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In place of TGIF which has a well deserved rest over the close season, I have decided to produce a new feature which details images of relevance to football in general and Arsenal in particular. If you spot any thing that you feel that Gooners may like to be made aware of, then why not e-mail me at [email protected] with the image or the link to the image and leave the rest to me. Part of the images of the week will be a caption competition if one of the images is of interesting current relevance.
Please remember that this is meant to be a light hearted feature and any fun being poked at our players and team or club is not intended to be malicious or create offence.
So let’s begin by assessing the reaction of one certain Adebayor, who upon hearing the news that intended replacement striker Dzeko will now be going to AC Milan instead of him, apparently has been advised by the public relations department to be more emphatic about club loyalty, to win over the fans. They have suggested kissing the badge regularly…
If only someone had told him that National badges on team buses DON’T actually count….errr shall we move on?
Next up is our Captain Fantastic, who was pictured waking up after a hard night on the tiles. His spiky mullet being covered up by the hair net that he sleeps in. WTF???
Happily our Cesc was not seriously injured as he recovered from his head butting of the Azerbaijan pitch, but what a sight eh? Give him some sunglasses physio!
This week has seen Real Madrid potentially spend £139 million pounds on Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka. In this rarified stratosphere of transfer dealing with the richest clubs in the world, the next few photographs may give revealing insights into the personalities involved. The first transfer target of newly installed Real Madrid President Perez, Kaka is seen here telling one Mathieu Flamini that he really ought to think about a decent move from AC Milan before he gets pressure sores due to sitting on the subs bench for so long…
Errr Mathieu, would you like sour grapes on your melon???
Ok Presidente Perez really had Sir Alex Fungusface fooled no? because here is his second transfer target, Cristiano Ronaldo sitting in a press conference as SAF explains to the waiting media, why Cristiano Ronaldo will remain a Manchester United Player, and will NOT be transferred to Real Madrid!
The Caption Competition is now open and a speech bubble from Ronaldo’s head will contain the lucky Insider’s contribution next week. Please make your suggestions posted in the comments below relatively clean as this site is viewed by minors…lol
“Hmph! Now if you were Pinocchio, after telling that lie, your red nose would be as long as my dick!”
Our Theo Walcott cut a fine figure as he played for England on Wednesday evening. He had tried to “out” goatie-beard one Wayne Rooney who is waiting for offers to star alongside one Thierry Henry in a Gillette commercial,
Ok, so Theo lost that one, but at least in respect of this scouser, Theo can at least claim that his own voice has broken, which is more than can be said of our squeaky Rooney…
Here’s Theo below practising the “Doh” of his Bass scales!
It is thought that soon one Thomas Vermaelen will join Arsenal from Ajax. Now keen watchers of the Eredivisie league will know that there is a rivalry between two Dutch Clubs notably Feyenoord, the former club of Robin van Persie with Ajax. Now I thought that you might like to hear what Robin van Persie has been saying about the prospect of this Ajax player coming to join him at The Arsenal…

“It’s a good thing,” Van Persie told De Telegraaf. “There’s nothing wrong with the qualities of Vermaelen. He can play as left-back and central defender and we need this type of player.
“The guys that we now have on those positions are already somewhat older.”
Van Persie admits he does not know a lot about Vermaelen but added: “But our head scout does and he doesn’t do such a thing out of the blue.
“He needs to see a player 30 to 40 times before a decision is made.”

So Robin van Persie does not know alot about one of his arch enemies from Ajax? Well Robin you must at least recall the last time you two met. Was this a pat on the back from your soon to be new colleague or even more likely a rabbit punch perhaps…?

Ouch! Now that has gotta hurt!
Well at least Robin didn’t waste time getting to grips with Vermaelen anyway… that should make for interesting games on the practice ground….lol!
“ding ding… Round one!”
Seems as though one young Feyenoord fan doesn’t happen to agree with Robin van Persie however… Apparently his outburst in dutch was translated as “Suck on this Vermaelen…!”
Finally in this irreverent look at some of our most loved Arsenal personalities, why leave out our manager Arsene Wenger, who has been in Malaysia this week as global ambassador for Castrol petroleum, coaching the Malaysian under 19 team as part of the promotion for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa next year. Apparently there are fruit bats in this country, but some of the locals believe in the legend of Dracula, and think that some of these bats actually suck blood. Arsene Wenger managed to survive one late night attack in his hotel room, and happily for Arsenal fans he lived to tell the tale, note the tell tale sticking plaster beneath his left ear, just about where the jugular vein should be…
flippin dangerous place this Malaysia eh? Anyway no worries Arsene… next time you see one of these blood sucking animals just RUN! otherwise your quest for next season’s Champions League might be won by a team of blood sucking zombies…
OH no….! ARSENE! here comes another Vampire bat… RUN ARSENE.. RUN……!
PHEW! (again)
That was close….!
Anyway Arsenalinsider is pleased to announce that our hallowed manager managed to outrun that threat and will return safely this weekend to tie up the loose ends of our transfer dealings.
Ok… that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed this new feature, and remember get those memorable images into me during the relevant news items of this weekend and next week, and I shall give you a mention in our close season feature.”Images of the Week” Don’t forget to enter the Ronaldo caption competition in the comments below using appropriate asterisks for any naughty words…lol
Fabregas the King

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