Giroud’s wife doesn’t want Germany move, Arsenal on their way to Wembley AGAIN and is the Aubameyang deal off?

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Giroud’s wife doesn’t want Germany move

According to reports, Arsenal striker Oliver Giroud’s wife is key in the Aubameyang deal.

Jennifer Giroud (Giroud’s wife) was one of the main reasons her husbands deal to Everton in the Summer didn’t go through.

Here is what a French Journalist called Julien Laurens had to say about the whole situation regarding Jennifer: “I didn’t ask Jen, his wife… if she really didn’t want him to move to Everton, for example, because she didn’t want to move away from London to go to Liverpool I’m not sure what she’s going to feel once she discovers Dortmund.”

Giroud was one of the main men on the radar for Dortmund and wanted him included in the deal, that is 100% not happening now!

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Arsenal on their way to Wembley AGAIN!

On the 24th of January Arsenal defeated Premier League Champions Chelsea 2-1 in the Carabao Cup semi-final.

Arsenal got off to a very poor start, Chelsea hit the back of the net twice despite only one of them counting through Hazard.

The Gunners responded with well, a lot of luck! Potential MOTM Nacho Monreal headed the ball onto Marcus Alonso only for it to ricochet off of Antonio Rudiger into the back of the net!

Granit Xhaka gave Arsenal the lead in the second half when the ball again ricocheted off of Rudiger and fell straight to the Swiss midielder who dinked the ball into the side netting.

And so ended a brilliant 90 minutes of football! Arsenal will play at Wembley against League Leaders Manchester City on the 25th of Febuary.

QUICK FACT: Arsenal have won their last 9 games at Wembley!

  • Wigan Athletic FA Cup Semi-final (1-1 then 4-2 on penalties)
  • Hull City FA Cup Final (3-2)
  • Manchester City Community Shield (3-0)
  • Reading FA Cup Semi-final (2-1)
  • Aston Villa FA Cup Final (4-0)
  • Chelsea Community Shield (1-0)
  • Manchester City FA Cup Semi-final (2-1)
  • Chelsea FA Cup Final (2-1)
  • Chelsea Community Shield (1-1 then 4-2 on penalties)

Is the Aubameyang deal off?

According to Sky Sports Arsenal’s move for Dortmund striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang could be off due to a disagreement over the fee of him.

Guillem Balague (Sky Sports pundit) said this: “It seems like the differences between Borruisa Dortmund and Arsenal are very, very big.”

“And things don’t seem to be moving on right now.

“So no final decision has been made on either part but they are miles away and it seems like unless Arsenal put on the table more money, and I’ve heard the difference is €10m, well things may not happen.

“In negotiations like this there may be moments where it looks like things are desperate, things stall, get stuck, and we found one of those moments.

“There’s still time to finish it, there’s still time for Arsenal to put the money on the table.

“There had been confidence until now because of course they know that the player told Borussia Dortmund that he wants to leave.”

Another reason for the deal far from finished is what I mentioned earlier about Giroud’s wife if you’d like to go and read that again!

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