Does the Future Look Bright for the Gunners?

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Arsenal fans around the world have been very vocal in their feelings about the current form of Arsenal. Some want more success and believe that this is a team that is underperforming, whilst others stick up for the club and the manager, claiming that the team are doing great. For some fans, there hasn’t been enough silverware for a long while, whilst others claim that because the club is always hovering near the top of the Premier League, that this is good enough. However, after failing to qualify for the Champions League this season, there are some calling for the head of Wenger. Let’s look at how they’ve done and what the future looks like for this London based team.

Arsenal Successes and Failures

Despite the calls from the crowd for Wenger’s resignation, looking at the successes of Arsenal within games this year, it isn’t as bad as some may declare it. One cannot deny that Arsenal have had incredible success in qualifying for the Champions League in the past. This season is the first time they have failed to make the Premier League’s top 4 since 2000-2001 season. This gives the club an impressive 16 years of unbroken qualification. This is why it makes the failure to qualify this year even harder to swallow. However, despite the club having qualified for all those years, they have never actually won the cup, having made the final just once in the past 16 years, the semi-finals once, the quarter finals four times and the top 16 nine times. This year, they failed to even make the top 4 in the Premier League, and as such, only managed to qualify for the Europa Club.

Looking at their success within the Premier League, this is also a case where they consistently hover around and near the top, but never make it. Despite the fact that this is a club that has consistently made it to the top 4, the last time they actually won the Premier League title was 2003-2004. This means for Arsenal that they haven’t won the serious silverware for over 13 years.

Having said that, their successes in the FA Cup has been a little better recently. They have lifted the trophy in 2014, 2015 and 2017, although this is little compensation to some fans for the club’s lack of ability to lift the most prestigious of the titles. So betting on this team, especially in the FA Cup, is still a very viable option.

Wenger undoubtedly has his critics. However, under Wenger’s management, this is the team that has become the most successful club in the FA Cup history with 13 wins. Alongside this achievement, Wenger is the first manager in football history to win 7 FA Cups.

The Future of Arsenal

The fact that Wenger has become the first manager to have such success in FA Cup Championships has done very little to quieten the fans. Having failed to make the top 4 last season, and the fact that they are currently hovering around 6th place in the League this season means that they are still nowhere near being guaranteed a spot in the Champions League next year either.

Currently this is a team that is on questionable form. They have managed a very comprehensive 4-0 win against Aston Villa, which followed on closely from a reasonable 2-2 draw with top dogs Manchester City. However, managing just 4 wins from the last 17 games, alongside 12 draws and a loss, this isn’t currently a team that is speeding its way to the top of the leader board any time soon.

Wenger’s club is currently a team that needs steering in the right direction, and quickly. The question is, is Wenger the man to captain the ship? Well, all is not lost for Arsenal or Wenger. Obviously, the loss of Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United isn’t the greatest news for the fans, but they still have Alexandre Lacazette, who has outperformed Sanchez this season, scoring 9 goals compared to Sanchez’ 8, along with 3 assists. As well as this they have the French forward, Olivier Giroud who has contributed 7 goals to the tally.

This may be a tough time for The Gunners, but this is a team that can never be counted out and still have plenty of time left to move up the Premier League table.

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