FTK Blog: FA bottles it over sanctions against Man U and Liverpool players

Sickening is how I would describe the Kung Fu kick meted out by Jonny “The Hitman” Evans of Man Utd against Drogba of Chelsea last Sunday. But lets be fair, Man Utd  have included Kung Fu in its training  ever since Cantona was accused by a Shaolin Master based in Moss side Manchester of having poor technique in his kung fu kick pictured above.  The Manc players clearly have to have these martial art skills to protect themselves from the marauding Man City hooligans that happen to stalk Old Trafford hoping to knock out the passing unsuspecting Man Utd professional footballer, but Jonny forgot that wearing a blue shirt and having a funny hair style does not actually make you likely to be a Man City mugger. The video can be viewed here ,
Poor old Drogba then had his “seizure” on the ground followed by getting a yellow card for diving onto Jonny’s foot!  This offence should carry an immediate 3 match ban for the manc thug should anyone at the FA be bothered to look at the footage.  But in the same way that the FA bottled any action against Wayne Rooney’s shouting of “12 men” meant to imply bias by Ref Walton, then here is the clearest example yet of the FA being incapable of imposing any serious punishment on Manchester United. If this had been an Arsenal player you can bet that calls for a ten match ban would be being made on Sky Sports News every fifteen minutes with the video being endlessly replayed.
Man Utd player Darren Fletcher is also blaming our Arsene Wenger for him being singled out for harsh treatment by referees after comments made by Le Boss about Fletcher after the Old Trafford encounter in September. Fletcher in remarking upon what he saw as a harsh refereeing decision which gave rise to the free kick from which the winning Chelsea goal was scored, told the Manchester Evening News:
“It was clearly not a foul. “I knew at the time and I have watched it again on the replay. I back-heeled the ball and Cole just jumps up in the air and the ref gives a foul. “I think we are starting to see Mr Wenger’s comments starting to influence referees which is a shame really.”Now we have to raise our game and ensure these decisions are not affecting the game.”
Another matter that should be under FA scrutiny is the dive by Ngog of Liverpool which was so obvious that  he was awarded 9.5 marks for style by the UK Amateur Swimming Association.
The video and close up can be seen here  This player should get more adverse comment than Eduardo’s much maligned alleged attempt at simulation, but don’t hold your breath guys. Nothing will happen. The RESPECT campaign is well and truly dead. So Ref Peter Walton gets to inflict himself upon the Championship for a couple of weeks whilst Ngog was last seen  yogic flying around the Liverpool training ground with adoring fans in attendance.
Well FTK says that the FA is becoming more of a joke with every Judgement that it makes nowadays. It has exceeded it’s own right to be the authority that governs our game and the whole Board membership should be dismissed without pay. From now on Arsenal fans can rightly feel discriminated against by the body that is meant to uphold the laws of the game and punish those who infringe them unless they play for Man U or Liverpool or have I got this wrong?

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