Countdown to Arsenalinsider Premium Launch

After many weeks we are rolling out further changes here at Arsenalinsider.

The site has had many community members (and many writers) come and go. Some of our fellow Arsenal sites have been discontinued recently. Ad rates for online media have declined over the past few years and there is much discussion about the future of free media in general. For Arsenalinsider, in order to maintain viability, the choice has come down to providing readers with more average quality content for free or to boost quality and build community around a subscription model visitors will value. You can’t make everyone happy and sometimes these changes will pain regulars but we have decided to take the latter path. We are unveiling Arsenalinsider Premium.

We will be launching officially launching at 11:59pm this Thursday night June 21, though you may see some changes as we approach that date.

Details on what is included in Arsenalinsider Premium, will be announced with the launch.

Here’s what will and will not change for non-subscribers:

  • Non-subscribers will still get a very similar amount of content as previously. News items will be completely free.
  • Feature articles will sometimes be truncated without subscription.
  • There will be some special features and site functions that are subscriber only.
  • Commenting will be available to subscribers only. There’s been a lot of pretty negative back and forth in comments lately. We hope this will provide a better home for critical discussion without immaturity.
In general we will be looking to reinvest in better content, better research and overall better experience for all visitors to the site.

As always, happy to answer questions. Regardless you can provide feedback to us by clicking on the button in the bottom right of your screen.

10 Comments on "Countdown to Arsenalinsider Premium Launch"

  1. I don’t read your stuff for free, you’re dead meat if you charge.

  2. Right. And your point of difference in this saturated market is…? Your 5th most recent transfer story is “Arteta to join Arsenal”. Methinks you may have miscalculated your value. I only clicked on this link from NewsNow because it seemed so bizarre.

  3. Ha Ha that is hilarious, people like the trainee journalist get slated on here and now they want to charge people for reading his guff, well all I can say is how very apt that a website which has been largely vocal in the greed and penny pinching of the Arsenal board now show exactly the same colours, how beautifully Arsenal, only Arsenal could be so damn right hypocritical to mock others and be the same themselves..splendid ! enjoy the demise and I give it all of 6 months before the wheels have fallen well and truly off, I can hear Mashman laughing now..

  4. toots chasing after a French manager, whatever next.

    • Oi you will have to pay to make a comment like that soon, didn’t you know this website is turning out such high quality ? this website is indeed the Tottenham Hotspur of the internet, in every walk of life you ensure that quality is provided before you charge for it, this site and spurs are one and the same, charge for it with the promise it will be good , anyone who signs up for this subscription fee should join me at WHL, im still waiting for the quality after 40 fucking years of my life..join and you are truly a spurs fan in waiting. it will be good i promise, next season it will be good, ha ha

  5. Not a chance of a subscription paid by me – there are a few Arsenal blogs that do differentiate themselves with quality but this is just one of many repeating the same old tired rumours

    Big miscalculation as there will be way too much free stuff. Just like “The Times” charges for online access to their sports page so however interesting their articles are I just bypass them and read something else in another paper

  6. Why doesn’t someone start an alternative free site, called ? I’d join in.

  7. Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet

  8. Such an awful idea to charge, since the ownership of Arsenalinsider changed earlier this year its gone so far downhill.

    Charging people will never work with a site like this as there are better ones out there, you are wasting your time thinking that you can charge people.

    They wil just go elsewhere and soon no one will read the site, yes maybe change the design to something a little more snazzy, but don’t charge people for it.

    Never going to work. 

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