RVP will leave Arsenal to play for Barcelona

RVP will leave Arsenal to play for Barcelona

I hope like me everyone had a goodnight relaxed, in the knowledge that we do not have to play again until next Tuesday night.

In a game where I thought during the first half especially Liverpool,  could have put at least a couple of goals past us.

The hero of the match for me was our goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

Starting with the penalty save from Dirk Kuyt, and the follow up reaction Szczesny played an absolute blinder.

If it wasn’t for Robin van perfect’s two amazing finishes it would be Szczesny we would all be looking at in the Sunday papers.

After the game when interviewed Robin van Persie said: “It means a lot to score at Anfield because it is a massive ground. We’re proud of the win and I don’t think we deserved it. Liverpool played better, but to nick it at the end is pleasing.”

While the Gunners were nicking two points up on Merseyside,  their Tuesday night Champions League opponents AC Milan were playing down in Sicily  away to Palermo.

It did not take the Rossoneri long before they went ahead in the 22nd minute thanks to Swedish International Zlatan Ibramovich, with the first goal of his hat-trick.

The match ended 0-4 to Milan and puts the Serie A side at the top of the Italian League just ahead of Juventus.

Following our first leg loss to Milan at the San Siro,  the news out of Italy as reported in Italian sport newspaper Corriere dello Sport, was that the Rossoneri are going to sell the Brazilian striker Alexandre Pato in order to sign RVP when his contract expires this summer.

Pato nearly joined his old manager Carlo Ancelotti at PSG in January, but pulled out of the deal at the last minute, which in turn forced Milan out of signing Carlos Tevez.

After playing Arsenal in the Champions league Zlatan Ibrahimovic Thinks that van Persie is too good for the current Arsenal team, and would make the perfect replacement for him at AC Milan.

The press here in the U.K. are saying that Arsenal are prepared to offer van Persie a £4 million signing bonus along with upping his wages to be on par with the other top players in the Premiership.

How can they sound so smug? Upping his wages to be on par with other players in the Premiership!

Wake up Arsenal! He is by far the best player in the Premiership, and miles ahead of Rooney or any of the others who have been making more than double his salary.

My personal opinion is that it is too late to keep him at the Emirates if he was planning to stay he would have already signed a new contract.

Even when you hear Wenger saying: “I must say we will do anything to keep him.

I cannot say much more because I have said that many times.

I am very proud that he has grown after having seen him arriving here timid, and today being the player and leader he has become.

He is playing under big pressure in every game because he knows he has to score.

He has shown exceptional development, not only as a player but as a human being.

He is up there with the best players in the world.”

Even his tone of voice suggests that this will be van Persie’s last season with Arsenal.

A host of clubs will be lining up to sign the Dutchman this summer, and when I talk about clubs, I am talking about the kind of clubs who value titles, and trophies over making a profit.

If we have to be honest with ourselves in our hearts we would love Robin to stay, but in our heads we know that the money other clubs will be prepared to offer for 28-year-old will be too much of a temptation for the Arsenal PLC to turn down.

Never mind the latest rumours of Real Madrid or AC Milan.

I can only see van Persie going to one club, and that is Barcelona.

The Catalans are the only big team with orange blood running through its veins starting with Johan Cruyff who Barca manager Pep Guardiola considers to be his mentor.

After Cruyff there has been a host of notable Dutch stars such as Cocu, Kluivert, de Boer, Overmars, and van Brommel to name just a few who made the move to the Camp Nou.

When you hear van Persie talking like this you know there is only one team other than Arsenal that he would like to play for.

“I am still a lover of the beautiful game and always will be but I have become more realistic.”
“It is too romantic to think that you can win matches by playing beautiful football alone.”

“Barcelona are the exception – and I have to admit they and Arsenal are the only teams that I often watch on TV.”

While I cannot picture Leo Messi joining Arsenal and playing alongside van Persie at the Emirates.

I can in my mind imagine van Persie in Spain playing alongside the only other player in Europe of equal talent.

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  1. yeah, lets not try and enjoy recent league results. lets just go back to being depressed and taking potshots at the club. shockingly negative article.

  2. ” Even his tone of voice suggests that this will be van Persie’s last season with Arsenal.” Totally ridiculous article. RvP loves us, and I for one think with him being captain and if we hopefully invest in the squad, that he will stay. The most frustrating thing is we aren’t that far off of being serious contenders if we just augment the sqad a bit in the summer.

  3. Fuck off tom finn.

  4. I’m ashamed to have given you one extra hit by reading this utter garbage

  5. “I can in my mind imagine van Persie in Spain playing alongside the only other player in Europe of equal talent.”
    Well, stop imagining things and enjoy what you have, mate!

  6. What we don’t know is whether Arsenal can afford to pay him £225,000 or whatever it is that the other ‘top player’s get. My hunch would be that they can’t.
    It’s all very well for you to sit there behind your computer screen moaning that Arsenal ‘value profit over winning titles’ as though that is some kind of crime. For the club to continue operating it has to make a profit, if it were to operate at a loss over an extended period of time it would be in trouble. Just in the same way that if you or I were to continually spend more than we earnt we would be declared bankrupt. How are we supposed to compete with what City and Chelsea pay? Adebayor earns 225,000 a week – is he worth that?

    We don’t know whether he will go yet and what I find sickening is that instead of focusing on his performances the press & pundits just continually talk about his contract situation. The press and pundits continue to goad Arsenal and the fans over this kind of thing yet they all know we one of the only clubs in the world that is run within its means.

  7. what’s the point of this ridiculous speculation??

    If you are so sure he will leave, then enjoy it while it lasts.. especially days like yesterday..

    you’ll have plenty of time to be miserable later on 🙂 

  8. WANKER!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. It’s articles like this that drive the unneccessary negativity around the club. Instead of basking in the warm glow of our last 2 fantastic results, this twat wants to generate ill feeling amongst his fellow Gunners.

    Boycott this site, read Arseblog instead.

    Come on you Gunners!

  10. This blog is garbage. 

  11. Wake up and smell the tulips. RVP is going.
    Moan at Tom all you want but RVP won’t be here come August. If you don’t like it, stick your head back in the sand

    • Thanks for providing the proof that Tom’s article was lacking! Oh, right, just more hollow bleatings from a malcontent.

  12. The title is misleading because it sounds like your stating a fact that he is going to Barca but when you read the article. It’s only in your opinion he will leave for Barcelona. No actual evidence.

  13. On a weekend when Arsenal achieved a remarkable victory at Anfield, a ground where no other Premiership side has won this season, all we hear is bleating about van Persie leaving for Barcelona. In fact of the four most recent posts three have virtually ignored our magnificent win and wittered on about perceived failings of the Manager and the club in general.

    If you really cannot write in a positive manner at a time when Arsenal are on a winning run of four straight Premiership wins, during which we have scored sixteen goals while conceding only five,Arsene Wenger has been voted Manager of the Month and we have moved into fourth place three points clear of Chelsea and ten clear of Liverpool you should at least question your own continued support for our club.

    • this site is not written by Arsenal fans.     It appears Tottenham fans have got far to much time on their hands and a serious lack of a life,  that thet choose to spend their time following Arsenal say a lot.


  14. ” Even his tone of voice suggests that this will be van Persie’s last season with Arsenal.” …”even the tone of your writing suggest that you are a talentless hack who bleeds stupidity through and through”.

  15. Arsenalinsiderisworstblogever | 04/03/2012 at 12:23 |

    your complete blog is such a bullshit one. Holtby to Arsenal done if nothing is in german press. Some people has really no life. Fukk off with your shit. Cant believe you are mentioned on newsnow.co.uk. Even Caughtoffside is much better as you bunch of idiots

  16. By not extending the contract, the message is clear to the Board &  Arsene from RVP….saw me some ambition. Stop signing bargain basement wannabes and splash out on some proven world class talents!

      RVP loves the club and is happy living in London…especially his wife. 
    The fact is he wants to stay but he cannot carry the team forward single handedly.

    Its a final wake up call to the Board.

    • When we signed RVP he was a bargain basement wannabe as well. We got him for around 2 million I believe, maybe a little more. Fabregas we got cheap as well, also Chesney and many other players in Wenger’s reign. We spent quite a lot of money on Nasri, Reyes, Arshavin, Wiltord etc. Now can you see any relationship between the amount spent on a player and how well they perform?
      You can spend a fortune and they are not guaranteed to deliver, Arshavin and Reyes were big disppointments, Nasri did well. Chelsea spent 50 mill on Torries, Liverpool 35 mill on Carroll have either of those players done well?

      •  My comment says “splash out on some proven world class talents!”
        Nasri, Reyes, Arshavin, Wiltord etc can hardly be called world class when signed.

        • arshavin has just lit up euro 2008 and wiltord had won a major international championship before we got him. Reyes…not world class but had been tearing spain a new a*sehole for a few season so was pretty tasty and nasri the same in france.

    • But the team have consistently carried him in his injury plagued time at Arsenal?
      Don’t get me wrong I want us to up the payment policy (on top players and reduce the mediocre) but let’s have perspective, it’s not all one way and RvP knows that.

  17. This site is so ceap u don’t even get your facts straight Van Persie’s contract expires next summer not this one.

  18. OMG another doom mongering weak hearted PUSSY. Any evidence?  NOPE!

  19. “when his contract expires at the end of the season”


  20. I have to agree with Goonerism. The media are pasting up stories about Persie’s contract situation same as how tom is doing with his blog post. It’s only spicy stories to fork up readership.

    All I’m saying, nobody could really tell the future, neither you, me or Persie. He said himself that he would focus on what is at hand, and this is why he has been doing so well on the pitch. People are always looking so further away in the future that they forget what is present.

    Yesterday was History,
    Tomorrow is a Mystery,
    Today is a Present
    So, cherish your Gift.

  21. Could someone at Arsenalinsider please come out and explain why they are allowing such shit to be posted and the poor level of bloggers that now publish on this site.

    I am glad that JohnInNorfolk is now writing as he has a great deal of love for the club and he likes to be positive where possible.

    Le Grove is popular as it is a negative blog and lots of our so called fans like to moan at every opportunity. We have won our last 4 league games. We have beaten Spurs and also Liverpool in the last 2. Lets get behind our team and enjoy our successes instead of expecting and wishing the worst….

  22. van persie arsenal is were  u r originated from went ur still young no need of leaving arsenal don,t be like nasri .from aringa


  23. The last time Insider gets my hit !!!!

  24. Terrible article, do something worthwhile with your time. Not this

  25. What’s the point in shooting the messenger? RvP is off unless there’s a major change in transfer and wages policy at Arsenal and we all know it. The sad thing is that I truly believe he loves Arsenal and only wants the best for our club, but at 28 he needs (and deserves) to be winning trophies, and we are going to have to see major investment in the summer if we are to offer him any realistic chance of that.

  26. OMFG! This s(h)ite is pathetic! Not content with writing basless garbage, we have to pout up puerile attempts to engender hits by using sensationalist and completely bullshit headlines, wankers. Fuck off you mug plastic cunt

  27. I cannot believe ArsenalInseider has sunk so low? What has happened to this blog? has it been overrun by a renegade militant band of ninja spuds? hellbent on spewing forth anti-Gooner propoganda in order to distabilise the weaker minded jerky of knee plastics amongst our support???

  28. Arsenal Insider is an Idiot | 04/03/2012 at 22:42 |

    I am ashamed that you call yourself an Arsenal supporter. You are pathetic.

  29. WTF do you keep binning my posts?

  30. This site is run by Tottenham fans or some complete retard   –  nothing but negative crap.

    So many negative articles, crap headlines,  and everything printed is to designed to incite and attract clicks.    

    My Guess is that the author is an abused child with a special relationship with his father (probably not out of choice…)  but what sort of a drop kick would spend so much time writing a website just to post negative comments when the sun is shinning and after results like Saturday….

    It only goes to confirm that the author has serious issues,  and weather it’s because he was bought up with his old man hanging out the back of him, or plain old bullying at school….  or after the Spuds got smashed again this article appears…. it that coinceinde

  31. Tom Finn aint no gooner.

  32. Your report says that milan will sign him when his contract runs out this summer. It doesn’t run out for another year so i stopped reading after that. What a load of shit.

  33. fork tongued wasteman

  34. Crap Article that assumes what might be in the head of RVP and Wenger. The article also fails to note that RVP this year has started 26 out of 27 League games and has not spent weeks, as we used be accustomed to, on the physio table….

    Full year stats from the Arsenal.com website on RVP League starts out of a possible 38.

    2004/05  12 Starts as a 21yo striker
    2005/06  13 Starts
    2006/07  17 Starts
    2007/08  13 Starts as a 24yo Striker
    2008/09  27 Starts
    2009/10  14 Starts as a 26yo Striker
    2010/11  19 Starts

    So only this season 2011/12 has he started all but one EPL game. I recall supporters not long ago asking that Arsene offload him as his legs are made of glass….

    Wenger knew the talent he had in him and continued to work with him and now we are seeing the fruits of Arsene’s patience and commitment he has given to RVP.

    So now what you suggest is that RVP, who finally has realised his full potential, repay’s Arsene and AFC who fully supported him during his dark hours, will hold the club to ransom and threaten to leave for greener pastures with Barca!!!!???

    Give me a break!!!!


  35. Did you type this speculative drivel with your toes after you broke your wanking hand?

  36. An absolutely disgraceful article! Done for cheap hits. Arsenal have just beaten Liverpool, who spent 100m in the summer and could finish behind us for 3 season running. And your focus is RVP and how he’s off to Barca? Pandering to the same media nonsense we read everyday. 

    Shameful article from a so called ‘gooner’. 

  37. Finn you’re a F’in disgrace spewing this crap.

    Wouldn’t it have been better to write that despite Arsenal’s downgrading in the recent North London derby they showed immense character as underdogs  in defeating what has to be one of the most successful Tots teams in the last few decades then defeating a ref favoured Liverpool team at Anfield, the only team in all competitions this season?

    You could have added, though it is unlikely they will overturn a four goal deficit against the Rossoneri this week the momentum of the last two results will certainly make the job easier and at least give them a fighting chance.

    Negative twat!!

  38. Arsenal Insider?

    Yup, it’s Arsene Wengers cat that phoned him about this story. Said he’d heard it from Pat Rice. Who used to date RvP’s granny in the early seventies. A real insider, this is. So you better bow in awe… 8^x

  39. Of all the great players at Arsenal in the last 20 years the one I feel sorry for the most and the one that Arsenal Football Club has let down the most is ROBIN VAN PERSIE. RVP deserves so much more than an extremely lucky F.A. cup medal won on penaties after being totally outplayed by Man U. RVP should get the hell out of Arsenal ASAP and go to a club that can truely lead him to the football honours he deserves. Look at what pathetic ARSENAL have become with disgusting, rubbish trash like BENAYOUN – he looks like a pigs backside and rejected and thrown in the bin like a used condom by other clubs only for pathetic ARSENAL to pick him out of the gutter – AND HE’S SO UNBELEIVABLY CRAP AND SHIT.

    • Another spud shitting herself as we close the gap ha ha ha!

    • Still no modelling jobs Jordan?? No one to get your tits out for? You seem to have a real issue with Benayoun. He has played for Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Bet you wish you were that shit….

    • And on your point about RVP. Check out the post below showing how little games he played before this year. So have a think before you preach how we have let him down. Hasn’t he let us down?? Bellend.

  40. this blog is utter sh*t

  41. Arsenal The Invincibles | 23/05/2012 at 11:42 |

    I ‘m heartbroken rvp please don’t leave we will win every trophy this new season plz just one year   
    stay with us we will win everything then u will sign a five year contract urself i swear 
    -All Arsenal and RVP fans

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