Adebayor and Frimpong in Twitter row with Gooners

Emmanuel Adebayor was forced to call on Emmanuel Frimpong to help him out in an ongoing row with Arsenal fans on Twitter last night.

Adebayor was tweeting all sorts of nonsense but took a fair amount of stick from Gooners and eventually made the pleae to Frimpers to get the supporters off his back.

Frimpong tweeted: “Leave Mr Adebayor alone please, Gunners.”¬† after the request from the Togo striker on loan at T******* from Manchester City.

This morning it is unclear whether or not the striker’s account was hacked or whether he actually sent the tweets to fans but one way or another they have been deleted from his @Sheyiadebayor account.

For the most part, he digs out Gooners for not winning a trophy for yonks, the fact that he has got a medal of late and that he has, er, lots of money.

Here are some of the tweets from the spat:

“@Sheyiadebayor: @Clarky14AFC I can feed your 5years cousin and your entire family and your generations”

“@Sheyiadebayor: @BoweJob when I finished football I will go to london school of economics which you cannot afford”

“@Sheyiadebayor: @oshafuamowun since i left the club i won a trophy and what did you win nothing a part from talking nonsense LOOL”


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