Walcott ‘was off to Liverpool ’til Dalglish was axed’

THEO Walcott is not a good footballer. Those are the, er, wise words from former Arsenal midfielder Stewart Robson, who these days earns his corn as a pundit. Now, I am not as clever or experienced as Robson when it comes to football.

But am I alone in thinking that, in fact, Walcott is a rather good footballer? So much so that he plays for the Arsenal and England. And interestingly, one of our team here at Arsenalinsider was told that Walcott was signed, sealed and delivered as a Liverpool player until Kenny Dalglish was axed at Anfield. A rumour, admittedly, but a worrying one nonetheless.

We are also told that Chelsea are keen on his services. Following on from Ian Palmer’s excellent piece on this site earlier today, I wanted to take a closer look at just what Robson said.

Robson has earned a reputation as a hard-hitting critic of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal and, don’t get me wrong, it is refreshing to hear contrary views on the team we all love.

But can I contest that Robson, who it should be noted does a lot of work for Arsenal’s various media outlets, does himself a disservice by stating that Walcott isn’t any good? He clearly is good although, admittedly, he has flaws in his game.

For the record, Robson said the following in a radio interview yesterday when asked about the Walcott situation in relation to his contract talks: “It wouldn’t worry me if Theo Walcott were to leave tomorrow.

“Theo Walcott, for me, is not a good footballer. He is an athlete who puts on a pair of football boots. He is quick, he is fast, but when he was younger he should have been taught how to be better technically, how to find space, how to find awareness.

“He has never done that and he is a liability when he is defending. For Theo Walcott to want more money, I would let him go.”

Robson has a point with the ‘athleticism over skill’ claim and also on Walcott’s defensive frailties. But overall, I’d say we’re a better attacking force with him in the team – and you can’t have everything, can you?

Robson says Walcott wants more money and in a market place where the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City can blow all others out of the window, I suppose it is merely business to seek better remuneration. Clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool will also flex their financial muscle in the summer, too.

In short, I don’t think we can afford to lose another player of his quality while we all hold our breath on RVP’s decision.

I hope Arsenal can satisfy the demands sufficiently to keep Walcott. If they don’t, this footballer who isn’t any good will probably end up at Stamford Bridge. And what good would that do us, Mr Robson?

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  1. speaking as an LFC fan I would love Walcott here. For me the main reason he has never lived up to his potential is simply because he is a striker…….One we desperately need.

    • Walcott is a striker but the reason he is on the wings is beacuse wenger wanted him to learn how to use more than just pace. Playing walcott up front you need to have some outting him through which is fine, but when you play against a mourinho side they will shut him out, so what does he rely on then ?

      Look at van persie, cavani, hulk, falcoa, villa, they can all drop back, hold the ball, dribble are creative ,  van persie could eventually become like bergkamp playing behind the striker to prolongue his career , walcott doesnt  have that. Chamberlain already has more and is more likely to be our new henry than theo.

      Liverpool had a poor season, lack of creativity would not help walcott, and most likely he would end up on the wing as you guys did with kuyt ( he scored the most goals in dutch history didnt he?)

      Personally i would like theo to stay and prove us wrong but what happens if he does the same again this year?

      We have benik afobe who looks like a powerful striker who should be given more of a chance

      • Agree on Afobe, but theo had a good season last year, scoring some important goals and getting plenty of assists. He’s too inconsistent, and shouldn’t be relied on so heavily, but when he’s good, he’s very good.
        Moving him to striker could work, but obviously not in our current formation. He wouldn’t be the type of striker who would look to play with his back to goal, and in tight games would just have to lay the ball off quickly and look for space. Henry was often pretty quiet in big games, but often found a way to make his mark, and that’s the challenge walcott would face. Players like that can often have an impact by moving to make space for teammates as well, and theo does attact defenders.

      • Also, don’t see chamberlain as an henry-type. He’s a midfielder who looks well-capable of scoring and setting up plenty of goals, either from the wing or a central attacking midfield position. An exciting player, but unlikely to end up as a striker imo.

  2. Thanks God Dalglish is sacked. The last thing Liverpool need is a one-trick pony like Walcott.

  3. Just because Chelsea and Liverpool reportedly (mere rumours so far, very common around contract renewal time) want him does not make him good. Just because he plays for England and Arsenal does not make him good. I trust what I see and Robson’s observations are spot on. Let him go and get in a more dependable, more consistent,player.

  4. Walcott is not alone in this new Athlete over Ability we find ourselves watching in 2012, Aaron Lennon is the biggest pile of shit I have ever seen on a wing, admittedly I don’t rate Theo much better, neither would get my last £1 on them delivering a ball when unmarked, but look at the game now anyway, it is full of  6ft 3inch Africans, like Papa Boupa Diop who run up and down all day and do little else..Fabrice Muamba only made a name for himself cause of his heart attack until then he was another up and downer..Frimpong is a classic example of this, couldn’t lace Paul Davis boots.

    • You are an idiot Bronzedbigsy

      • yeah, good balanced well educated response on the game..

        • Why did you only refer to 6f3ins africans? What about Barry, Catermole, K Henry, Spearing, Parker, Carric, Lampard(he scores penalties I know) etc? Are you just racist or am I wrong? As far as I can understand the only difference between africans and the britsh population is that in england people are generally fat and eat to much crap from mc, while africans are fit? Up and downers are the english national team only less fit than other teams.

          • I was actually complimenting there outstanding physique and endurance but if you want to compare wank lampard with yaya toure feel free

          • Can’t make any comment these days without the race card coming out can you what a joke of a world we live in , I am deeply offended by the fat English remark, that’s racism ha ha

          • Ps. Paul Davis is black, didn’t I compliment him ?

          • bona drag | 31/05/2012 at 20:43 |

            I am sorry about my previouse remark, very childish. Anyway Paul Davis is NOT african.

          • all taken in the spirit of the rivalry.

          • bona drag | 31/05/2012 at 19:47 |

            Not when is said by another white person you muppet. 5-2 and gunning for jew. Play your cards now.

    • Sorry mate, you’re wrong about Frimpong, hopefully he stops getting injured and you’ll see another Alex Song in the making, maybe even better.

      • Hold my hands if I have that wrong we shall see but looks a bit of a clumsy hacker so far, my actual point was that the game now revolves around up and down merchants and athletes before ability, my boy is at Norwich city academy and the scouts openly admit they target 3areas in kids now, 1, not scared of getting hurt, 2, energy levels 3, will to win they believe they are inbred attributes you can’t teach, ,,when I was a kid we were the opposite, it was ability and then reject the lad if they didn’t develop into the athlete, I see lots of kids now in various games he plays who have poor touches but run all day, and I’m afraid it’s why I am a bit bitter in the modern game now, too high wages for appalling ability, and as a player who was very gifted with my feet but lacked the lungs to make top flight I find people like Lennon and Walcott a joke to be honest, they couldn’t lace my boots never mind Liam Brady or Hoddle

    • What a stupid comparison to make, for your information Africa is a continent and have different footballers with different physique. The point you make about 6ft 3inch is not valid either. Viera, Cisse, Ba, Kanu etc have similar height yet very technical. Do a bit of reasoning before you comment, all over the world English players are known to place emphasis on “running up and down all day and do little else”. Take Jay Jay Okocha for example, I am not sure there is any English player who compares to his technical abilities, even the most famous Beckham hardly ever dribbled a single defender at the top of his game. For a bit of education, take a trip to Africa someday for first hand experience, kids play bare footed just to develop that technical feel of the game.

  5. Why all the Walcott bashing you ungreatful morons, I bet you were all singing his praises after performances against Chelsea and Spurs last season.

    I think Walcotts progress is hindered because of the injuries he sustains and that’s why I would sell him as I’m not sure he will ever complete 80% of a season.

    I remember thinking Song was rubbish and thought we’d flogged him to Charlton, how wrong was I (AND MANY OTHERS).

     Wenger believes in him……….. that’s good enough for me.

  6. Pss

    I remember pundit Robson as a player and he wasn’t all that either.

  7. Theo is a good player but lacks consistency. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pulled out my hair watching him race into the void instead of trying to skin a player and set up a genuine chance. Gallas said it right when he claimed Walcott was too predictable for defenders! The boy has skills for sure but he just can’t seem to integrate them into his natural game, which seems to be pace and being an impact player who has moments of genius. Wenger believes in him because he can change a game very quickly (Chelsea & Spuds). Is he lacking some confidence in taking players on. I think so. If he can overcome this then he could be brilliant – don’t forget he’s only 22 and arrived with huge pressure to perform. Theo deserves a small raise and perhaps some time in the middle. He’s asked for a central striker role and perhaps this could be the move for him to raise his game?

    • You make an interesting point here, at the spurs I continually pull my hair out over Lennon, he runs up to a player and wants to pass it sideways or run inside himself yet there is 60 yards of green grass to run into, is this something in the modern coaching I’m missing here ?

      • Whatever about Theo, Lennon has fallen from grace big time I think. He had bags of potential (sniffs of Pennant) and seems to have lost his footballing brain. Pace is hugely important in the modern game but there’s no substitute for a footballing mind combined with natural skills. Something I think both players lack. I’m not sure it’s something that can develop. Experience builds awareness and maturity but not a Bergkamp-like brain.

  8. Mr Inconsistent.

    A moment of brilliance followed by a misplaced 2 yard pass. Useless when receiving the ball in his own half, great when playing at speed on the counter attack.

    I can partly see where Stewart is coming from. And I think his comments also sum up the team as a whole. Brilliant one moment, useless the next. And simply living for the season when we finally just turn brilliant because the team will mature and grow… but it isnt going to happen. Hasnt happened in the last 7 years.

    I think his inclusion in the England squad was partly because there is no other player better!

    Particularly this season he was given too many starts after previously playing poorly. Sends out a bad message to the rest of the team.

  9. keep hold of walcott until miyachi is more experience and ready for first team place. miyachi almost as fast as walcott but more skillful. we also have gnabry who many reckons would break into first team as soon as 2013/2014 season. he also have pace to burn and more skillful than walcott.

  10. if he wants to go to pool, then fuck him

  11. I think the wages he wants are the bigger issue. He’s on £60k a week, and wants a pay rise. He’s is certainly not good enough or effective enough to earn a penny more than he is on. If he says “I want more money or im off” then I’d sell him in a heartbeat. I’d swap him for Affellay today. I’d probably rather have Adam Johnson, at least he can cross a ball.

    Nani earns £60k a week and he’s won the lot. Who is the better player? Honestly…I don’t like his personality, but Nani is better than Walcott. As is Valencia. And Mata.

    At least we don’t have Downing though!

  12. I’d happily replace Theo Walcott with Daniel Sturridge and Adam Johnson, but i’d be worried about him joining Chelsea or Liverpool, as on his day (though that isn’t regular enough, it could improve with time) he is a major threat. As much as I don’t think Walcott deserves a pay rise, unfortunately to replace him would be expensive and we could really do without any first teamers leaving this Summer, for the first time in years. More important to get rid of the dross in the squad like Djourou, Squillaci, Denilson, Chamakh etc and bring in a few more players of a similar quality as Podolski.

  13. Robson isn’t anti-Wenger, however he sees Wenger flaws as we do. As for Walcott, how long do you give him? He is so inconsistent, cant cross, doesn’t read the game beyond running in straight lines, and doesn’t learn from his mistakes, in fact he typifies this arsenal team.

    I’ve played coached and managed, do you understand players and football from all angles? I’ve listen to Robson and he is an excellent analyst and should have been given the sky job in front of Gary (Sky’s beloved Man Utd) Neville

  14. Those who say theo is not good don’t know anything about football. First of all when he is playing the opposite team has to defend deep otherwise if he gets one pass behind them it is as we all know danger. Second, there has to be two defenders watching at all times and will take one defender out of the game. Thirdly he can score goals. Fourthly he has the most assists and goals of the wingers in England. What more do you want? I would say give him what he wants

    • Anisa, what do you classify as good enough? We set high technical standards at Arsenal but not high enough achievement standards, that’s why we have won nothing for 7 years, soon to be 8.

      I’ve watched the worst team win the champions league in Chelsea, however their desire and hunger got them through, where is Theos hunger? 

      •  Unchives, I know where you coming from but the boy is only 22 and still learning the game. On the top of that statistically no winger was better than him last year in the Prem.  Also he never said that he is leaving and i hope doesn’t because if one our competitors get him he could be the difference.

        • Anisa, unfortunately statistics win you nothing. Chelsea finished 6th and won the champions league! Man Utd were the worst Utd side ive seen for two decades but they finished 2nd, we finished 3rd but 19 points away from 2nd, got knocked out of all competitions early and still only managed to finish 3rd. We are the richest club in world football in terms of making our own money, but where are we? nowhere because we harbour players that are technically talented but are not winners.

  15. He isn’t useless but neither does he deserve “what he want’s”, it is possible to increase his wages by a small amount on the understanding he needs to up his game in order to warrant a larger increase’ something he’s already acknowledged himself.

  16. He was our best winger last season, but that’s one of the reasons we weren’t as good as we should have been. Podolski will surely surpass him, but it still doesn’t make sense to sell off first teamers. We have been linked with a number of attacking midfielders and wingers recently,so anything’s possible. I’d only be really bothered about losing theo if we didn’t have a better replacement lined up.

  17. Absolute bollocks that he was “off to Liverpool”

  18. first of all..I still remember Walcott once said that he is a Liverpool fan..when he was young, he, along side his brother will watch Liverpool play at Anfield..So it doesn’t surprise me when this news come out that he’s boarding to Anfield..
    To me, it’s important to keep walcott..although he is our mr. inconsistance, but he can deliver when we need to..just like when we’re playing against Chelsea and Spurs last season..and when we play against barca two seasons ago..I think keep him is a better option..until Ox mature and become world calss player (watching his developement, it will not take long I think)..because I never think Walcott will end up wearing Arsenal shirt..but for the time being, keeping Walcott is a better option rather than sell him to other club..

  19. is this a commenting idiots convention?

  20. Sell him.

  21. For all of you who are hoping for the OX  to come good, don’t hold your breath because he will we no better than walcott, very few english players develop under wenger, and that’s a fact.
    On those who say walcott is still young, really interms of age BUT in football he has played over 200 games for Arsenal which make him a very experienced player so that’s is making a really stupid excuse. The facts are simply, he has not developed as we have hoped, and out side his speed he is a very, very average player, BUT what can i say, at Arsenal we love to reward mediocrity, its the Arsenal way under wenger, and really painful to look at.

    Nany on 60thous pounds a week, shocking!!! thats why Arsenal are a joke, BUT here this i wonder if we were to offer nany a 100k a week if he would leave, and i say this since we blame money for players leaving Arsenal and not ambition…

    • Yeh no good english players under Wenger are there! hmm Ashley Cole anyone lol
      The Ox will be a top player & I think a certain Jack Wilshire don’t look to bad either.
      As for Theo he’s had his best season this year but I can kind of see what Robson is saying & he certainly has not done enough to deserve a pay rise, for me so far he has been dissapointing

  22. anyone that says the ox is not going to be a top international player dont understand the game

  23. Name not required | 31/05/2012 at 18:50 |

    @ Paul if ur reading this son I got
    Bloced to by those BB’s as well, this site is a lot better thanks for introducing me to it, an on the ox situation OX will defonately be a top player he is a footballer with great technical abilmerchant just a speed merchant, he isn’t ready yet but in a few years he will be a game changer on a consistent basis

  24. Walcott has the ability to be a world class striker he has the technique and when one on one with the keeper he usually puts them away,he has flaws as any 22yr old will surely have but he is getting better all the time.I think Milan will snap him up in an instant,they remember how he skinned them and many others on his day so be careful what you wish for.
    Chriss Waddle is an enormous cunt!

  25. Walcott was and never will be going to Liverpool ? Why are you guy lying ?

  26. Arsenal and England are not exactly the benchmark for “good players”   Theo Walcott is an athlete not a footballer the boy has no clue about the game!

  27. hahaha the only reason liverpool has even been mentioned is ..as everybody knows… Walcott was a liverpool fan when he was a kid. the fact that this “he was going to liverpool till kenny was sacked” has even been written is a joke .. why make up rubbish, i dont get it. you just mug yourself off

  28. Theo is not Messi, but he is one of the best we have. Losing first team players to other EPL teams is not good policy.

  29. we have to be careful with the way we criticize theo, i have watch him since tot game we won 5/2 and came to see an improvement in his decision making and ball control, trust me theo will always get better

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