Vote now for Arsenalinsider Awards 2011-12

Hello and welcome to the inaugural Arsenalinsider Awards. Well, that’s probably how I would open proceedings if this were a glitzy bash packed with the good and the great from the world of the Arsenal and it was being screened live to an audience of millions.

Of course, in years to come this may well be the case but for now we will have to make do with the virtual platform provided here. Yes, we have decided to stage our very own awards ceremony based on the season just past.

A topsy-turvy season it has to be said: a campaign in which we get hit for eight at Old Trafford but still manage to spank Chelsea away by scoring five goals and smashing five past T******** at the Emirates after being 2-0 down.

We endured the misery of a drubbing in the San Siro and huge pride in almost pulling off a remarkable comeback with a 3-0 win in the return games. More hurt with painful defeats at Swansea, QPR and Blackburn – and the joy of the goal glut in which RVP found himself, my personal fave being the winner at Anfield.

Oh, and the slight matter of coming third in the league meaning we qualify for the Champions League unlike a certain other club from north London who missed out because fourth…well, fourth just ain’t going to be good enough, chums.

So without further ado, allow me to give you the categories we have come up with – that said, if you have another category we have missed please do tell.
Once you’ve had a chance to consider your answers please post them in comments and we’ll add up the votes and dish out the gongs (if we had any!).

Best player (apart from RVP)

Best goal

Best referee

Best signing

Best signing by another PL club

Signing you wish the club had made

Likely best player next season

Best Arsenalinsider Commenter

Nicest Arsenalinsider Commenter

Arsenalinsider Commenter You’d Share a beer with

Best goal celebration

Wenger’s funniest touchline moment

Funniest tweet

Scratch your bonces, get the grey matter into gear and tell us who deserves these prestigious awards…the official voting will begin soon but feel free to post your comments below and we will tally them.

9 Comments on "Vote now for Arsenalinsider Awards 2011-12"

  1. Here’s my vote:-

    Best player (apart from RVP): Mikel Arteta


    Best goal: Henry vs Leeds


    Best referee: None. EPL’s referees are generally horrible!


    Best signing: Mikel Arteta

    Best signing by another PL club: Arguero

    Signing you wish the club had made: Gotze

    Likely best player next season: Podolski

  2. Best player (apart from RVP): Laurent Koscielny


    Best goal: RVP vs Everton (home)


    Best referee: No one (No surprises!). Amazing that we didn’t get a single penalty at home this season.


    Best signing: Mikel Arteta.
    Best signing by another PL club: Papiss Cisse.

    Signing you wish the club had made: Mario Goetze.

    Likely best player next season: Laurent Koscielny. 
    Best goal celebration: Arsenal’s 5th goal vs Chelsea in the 5-3 win at Stamford Bridge

    Wenger’s funniest touchline moment: Not a funny moment, but his hug to Pat Rice in the final game of the season will remain in memory forever.

    Funniest tweet: “Verry good win Gays!” by Andre Santos after Arsenal’s win against Chelsea. Too bad the tweet was deleted!

  3. jerzy alexander | 24/05/2012 at 12:08 |

    Best player – Koscielny
    Best goal – Van Persie vs Liverpool
    Best ref – none
    Best signing – Arteta

  4. Best player  (apart from RVP ) :  Song
    Best Goal : RVP vs Everton (Home)
    Best Referee :none
    Best Signing :Mikel Arteta
    Best signing by another PL Club : Papiss Cisse
    Signing  u wish the club had made :  M-Vila
    Likely best Player next season : RVP

  5. DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 24/05/2012 at 17:59 |


    • You might as well get used to being gutted on a Thursday night. Why are you on here, do they take the piss out of you on spud sites ?

  6. Best player (apart from RVP) – Arteta


    Best goal – RvP vs Spurs


    Best referee – no one springs to mind, was a pretty bad season for refs


    Best signing – Chamberlain, big future ahead of him and will look like a bargain one day

    Best signing by another PL club – Papiss Cisse

    Signing you wish the club had made – Juan Mata, looked like happening for ages and he’s been brilliant for Chelsea

    Likely best player next season – RvP if he stays…Arteta/Koscielny if not 

    Best goal celebration – Rosicky vs Spurs


  7. Best player (apart from RVP): Song
    Best goal: Van Persie(Liverpool)
    Best referee: None (They were all embarrassing)
    Best signing: ArtetaBest signing by another PL club: Papiss Cisse(Newcastle)Signing you wish the club had made: Likely best player next season: Song
    Best goal celebration: Vermalen (Newcastle)Wenger’s funniest touchline moment: Every Game Lost

  8. Best player (apart from RVP) – Alex Song


    Best goal – RVP volley against Everton


    Best referee – hmmm


    Best signing – Mikel Arteta

    Best signing by another PL club – Sergio Aguero

    Signing you wish the club had made – Juan Mata

    Likely best player next season – Shinji Kagawa 

    Best goal celebration – Thomas Rosicky versus Spuds (3-2) 😉

    Wenger’s funniest touchline moment – Game against WBA….Wenger to Pat “I can’t  it anymore…..hey Ref….BLOW THE WHISTLE FOR GODSAKE” !

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