The pros and cons of being an Arsenal fan

Arsenal Title Winners 2003/2004

Most Arsenal fans would proudly state that they wouldn’t change Arsenal for any other club in the country, or the whole world even. Not that they could, even if they would, since a true supporter simply can’t stop support his/her club and we believe that Gooners happen to be one of the most loyal supporters out there, regardless whether they live in London or not. Gooners are used to success, as Arsenal is one of the top 3 English clubs in terms of success. However, football is fun and thrilling exactly because you can’t at times predict whether a season is going to be successful or not. Many people compare the thrill and the buzz to the one that a person feels when his/her last blackjack card is about to be drawn and dealt. It’s amazing and therefore no wonder that table games are more popular than ever.

Certainly more pros than cons

Now, undoubtedly and without being biased, one can certainly say that being an Arsenal fan definitely has more pros than cons. Arsenal is clearly one of the best and most successful clubs and we can all be proud of the Gunners. On the other hand with a better reputation come bigger expectations and that means that a lot of fans will still be disappointed, even if Arsenal are better than most clubs. Moreover, pros and cons can often be two sides of the same coin, as almost everything has both a positive and a negative aspect. A lot of things that are seen as positive by some, are negatives in the views of others. As there are less cons, we are going to start with them.

Cons of being an Arsenal fan

  • Arsenal won’t be able to defend the FA Cup title from last season and become one of the clubs that managed to win the FA Cup in two consecutive seasons.
  • Arsenal has fewer titles in the top tier of English football in comparison to Manchester United and Liverpool.
  • Arsène Wenger enjoys the support of directors and owners, despite a rather unfortunate season and lower overall general performance.
  • There won’t be a St Tottenringham’s Day this season.
  • You often miss Highbury.
  • Last EPL title was won in 2004.
  • Arsenal often sells their best players for a profit.
  • There are obviously problems when it comes to the defence and the level of performance of Arsenal’s defensive players recently.
  • Arsenal hasn’t won the Champions League.

Arsenal Emirates Stadium

Pros of being an Arsenal fan

Arsenal are the only English club to finish a season unbeaten. This epic success was achieved in 2003/04 season.

Arsenal Title Winners 2003/2004

  • Arsenal have won 12 FA Cup titles, more than any other club. The first FA Cup was won back in 1930, whereas the last one was won last year, 2015.
  • Arsenal have won 13 League titles in the top tier of English football and they come third behind Manchester United and Liverpool who have 20 and 18 respectively.
  • Arsenal have Arsène Wenger as a manager, a true legend, loved and respected by fans. The club led by Wenger won many titles and achieved great success. In turn, he was named OBE in 2003.
  • Arsenal have been relegated from the top tier of English football only once in 1913.
  • Arsenal are much better than their arch-rival Tottenham Hotspur.
  • Arsenal fans get to celebrate St Tottenringham’s Day more often than not.
  • Arsenal is the only club that is included in the ten list of most successful teams in the Champions League, despite not having won it.
  • Emirates Stadium generates highest revenues compared to all other stadiums.
  • A lot of famous and popular people support Arsenal, including the Queen, Idris Elba, François Hollande, Leona Lewis, Chris Martin and a lot more.
  • Two words: Thierry Henry!
  • Great odds to win the EPL in 2017.

Thierry Henry Arsenal Legend

Tony Adams is the only player in English history to have won a title with the same club, as a captain in 3 consecutive decades.

Mesut Özil who proved to be worth every penny.

Not only do they win a lot of games, Arsenal also play beautiful, appealing football. It is such a joy to watch the Gunners work their magic.

Arsenal tube station is the only station named specifically after a football club.

Arsenal’s match against Sheffield Wed. on the 22nd of January 1927 was the first football match ever to be broadcasted live, on radio.

Moreover, Arsenal against Arsenal Reserves in 1937 was the first football match to be broadcasted live on telly.

Arsenal also featured the first match ever that was broadcasted in 3D. It was their match against Man U in 2010.


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