Time To Test The Squad

I know that the champions league qualifier is very important to us and we should not take Sparta lightly. But I really dont think Arsene will get a better chance to assess his squad for a long time to come this season. I say this for two reasons- Persie and Fabregas are both on a yellow. So it would make sense to rest them. Also, Repka despite any media reports can be expected to come after Fabregas. Any chances of injury for Fabregas could be disastrous. How I believe the team should line up? I don’t think we should experiment much at the back, so that our two goal cushion sees us through despite any possible hiccups due to experimentation. Hoyte should come in for the injured Sagna. Probably Traore can come on as a substitute if we are sailing. I would really be interested in seeing Gilberto and Diaby playing in the middle of the park. It would be good tactically, as well considering the physical nature of the game. Also, give Walcott a full 90 minutes today on the right wing. The lad is in for sharp criticism from many quarters including me. He looks short on confidence and this could be a good platform to give him confidence. Rosicky on the left, just to provide some stability on the left. I really hope we start with Eduardo and Bendtner upfront. Both have looked impressive in the brief game time they have had so far. Wenger should give these lads a run, especially in light of Adebayor’s lazy performance over the weekend. Bendtner convinces me as being a better holding striker than Ade. And Dudu has seemed seamless in his transition to the first team at Arsenal. In the beginning, Sparta will go hell for leather and give us numerous opportunities on the break. Even with so many team changes, and with players like Persie, Fab and Hleb off the bench, we should at least get a 1-0 at home. I have really had a good feeling about our team this season. If you look at the history, seasons in which Arsenal look defensively solid (we looked so especially against Man City in the second half), we do win some silverware. Wenger, please don’t be defensive, despite the game’s importance by playing your full squad. We have a long season in front of us and with our squad being as injury prone as it is, we wont get a better chance to know our squad properly, especially when there are about two days left, even in the transfer market.

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