Sweetest victory of the season so far?

Sweetest victory of the season so far? Here’s why I think so!

Arsenal knocked 3 past West Ham on Saturday at Upton Park in a game that had its nervy moments but ended quite satisfactorily for us. No doubt every Arsenal win is wildly celebrated and very welcome regardless of the opposition and whether we played badly and won dirty or we played well and gave the opposition a trashing but the win at West Ham on Saturday had several sweetening ingredients that made the victory even sweeter.

Beating the Bully and the bullies:
Prior to the game, the media was all over Sam Allardyce and his team of Hoff-it-to-Carroll players. In fact few minutes to the game, there was this Nolan and Carroll interview and as I watched, I was really worried if we could get anything out of the game. Big Sam as he is nicknamed has in the past managed a Bolton side that always made life miserable for Wenger’s team. Kelvin Nolan might not be as expensive as Carroll but even Wenger admitted that he was the real danger.

The game plan was ‘harry and hurry up opponents off the ball, keep it in the air as much as possible and do your best to stop Arsenal from playing’. However Wenger’s men came well prepared and would have been ahead in the first few minutes of the game. Even when they fell behind after camping in the West Ham area in the first half, they rolled their sleeves and kept on fighting which is something we rarely see in Wenger teams in the past. We beat the bully; yes we thoroughly beat Big Sam and his big players.

Beating the referee:
Someday I believe Phil Dowd will eventually reveal why he is so anti-Arsenal. I need to dig more to find worse performances but surely we all remember two seasons ago when we went from 4-0 against Newcastle to finish the game at 4-4; the man at the center with the worst refereed performance in history was none other than Phil Dowd.

Perhaps it would have been too early in the game to reduce West Ham to ten men but Diame’s challenge on Arteta was a bookable offence any day any time in this league. For a player on a yellow card already, that would have been a sending off but No; Mr Dowd wouldn’t give Arsenal such advantage. Then there was the Ramsey penalty claim; judging from the fact that Arsenal did not get even one penalty at home all through last season, it appears there is s standing order from Mr Riley not to give Arsenal a penalty. If that incident occurred at the opposite end, we all know what would have happened.

We beat West Ham and a referee who would not give us a penalty even if an Arsenal player was trampled to death in the penalty area.

Beating a Local Rival:
Derbys in the English Premier League do more than just award the winning team three points or hand both teams a share of the spoil if they drew; there also is the bragging right that is at stake. We have ten derby games to play in the league this season and losing one at the weekend to Chelsea, a win against West Ham meant we beat a local rival on their grounds. Yes, it wasn’t Spurs we beat but beating West Ham was no doubt very welcome.

Giroud opens his account:
Arsenal fans love Arsenal players but I think the love Arsenal fans have for Olivier Giroud is exceptional. The Frenchman was signed to replace Van Persie who spat on our faces and walked over to the enemy’s dining table and hence Giroud’s ‘mini’ goal drought was a concern to all Arsenal fans and the players too. Of course he scored against Coventry but we all knew we wanted him open his account in the league and the Champions league.

His goal also came timely; it was the equalizer, it was few minutes before half time and it was a lovely exchange between him at Poldi on the left. He didn’t need to wait as long as the King Henry waited and with this off his back he will score even much more.

Two Quick goals; less pressure on the fans:
How many times have we seen our side hold onto a slender lead for a long period of pressure by the opposition? An example was the Montpellier game, which Steve Bould said he got a headache from. Well, Stevie, you don’t have a clue what the fans face; headaches, migraines, heart aches, eye aches, leg aches, tummy aches and more as we attempt to defend the lead with the team; on Saturday however our team spared us all that.

Walcott’s goal put us ahead in the 77th minute and while there was still 13 minutes to go, Carzola ensured we didn’t need that anxious and desperate nail biting that would have engulfed the fans by adding his sweet strike 8 minutes later. The relief was evident on players, fans and the bench as the three points looked safe. Do those more often guys; you love your fans; don’t you?

It was necessary to make a quick recovery after last weekend’s defeat to Chelsea and what a performance it was. We head into the international break and trust that the players come back unscathed and yea a prayer for Ricardo Vas Tez who i am unsure what his true intentions were when he collided with Mannone.

Enjoy this victory ye gooners everywhere; surely this would be a great season for us.

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