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With the Mayoral elections over, concerns have switched to the next big polls. This week, Arsenalinsider has been placed alongside some of the most popular blogs out there, as nominates the site for best club blog award during the 2011/12 season. By Just skimming over the other nominations, it’s apparent that Arsenal FC blogs dominate the list, evidence that Insider is able to mix it in a competative circle. Word has always been that Arsenal FC take up a big slice of the quality football blogs on the web. Then again, it’s always an advantage when the other half of north London can’t read.

When I first wrote for the website it was a simple set-up with little more than a couple of articles a day. Despite this, participation from the public was always strong. The ambition of the people behind the scenes was visible back then, just as they remain today. My first assignment however was to write for Villainsider, which was part of the bigger idea to have a blog on each Premier League club. This was soon quashed when it became clear that Arsenalinsider was a big enough project on it’s own.

What helps drive the website forward is the voice. Admittedly, The Emirates can sometimes lack the tribal sounds resonant around other stadiums, maybe because the red and white voice is calculatted and balanced. Who remembers DAN THE HOTSPURS MAN? Not so long ago a dark period loomed over Arsenalinsider, plagued by his relentless foolish comments. Many think the crashing and banging on the terraces is the profile for the ‘best’ fans. Arsenal supporters are no less loyal or passionate than the rest, just more brooding perhaps, something ever noticeable on this blog. Football is a fast mover and I’m pleased to see that Arsenalinsider has kept up with the pace.

Our new Mayor of London was also trying to keep up with the pace this week. On the front page of yesterday’s Evening Standard, Boris Johnson holds aloft his arms in a victorious salute to the press. For his first jog to City Hall after reelection, he wears a beige hoodie, running trainers, black socks and a cheap looking pair of martial art style black and gold dragon shorts. With another term secured, Boris reverts back to his eccentric dress sense. Our blog promises not to slip to such casual standards, so follow the link below and vote right, vote red, vote Arsenal Insider.

12 Comments on " nominated for EPL Blog Award"

  1. Monkey Knife Fight | 09/05/2012 at 03:59 |

    Voted for Arseblog.   Best Arsenal Blog out there.

    Cheers for the link.

  2. Loool!

  3. Spoiling for a fight | 09/05/2012 at 05:50 |

    Arseblog every time. This website’s name is a joke. Always commentary on Daily Mail ‘rumours’ and the same opinions you can find anywhere else. No ‘inside scoop’ on anything. Harsh? Maybe. Pick up your game, regardless.

    • Didn’t this blog display a mock up of the new kit months ago?

      • Yes it did mate, this site has delivered Exclusive shirt mock-ups for the past 2-3 seasons. A lot of effort goes into running a site (as I run a few myself) but people come on here and don’t realise the effort that goes into something like this. It’s much more than producing a few articles a day. With the site’s ownership changing in the past few months, the site has gone downhill a little it has to be said. The site design is no way near as good as it was a few months back. However Arsenalinsider still gets my vote.

        • Yes I agree, the site isn’t what it was but partly due to the negativity written, of course there’s nothing wrong with writing and commenting objectively, hell, even Bigsy on a good day isn’t as scathing as some posts witnessed on here and for me, when you dis your team, manager etc it undoubtedly affects and reflects performances, but possibly the negative aspects on here drive away regular contributors (comments).

          • arsenalinsider | 09/05/2012 at 15:09 |

            Gents: we will be doing more to try and improve the quality of writing and commenting on here, while still not not censoring folks. If you are interested in participating in that, please email us at – Cheers!

  4. this is a quality site. ok the numbers are shite but the banter is second to none, I like my time on here and enjoy being childish with the 6 or 7 other regular users.

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