Arsenalinsider.com is part of the Football Insider (UK) Ltd group of sites. Arsenalinsider was the first site we developed, in November 2006, and its almost immediate success appeared to identify a real need for football fans across the globe and prompted us to duplicate the format across the other Premier League clubs.
Three years and alot of hard work and research later and Premier League Insider was born. Unlike many football blogs which are often run by one person and only give one person’s opinion, we wanted somewhere where anyone could have their say on their club. There are many passionate fans out there who have the writing ability but not the technical ability so we wanted to offer somewhere for them to practice their art.
We have all types of people who write for us, located all over the globe. We have budding journalists, retirees, journalism students, professional sportswriters and everyone inbetween and it makes for a great place to debate the fortunes and failings of your club.
Our virtual terrace offers a place to banter with fellow students before a game. So if you have a friend in Australia who supports Arsenal, then tell them to log on and have a chat about the game!
Our sites are written by fans for fans so if you would like more information, or have any comments or suggestions on the site, then please feel free to contact us.
Arsenalinsider has been featured in / on:
* Sky Sports News (2008, 2009)
* The Sunday Mirror (2009)
* Sunday Express (2009)
* Match Magazine (2007)
* Setanta Sports News (2008)
* Sunday Star (2009)
* The Guardian Newspaper (2008)
* The Sunday Times Newspaper (2010)
* Various Arsenal and non-Arsenal fanzines and websites


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