Alex Fynn says Its Arsenal’s most important match in their history...

Well I suppose we have to do our bit being an Arsene Wenger loyalist blog. This tabloidy loud piece of pre publication press release dropped into my inbox a few hours ago. Talk about over egging the pudding. The reason why I decided to publish this on the site, is that I had recently rubbished another supposed Wenger chronicle I refer to the fact that I tried to put the kiss of death on “The Professor” by Myles Palmer (hypocrite in my view!)
So instead of reading that one why not try this instead? It’s very good, I know because I have a hardback first edition personally signed by Arsene Wenger himself…(ok I’m bragging!) The new edition with new chapters won’t reveal all but if you didn’t buy the first, there’s really no excuse not to buy this one.

This Friday’s draw [7th August] for the Champions League play off for the group stages will decide who Arsenal play, in what football consultant, Alex Fynn, described as
‘Arsenal’s most important match in their history’
Fynn, who, with Kevin Whitcher, the editor of the influential Arsenal fanzine the Gooner, has updated their book ‘Arsčnal – The Making of a Modern Superclub’ , considers the forthcoming fixture to be ‘the £40 million tie’.
Fynn and Whitcher believe that losing the forthcoming tie could lead to dramatic changes at Arsenal. Arsčne Wenger has two years of his contract remaining and the new Arsenal CEO, Ivan Gazidis, is certainly more bullish about making changes than his fellow directors.  The manager now has to justify his significant salary by guiding Arsenal in to the Champions League group stages. As Gazidis revealed in an exclusive interview for the book,
The consequence of failure to a club already managing a huge debt incurred on the building of the Emirates Stadium does not bear contemplation. if we don’t deliver success, Arsčne is under the same pressure as anyone in that position.”
As well as the interview with Gazidis, Arsčnal, the acclaimed bestseller, has 4 all new chapters based on unprecedented access and exclusive interviews with all the main protagonists at Arsenal including, Wenger himself, Chairman Peter Hill-Wood and critics such as former directors David Dein and Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith.
Arsčnal – The Making of a Modern Superclub brings Arsenal’s story bang up to date highlighting the political manoeuvring behind the scenes and its impact on Arsčne Wenger’s playing strategy.  As the manager exclusively reveals in the book regarding season 2008/2009,  ‘I’ve never worked so hard or been criticised so much.’  What is his outlook for the new season?  Arsčnal reveals this and analyses how the club found itself on a financial tightrope, and speculates as to the impact of this on the immediate future.
As one reviewer [Andrew Shields, Sports Editor Time Out] said of the previous edition, ‘Many writers have tried to explain what makes Arsenal a football club that is so widely admired, even by its fiercest rivals.  Arsčnal comes closer than any previous book, offering a privileged insight into the club’s fascinating blend of tradition and innovation and in particular the unique methods and motivations of its figurehead Arsčne Wenger.’
Arsčnal – The Making of a Modern Superclub
By Alex Fynn & Kevin Whitcher
Published: August 10th 2009 RRP: £7.99 Paperback
ISBN 978 1905326 60 0 Vision Sports Publishing Ltd 

So this play off Champions League match, no pressure on Arsene then? (bit of an over reaction if you ask me.)
Oh, and if you had’nt guessed Kevin Whitcher is the editor of The Gooner, the fanzine which has replaced my pre matchday reading of the official programme. At least with the royalties from this book sale kevin, the price of the Gooner should stay at two quid shurely? (p.s you owe me a pint for this!)
READ THIS BOOK or else….lol

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