Wenger says he will not be forced to spend

Wenger says he will not be forced to spend

After a string of bad results the Arsenal manager says he will not bow to pressure and spend on new players.

Ahead of what is a crucial, and probably season ending game for the Gunners should they lose at home to North London rivals Tottenham Hotspurs.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he does not care if the fans call him crazy for not going out and buying new players for his injury demised squad.

Wenger has the fans outraged after what will be another trophy-less season, and despite having the funds from the sale of two of their best players in Samir Nasri, and Cesc Fabregas to Manchester City, and Barcelona respectively, Wenger refused to go out and buy a class defender during the January transfer window.

Arsenal seems stuck on the self-sustaining business plan of running the club like corporate America where the only thing that is important is the bottom line.

I as a fan just do not get it! This is not a business to us, it is part of our way of life, and some of us live and, breathe for the great club that is the Mighty Arsenal.

When the financial report comes out next week it is expected that the club will once again show an operating profit.

This will of course have Stan Kronke telling Mr Wenger what a great job you are doing managing our little soccer club, and also probably have him thinking how much of that money can I take to help with my purchase of the U.S. baseball team the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It is rife in the American press that Kronke has offered $1.5 Billion, for the West Coast team, which in Pounds is a staggering £945 million at today’s rate.

I am going to state my position here, and say Mr Wenger it appears to me that while no I do not think like some of the other fans that you have lost the Plot; I think you have just become a lackey to Stan Kronke.

If you as a manager think you can rest on your laurels you are sadly mistaken.

Any other manager worth his salt would have left the club if he had the financial resources that you have, and yet did not do what was necessary to have a team that can compete at the highest level with the other top clubs in Europe.

Mr Wenger I just cannot understand how you can scold the player’s one game, and then come back and make excuses for them the next!

Maybe I am wrong, and you really have lost the plot.

When you say things like you did today in the press it just frustrates me, as I think with you running the show it is never going to get better, and that Arsenal Football Club are going to become like a, and sorry to the Villa fans for this, but a once great club like Aston Villa being relegated to mid-table football with the thought of relegation on our minds rather than which trophies are we going to win this year, or going back to the good old days of competing for the League title.

Here is what our banker, I’m sorry I meant to say manager Arsene Wenger had to say about his critics: “What is unbelievable is that we run the model that should be absolutely normal and we look crazy. That is crazy.”

“People will do anything stupid, but we are not crazy, we are all right. We spend 1 if we make 1 and [then people say] ‘what are they doing?’ That is what is absolutely mad in our world, but the whole world is bankrupt because of that.”

Here is what else he had to say: “Last year we were very close to the top and there was a rupture in the building of our team with losing [captain Cesc] Fabregas [to Barcelona ], Nasri and [Jack] Wilshere [to injury].”

“We could compete with anybody in Europe with our midfield.”

Arsene then added: “When we play a young team you have to understand as well that we have chosen that policy.
“What is difficult to take once you get close is that the players move, and that is where we are in trouble.
“It is not the policy, it is not keeping our players once they arrive in a mature way.”

Here you are Mr Wenger I now understand what you are doing, and that is we are no longer a football club, but a school for young players.
Our business plan is to spot young talent,  teach them how to look nice passing the ball, and then when one of the so called crazy clubs come along and offer us silly money for our young players we sell them laughing all the way to the bank.

Who cares about winning trophy’s, and titles look how clever we are making all this money!

I know that today’s derby is very important for us in so many ways, and that after Chelsea’s win yesterday along with Newcastle anything less than a win means but for a miracle we will not be in the Champions League next season.

I like you all will be watching the match and cheering for the Gunners to win, and was planning to write a story after the match in what I hoped would be a description of how we taught the Yids a lesson.

After reading what Wenger said though I wanted to let you know my opinion.

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