Martin Keown on Arsenal's Future & the Modern EPL

Arsenalinsider got the chance to pose some questions to Martin Keown.
Question: Would you like to coach at Arsenal?
Keown: Wow! I think every former player that you’d speak to right now would love the opportunity to work with the current group of players that they’ve got. But you know we already have an outstanding set of staff there, so as a former player i think you have to show respect to those guys and let them do their job. They’ve put all the hours in for it and you know we’ve been doing other things for a number of years now, so i think the former players we know our place and Arsene Wenger is the boss and he’ll sort out who he needs to work with him.
Question: Which forward playing now would give the most trouble?
Keown: Every team has a world class centre forward, so you’ll invariably gonna be playing against the best player on the pitch. So it’s gonna be tough for central defenders and some of the defending isn’t quite what it could be. But you have to balance that with the fact that the quality of the players is much quicker now than they ever were in the past.
Question: How could Arsenal be strengthened as a club?
Keown: Well, i think you need to look at the front players. You need to look van Persie scoring a lot of goals. You know who else is gonna be chipping in in that area. So, without a doubt there will be a centre forward coming to the football club.
Question: How possible is a trophy next season?
Keown: The next season could be a big season for Arsenal. We say it every year, but i’m starting to genuinely believe it now that there are some top players coming in. With the right blend of experience coming in there, we could well see the first trophy for a number of years.
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