Arsenal Could Still Make These 4 Great Signings

In the recent weeks, Wenger has tried to recruit some new strengths for his team. It was supposed to be easy for a person like Arsene Wenger. However, the fact is, some refused to sign. So, while we are here, we’d like to suggest some great players Wenger should be interested with.
Gonzalo Higuain
Here are some good reasons for getting Higuain into the team:

  • He scored 36 goals in last season’s Serie A.
  • Higuain is one of the most clinical finishers from Europe, thanks to his coolness, deadly eye, and finishing while executing the ball.
  • While still with Real Madrid, he scored more than 71 goals in 190 appearances.
  • Higuain is a natural striker. After signed a contract with Napoli, he scored around 1.09 goals per 90 minutes during the last season.

Kalidou Koulibaly
Arsene Wenger is said to be interested in getting Kalidou Koulibaly into the team. For what reasons?
A special player
The Professor knows that he has to reinforce his team at the center. For this, he need a special player with perfect set of skills and experiences. He needs someone like KalidouKoulibaly to assist Laurent Koscielny, the current central defender. So, what are exactly the skills he has?
What makes Koulibaly a great choice?
Besides a great central player, Koulibaly is quite famous for his monstrous defensive abilities. Until now, he has managed to secure Napoli defense with 2.15 tackles per 90 minutes during the last season and 2.52 aerial duels. Besides, with around 62.86 forward passes per match, Koulibaly performs much better than Mertesecker (41.5) and Gabriel (44.13).
Kostas Manolas

    • Another great player that will be a significant addition to Arsenal is Kostas Manolas. Here are some excellent reasons for Arsenal to immediately get him sign the contract.
    • Manolas is a player with special defending skills and aerial duels. He has won more than 76% of clashes in the air.
    • Besides his high record in securing air clashes, Manolas has also good skills in managing pass completion, with around 39 total forward passes per match. Additionally, he is also quite skillful in tackling, collecting more than 1.4 tackles per match.

Daniele Rugani
Here is our last suggestion: Daniele Rugani. He may not be as famous as the previous threes, but that doesn’t mean he is not worth the Professor’s attention. Why?
Despite his young age, Rugani has secured Juventus defense with his excellent possession, passing, and other excellent skills during his last 17 games. These important skills have made him famous as one of Europe’s most promising defenders.

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