Arsenal Legend To Lead The Gunners

The news of an impending manger transfer of power at Football club isn’t new news as far as the fans are concerned. Whilst the parties at the minute are yet to be named, we know there is significant interest and it could be sorted before the seasons end.
In fact, a journalist close to Arsenal Football Club, currently in Switzerland tweeted that he can’t wait for next seasons managerial exchange as it will be ”rocking”. Two-and-two were put together to make five and hey-presto Henry looks set to take Arsenal to the top of the English Premiership in a managerial capacity.
That on itself wouldn’t actually surprise me, what has surprised me is a club the size of Arsenal being left in the footballing wilderness for a decade. So I cross my fingers with all the other Arsenal fans, in hope that this is a possibility.
The bizarre rumour is that if Henry is to takeover at Highbury, their first piece of business would be to slap a Gunners shirt on Alex-Oxlaide Chamberlain and Theo Walcott due to their long-term affiliation with the clubs progress. I guess it isn’t completely against the realms of possibility, but I would put good money on it not happening.
I can see Thierry desperately wanting to move to London and continue to learn, develop and grow the club back to the great times.
But, if I am right and Thierry Henry does sign for the next stage, I wouldn’t panic – Arsene Wenger clearly has fans, loyalty and a great capacity to continue
FA Cup: Arsenal are one of the favourites, says Arsene Wenger
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says the Gunners are one of the favourites to win the FA Cup after a weekend of shock exits by fellow Premier League giants.
“We’ll be one of the favourites with the other top-flight sides,” he said. “But I can’t predict if we’ll win.
“I believe that we won the game at the start. The results from yesterday maybe got us on our toes and we got off to a quick pace, and I think that surprised Brighton.”

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