Rumours, Rumours Everywhere…..And Little Fact

It’s started. The maddening cries of transfer speculation can be read in every national daily and across the internet.
It’s probably got to do with being in late middle age and the almost inevitable increase in irascibility that comes with it, but my tolerance for such conjecture is at an all-time low. My fellow bloggers on may take a different view, as may you, the citizens of the Gooner Republic for whom this is written.
I shall not be commenting on any inward or outward moves in playing other personnel until and if they’ve been officially confirmed. All the indications are that Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid will be certainly flashing the cash however. We can almost take that for read that with sugar-daddies in place at the first two and Real Madrid seemingly prepared to go large once again in the transfer market under Florentino Pérez, newly installed once again as club president at the Bernabéu. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Barcelona splash out some of the money earned in winning the Champions League either.
Aside from those named, I don’t see others being able to spend big without unloading some players however. Liverpool are in very delicate talks with their bankers about re-scheduling loan repayments due soon. Manchester United also have their own debt mountain to worry about. Neither are well rolling in money, although we do have some to spend.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see some headline catching big moves, with Kaká and Christiano Ronaldo likely to be the biggest moves of the summer. I think the former is more likely to change clubs that the latter, although I wouldn’t rule out the Portuguese dummy-spitter moving.
The Italian clubs can only buy big if they sell big. One can never be absolutely sure with the Italian clubs as they’re mainly owned by men with big egos and deep pockets, but the worldwide recession has seen the net worth of even the richest billionaires slashed which is likely to make them more cautious in splashing out on their favourite play-things. Economically and administratively the game in Italy is a mess. Sad really, I thought Serie A was tactically and technically the best league in the world by a good distance throughout the 1970s right into the early 1990s. No longer I fear. That honour now falls to Spain I think, closely followed by England.
On a much more minor note, the club has now confirmed that a new third strip will be unveiled on 23 July, following the launch of the new blue second strip recently. This may well turn out to the predominantly white number with redcurrent pin-stripes displayed here on a few weeks ago. We shall see.
Keep the faith!

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