he was entrusted, at the start of the season, to spearhead the midfield in the toughest moment of Arsène Wenger’s Arsenal career and was ever more crucial when the full-backs became unavailable and they had to replicate their drive from somewhere. Ramsey stepped up and provided that and more with his tireless running

Aaron Ramsey may be suffering from a lack of confidence in what is essentially his first full season at the club, but he can proudly look back at the solid contribution he has made to help get Arsenal to where they are right now.

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  1. For me he has been a huge disappointment through the whole season. At this moment I am not convinced he is ever going to be good enough for Arsenal.

    • agreed

      • I cant believe how blind minded some fans are..u cant make the useless look good by force…our CL spot is on the line and we don’t have privilege to play around…Ramsey reminds me a lot of Denilson he had the same fan girl club backing him um and look where he ended up..

  2. Awful season. Aaron needs to go out on loan prove himself. Solid? Not in my book. We may have even had a title shot if Arsene had dropped him earlier. Its not a coincidence that we had a string of victories after he was dropped and now have disappointing results again when he has been selected.

    • remind me who was playing in midfield during September until end december when we went from 17th and climbed to 5th/6th and in contention for the top 4? A run where from 18 games where we won 12, drew 3 and lost 3 (one away at City, one at home to City in the carling cup and one away to olympiacos in the champions league). That was a decent run of results if I remember correctly that is and Ramsey played a large amount of those games and was a big feature in them and created many opportunities and i remember numerous passes into the runs of Theo who would then set up RvP, yes he’s on bad form but so is RvP but fans aren’t jumping over him. A little perspective maybe and remember, he’s on bad form but earlier in the season he was one of our better players.

  3. Ramsey is not ready for the first team yet, he has not gelled with the team well. Would like to see him loaned out for another season.

  4. the season is 40+ games long and you’ve been able to pinpoint a few decent performances. why dont we talk about all the missed opportunities in front of goal? we can surely count atleast 3 per game.
    he is not a playmaker….as can be seen by the difference in Arsenal’s total play when Rosicky has the ball at his feet compared to Ramsey.
    he may run the most on the team but it’s all useless running!!!
    how many times does he run back to Song and Arteta and take the ball of their feet…or show for a 2 yrd square ball? he provides no forward attack for arsenal..he’s most similar to Arteta’s style of play and there is no way he should be on the field when Arteta is in the game.

    now that Diaby is back i would much rather prefer a trio of Song-Diaby-Rosicky with Ramsey used as a sub near the end of the game…if that.

    i had so much faith in this kid at the beginning of the season..but time and time again he has disappointed. he does not play Arsenal ball.

  5. Christian Jordan Nz | 24/04/2012 at 20:56 |

    Aaron Ramsey I’m sorry to say is out of his depth in the first team, especially considering the number of games he plays (and minutes). Something to consider is that Arsenal needs someone in his position who can contribute goals and assists. Actually seeing as Arsenal is 30 goals behind the Manchester Teams and 20 points in the league. They need players across the board who can contribute.

    Van Persie had a banner year scoring 27 goals in the league but the problem is the entire Arsenal Squad combined only managed a further 38 goals. Aaron Ramsey played 41 Matches and a total of 3011 minutes for a return of 3 goals & 6 assists in all competitions. Now before the Aaron Ramsey Apologist Club jumps in consider that Shinji Kagawa played 47 matches and a total of 3673 minutes for a return of 21 goals & 11 assists.

    If you look at the Arsenal Squad as a formula they have to score over 80-90 goals at the same point next season to be competitive. Currently their Squad has produced 65 and conceded 3 times as many goals as the Manchester Teams. So they need to find a further 20 goals now if you think that Aaron Ramsey can supply this then by all means keep him. But for €10-15 Million Shinji Kagawa can transform the Arsenal Attack.

  6. I personally still have faith on Ramsey.. he’s actually a young player with awesome skills & just play his 1st full season. He’s only 22 & need more times to prove his capability. I’m sure he’ll be astonishing on 1 or 2 more years.. support our gems, Gooners!

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