Arsenal knocked out of the FA Cup

Short of a miracle it will be seven years since Arsenal last won a trophy, and it now looks like we will struggle for fourth place.

I started this post before our loss to Sunderland 2-0 at the Stadium of light.

I am now sat here nervously waiting for our fifth round FA Cup tie away to Sunderland to kick off, and to be quite honest I don’t know what to think.

My Revenge On Ben Foster

Before Wednesdays first leg Champions League match away to AC Milan, I was feeling good, and fancied our chances to come away with a win, and if not that at least a point.
How wrong could I have been the night, turned into a nightmare for us, as we were totally outclassed buy a Milan side that meant business.

Yet again it was obvious that our players could not defend, and from what I could see it looks as though they don’t even practice defending on the training field.

Where is Tony Adams when you need him?

Give him a job as defensive coach, and see what he can do for out team.

It is all well, and good this sharp quick passing of the ball, but it is not good at all when five minutes of passing the ball between yourselves, you lose it to the opposition, and they score not just once but four times!!!

It is time for a re-think, and I have come to the conclusion that either Wenger has lost the plot, or he needs to get rid of players, and re-build the team.

This is what former Arsenal player Emmanuel Petit said after calling our performance in the San Siro a disgrace.

“I wondered what had become of the team that I knew. It’s worse than I thought – and what is perhaps the most worrying thing is to say that the club will not do anything this summer to stop the machine”.

“Some young players are doing nothing to justify the confidence that Arsene gives them. In behaviour, in body language, you can see they are gone.

“Do not hesitate to talk about end of cycle. Regardless of age. It must be said to Arshavin, to Rosicky – ‘Gentlemen, thank you, but goodbye.’ And quickly. I wonder about the future of the club. Arsene must quickly regain balance. Arsenal were a contender, now they are mere participants.”

As we all know now, we lost to a team that played like they wanted to win.

Closing, and chasing us down every chance they got.

Considering we had only just played them seven days ago, we should have known what to expect from the rejuvenated Martin O’Neil managed Black Cats.

Here we were playing the only game we know, passing the ball back and forward to each other in mid-field.

If games were won, and lost on time of possession we would have that vital Champions League spot locked up.

Let’s face it the team looked tired and clueless when it came to ideas. We could have picked up a couple of players during the January transfer window but we did not.

Whose fault is that Mr.Wenger yours, or the people who pay your wages?

The fans are beginning to say enough is enough! When you are paying £3,000 for a season ticket you rightly expect to be watching a team that is winning trophies.

Wenger can rejoice a little in that all the pressure seems to be on the Chelsea manager Andres Villas-Boas at the moment, which helps keep the spotlight off him.

In fact I don’t think there is any pressure on Wenger except from the fans.

He is doing exactly what the American owners want, and that is to make money for them without having to spend anything.

The only way things are going to change is when they are no longer making money.

Could you imagine Jose Mourinho coming to the Emirates?

It will never happen because, he would say in order for me to take the job I want x amount of money to go out, and buy the players I need in order for us to win the Premiership, and the Champions League.

I am listening to Gooner fans calling in after the match on Talksport, and they are making very valuable points, and one that I find striking is that the Premiership, and the world of professional football has changed, and yet we refuse to offer the wages to attract the top players.

It looks as though we could very well not be in the Champions League next season, and that being the case we can say goodbye to Robin van Persie.

No matter how much he likes playing for the Gunners the big money, and the chance to play on a winning team such as Barcelona, or Real Madrid will force him to leave.

The one player I feel bad for was Oxlade-Chamberlain who came charging back to defend the goal only to have the ball hit the post, and bounce off him, and in for an own goal.

Kind of ironic that a striker had to try, and defend the goal-line.

Mr. Wenger had his excuses ready for the press conference about a match that one of the National newspaper’s called “Gunn to Pot”.

In case you have not heard it here is what Wenger had to say:

“I believe we had a spirited and committed performance. Sometimes you want to give credit to the players even when you lose a game and I think today is one of them,”

“We had a difficult week. We had three away games on three very difficult pitches. At the end we go home tonight with many injuries and out of the cup.

“We had to chase the game with already not fresh legs; the schedule was just too difficult for us.

“It is always easier to defend than to attack. If you look at the amount of possession we had today it would certainly be massive. I felt that we were a bit unlucky today.”

To this my question would be “why with all our injury problems did you not at least sign some players on loan when you had a chance”?

This is the future for the Gooner fans, and unless we stop going to matches and buying the shirts I do not think anything will change.

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