David Seaman on Arsenal's Goalies & Management

Arsenalinsider got a chance to sit down with Dave Seaman. Here’s the scoop:

Question: What do you think about Arsenal’s current goalies?
Seaman: Arsenal’s goalkeeping situation is good. They have got some young goalkeepers. That’s the only problem that they’re young. But Szczesny is doing a fantastic job. He is so much better than me at his age than I was; you know he’s just a great great talent. Hopefully, he’ll just get better and better.
Question: What makes a good back-up goalie?
Seaman: Patience. You’ve gotta be patient and when you get your chance, make sure you do the best that you can. But be aware of the fact that you might not play the next game even if you have a blinder.
Question: How can Arsenal better compete for trophies in the future?
Seaman: They have to spend a lot of money. That’s the way that they’ll attract the bigger players and better players. If they can’t do that, then they’ve gotta get more consistent.

Question: Who would you like to see as Arsenal’s new number two?
Seaman: Arsenal’s new number two; I would say someone like Steve Bould or even Tony Adams.
What young goalie impresses you?
Seaman: The other goalie that really impresses me is Joe Hart. Like Szczesny, young but great quality, great confidence and what I always look for in a goalkeeper is how they react after making mistakes. As a goalkeeper, you will always make mistakes but it’s how you react afterwards. Can you react positively or do you just crumble? And that’s what makes a good goalkeeper.

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