Why do we delude ourselves that football is a noble sport? When one considers the emotions and flaws associated with the game, it really is due for a makeover. By any other standard parents would be condemned if they instilled these morals in their children, These are the famed seven deadly sins associated with football today. It starts with the WRATH and tribal violence and sometimes overt racism connected with so called passionate supporters the world over. In places like Spain, Italy and Poland racism connected with football is alive and well. In Southern America and the far east, referees can be assaulted and even killed. The morals of the players involve using cheating as a means of gaining unfair advantage over their opponents represents ENVY of teams who play by the book. It extends from obstruction and time wasting to the blatant diving and so called professional fouls.
Even in the Board room there is the deadly sin of GREED as shares at Arsenal are traded for millions whilst Gooners have to suffer ritual humiliation after humiliation due to the lack of investment in world class players. Yet today comes the biggest revelation yet of the putrefying cancer that affects our sport. Over 70 million pounds had been declared as being paid to agents who arrange contract extensions and moves of players to and from clubs.
These middle men are probably paid even more in shady deals involving off shores bank accounts. They are undoubtedly involved in the tapping up of players, the biggest load of hypocrisy ever witnessed. They represent LUST of the highest order. Outside the game there is match fixing, and the refusal of the authorities like FIFA to use video technology to make games fairer and the refusal of players to stop diving is SLOTH.
Undoubtedly organized crime must be involved in the betting syndicates and money laundering when the game which sees billions of pounds pass between individuals without being correctly accounted for. This is GLUTTONY writ large and is paid for by big business sponsorship who succumb to the sin of PRIDE as they seek to influence the buying intentions of simple folk. Yet despite this corrupt edifice that never seems to fall from grace in the eyes of loyal fans like you and I, the reason why we recoil in disgust from the PRIDE being exhibited by footballers like Kalou and Drogba who have come out and bragged about the ease with which Chelsea will win the league.
Finally we are all affected by the sin of SLOTH that affects every thing from players who cannot be bothered to give their all in an Arsenal shirt, to the meaningless protestations of ordinary fans who complain about the flaws in our game but sit idly by as they suffer injustice after injustice. Why do we tolerate these sins? I believe that we continue in our love of football, this imperfect solution to living our lives, because without it life would be so much boring to survive.