EUROGOONER WATCH:Cesc is worth £60 million! a view from Spain

This is going to be a rolling blog, so bear with me and I hope the thread will be clear and lead home. This format has been forced upon me by the Spanish decision that win or lose this competition, there will be no anti-climax. Plus FTK wants this ready to go online at 7am, some bosses eh?
The front page of today’s Marca is calling for the Spanish people to throw one almighty party. Last time out, Cesc’s penalty started off quite the spontaneous celebration. Fireworks were going off in the town centre and cars drove about, horns blaring, flags flying, until 4 in the morning. Having some warning for tonight, today is the first day off in 10, the BBQ is well stocked with local grub and the Rum and Cider will flow freely. If I am being honest we had BBQ and Rum for breakfast already.
Whilst in confessional mood I will let everyone know now that this looks like turning into one of those annoying match reports you get in the Gooner, all “me and the boys down the pub” and nothing of the game. In my defence, I will set my limited Spic to the task of regurgitating everything from tomorrow’s sports papers should the boy-wonder produce the goods again. I really think he earned a start this time, Xavi was poor, and he offered so much more. Nerves of steel for the penalty though.
An hour and a half to kick-off and the horns are blaring already. The Spanish television has included a pop concert in its build-up, the sort of dated rock ensemble you rarely see this side of Slovakia. The pre-game debate is dominated by ladies with big chests and blow-job lips, no Gary Lineker in sight, although Lawrenson was seen being manhandled away by security. The BBQ is looking good, spiced chicken, squid, marinated prawns, and sardines.
The team was announced and no place for Cesc, super-sub again. Scrap that, 30 minutes in and Villa has gone off injured,
Cesc on. I know I’m biased and focussing on one guy, but Cesc seems to make such a difference. Xavi rarely appears to play telling passes in the final third, when Cesc is playing there is a greater purpose to the whole side.

Russia: Akinfeev, Aniukov, Vasili Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Zhirkov, Semak, Zyryanov, Semshov (Bilyaletdinov 56), Saenko (Sychev 57), Pavluchenko, Arshavin.
Spain: Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Marchena, Puyol, Capdevila, Iniesta, Xavi (Alonso 69), Senna, Silva, Villa (Fabregas 34), Torres (Guiza 69).

Att: 50,000
Ref: Frank De Bleeckere (Belgium).

Five minutes gone second half, 1-0, and what do I know about Xavi? That looked like a classic Barca goal to, Iniesta to Xavi 6 yards out. This is looking like turning into a damp squib of a game, unless the Russians can muster a goal, or at least a shot on target.
Ooh-la-la my boy, the fireworks have started now. What a lovely reverse screen pass thingy, top class whatever you call what Cesc just conjured.
He has just done it again, great pass from Iniesta to Cesc, who waited until Silva was in prime real estate before laying it on, good control though before the finish. The Russians crumbled rather meekly all told. All that talk before the game about Arshavin and great finds out east might have been overblown,
all they did was beat a Dutch side who weren’t as good as their form and it had caught up with them.
Kids are streaming down the street, cars are still tooting their horns, and fireworks are going off all over town. Bear in mind I live in a little town, you can only imagine Madrid right now.
I just hope Cesc gets to start the final, he looks like the difference whenever he gets on the field, although that whole team did the business tonight.
Perfect for the Arsenal potentially, he hardly plays, thus staying fresh, but comes back full of confidence having won the comp, scored that pen, and you can only assume been man-of-the-match in the final. That Arsene really does know, just not his Russians maybe.
What a masterclass by Fabregas! You can start to believe that our Cesc is worth £60 million at least, and he’s ours all ours…
Ooo to be a GOONER!

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