Introducing Arsenalinsider Premium

As previously mentioned, we are rolling out further changes here at Arsenalinsider with the introduction of Arsenalinsider Premium. I know this has been met with some concern. For the vast majority of visitors, you will not experience much change. We hope to entice you to access some of our Premium features and content. If we can’t do that we aren’t doing our job. Bottom line for a site like this to continue this is the direction we need to go in.
The plan is to have a £3.50/mo subscription. However there are some loose ends still, so for the moment we are going to offer a ~70% discount on the £3.50/mo subscription to initial members at £1/mo. There is a 30 day money back guarantee, details here. You can join right away by clicking on the button at the bottom of this post. We will decide when we want to close that offer, but we appreciate if you act sooner rather than later.
For more details on what is included in Arsenalinsider Premium, go here.
Again, here’s what will and will not change for non-subscribers:

  • Non-subscribers will still get a very similar amount of content as previously. News items will be completely free.
  • Feature articles will often be truncated without subscription.
  • There will be some special features and site functions that are subscriber only.
  • Commenting will be available to subscribers only. There’s been a lot of pretty negative back and forth in comments lately. We hope this will provide a better home for critical discussion without immaturity.
As always, happy to answer questions. Regardless you can provide feedback to us by clicking on the  button in the bottom right of your screen.

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