Poor old David Bentley how must you feel?... a song for you!

OK this is an Arsenal Blog, Blah blah blah, but come on. After my earlier article on David Bentley and his delusions, who was going to miss out on noticing that the top three of the Premiership table reads…


The bottom three of the Premiership table reads


My Revenge On Ben Foster

In June of this year Mittal the Indian Billionaire the fourth richest man in the world on the Forbes list spend 70 million pounds and bought this…
A palatial property in London once owned by Princess Diana
Joseph Lewis, the Billionaire owner of Tottenham ranked 369th on the Forbes rich list spent £70 million in the transfer market this summer and ended up with this…
This is the worst start for the Scum in 34 years!
On the 8th of August, Luka Modric said…

“I will justify the money Tottenham invested in me. The first target has to be to threaten the big four.        “We’re capable of achieving some really good results.”

On the 1st of August a Spurs fan said on BBC’s Radio Five live 606 after their 5-nil defeat of Roma.

“5-0 to Spurs? great luck then, I can only predict Spurs to win  a place for the Champions League this season!”

On the 15th of September, Spurs fans said on Setanta TV after their 2-1 defeat by Aston Villa

“We are a load of rubbish!…”

Naah you are wrong, try a pile of Shit…….  Hahahahahahaha!
On the 1st of August David Bentley, boyhood Spurs fan said this…

“I had my heart set on Tottenham and I didn’t think about going to any other club,” Bentley said. “I’ve come here with a big price tag and I owe Tottenham a lot for paying that out. I have to repay Tottenham with all my effort and all my heart.”

He went to say about the future London derby on October the 29th at the Emirates Stadium between Spurs and his old side Arsenal…

“I can’t sleep at the minute for thinking about running out,” Bentley said. “I’ve always wanted to play in a north London derby and going with Tottenham will be brilliant.”
“They don’t just go to watch football, they come to abuse me,” Bentley said. “I’ll get all the banter and that, but I’ll enjoy that.
“Things like that inspire me. That’s where a lot of people fail. If you don’t buzz off it, you fail.”

OK David… I’ll be at the Emirates on October 29th, and waiting to abuse you. But in your honour I have composed a song for you.

Poor  old  David  Bentley…
Oh how must he feel, to have…
Left the great Arsenal, For a… Shit Football teeeeeaaaaam….!

the tune the refrain from ,  Day dream believer by the Monkees  
Enjoy your humble pie David!
Fabregas the King.
(Todays blog is dedicated to my son Jonathan, legend Spurs hater and who has accompanied me, and sung with me at so many great games! Have a great day at Uni son!)

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