FTK reveals Celtic manager's secret identity with video footage!

Eduardo’s dive against Celtic has ignited an inferno, with simulation being singled out by the referees providing you are not Man United. Rooney has been shown to have started falling before making contact with Almunia by Sky’s football camera’s, and Celtic received a dose of their own medicine as they claimed Aiden McGeady as the next patron saint as he tripped over his boot laces adjacent to a Hibernian player who had to jump into the air himself so as to prove the absence of contact. This video shows the moment that scottish hypocrisy was finally exposed. However the situation has now become complicated as in addition to the charge of hypocrisy, FTK can exclusively reveal that the manager of Celtic is none other than the former Minister of information for Saddam Hussein, Mowbray Saeed al-Sahhaf who was made famous during the Gulf War because of making statements like these

“The infidels are committing suicide by the hundreds on the gates of Baghdad… Be assured, Baghdad is safe, protected. Iraqis are heroes.”

Mowbray who was immortalised by this video, gave a rare interview to the Daily Record
without revealing his true identity, Mowbray Saeed al-sahhaf (known as as Tony to his mates) was keen to put the record straight about the McGeady red card.


“The bottom line is the boy went to ground probably because he was knackered. He had just run 50 yards, had skipped over two tackles already and saw a third one coming in.
“It happened right in front of me and the referee must have a bit of game knowledge there, it was a very poor decision – even the linesman was signalling for a free-kick to us.
“Was it diving? Never in a million years. Diving is when you are trying to influence a referee and throwing your arms upin the air. The halfway line is also not a place to simulate a dive or seek to gain an advantage.
“But now we’ve suffered twice – the penalty at Arsenal and now Aiden’s dismissal. We were all in a state of disbelief after the game .
“My professional opinion is that no way should it have been a red card.”

Mowbray Saeed al-Sahhaf went onto describe the following miscarriages of justice in this dive compilation video from YouTube  He was gushing with praise for the skills of Ronaldo and Drogba in these clips. he added criticism of the officials who dare to censor such acts of sublime professional technique…

“You must look at the context of the game and the footballer we’re dealing with. We’re going to end up with literally no players on the pitch if you get to this ridiculous situation.
“If yellow and red cards are being shown everywhere on the pitch, including the halfway line, we’ll never have any players left.”

As a refreshing footnote on the ManU anti-football charge by Arsene Wenger, Mowbray Saeed al-Sahhaf decided to avoid more controversy by commenting upon the frenchman’s veiled attack on the tactics of his fellow scots Ali al-Fergusan and Darrius Fetcher. Of Darrius fetcher he remarked…

“Darrius Fetcher never touched anyone… I defy you show me any footage of him fouling any Arsenal player in that game. Arshavin you say? Well let me tell you, you retarded excuse for danish haggis, Arshavin threw himself at Fetcher in some kind of devil worship as far I could see…Its a wonder Fetcher was not seriously hurt.
Mike Dean biased you say, FFS, he’s not even scottish, besides being from the Wirral he loves you weak southerners. Anti-football, is that the same as anti-matter by any chance?
Arsenal should stop complaining, Neither Platini and UEFA nor the red top tabloids have an agenda against them. No-one here is anti-Arsenal, In fact, we love getting beat by them. Listen, If you can show me any media or Northern bias against free flowing Arsenal Football, then I’ll show you my objectivity…”

Errr… Nuff said I think!

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