Wilshere’s ‘quit’ bombshell if Wenger leaves Arsenal

Jack Wilshere will consider quitting Arsenal if Arsene Wenger leaves the club.
The young Gunners midfielder has backed under-fire Wenger and branded his critics “ridiculous”.
Frustrated fans and some pundits have called for Wenger’s head after eight years without a trophy at the Emirates.
Now Wilshere insists that he might be forced to leave were Wenger to depart.
He said: “I want to win things with Arsenal and I want to be there in the future, but if the boss leaves then things could change.
“Arsenal are always in my heart and by signing a deal for the next five years shows my commitment to them and their commitment to me so at the moment everything is good.
“Arsene Wenger has been there for so many years and he’s always delivered trophies. OK we’ve had a little dip in the last five or six years, but he’s a great manager and people who question his ability are ridiculous.
“He’s qualified for the Champions’ League for 16 years so I think he’s the right man for the job. We have lost a few strong, big-name players in recent years and that’s hard for any club,” the 21-year-old England midfielder said.
“First we lost Thierry Henry and then Cesc Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Robin Van Persie. That’s hard, especially when Robin went to another team in England, it makes it harder for us to compete.”