All hail Thierry Henry’s second coming at Arsenal

The imminent resigning of Arsenal Legend Thierry Daniel Henry has left speculators, pundits and critics undecided about the impact this might have on the Arsenal squad. It is easy to overlook the Wenger & Henry combination which has proved to be successful on and off for approximately twenty years.

First scouted and introduced to Wenger when “The Professor” was at the helm at Monaco, most would be surprised to know that Henry was given his professional debut by Arsene Wenger in 1994. The “6,2” 34 year old marksman was all ready a World Cup winner before he joined Arsenal in the summer of 1999. Henry is the gunners all time goal scorer with 226 goals, Thierry is the French national team’s all time goal scorer with 51 goals and the third highest goal scorer in the history of the UEFA Champions League with 55 goals.

In an 18 year carer Henry has won a host of trophies including The FIFA World Cup, The FIFA European Football Championship Cup, The FIFA Confederations Cup, The FIFA Club World Cup, The UEFA Champions League, The UEFA Super Cup, two FA Premier League titles, two La Liga titles, three FA Cups, The Copa del Rey and The Supercopa de Espana.

Henry’s blistering pace, remarkable football brain and comprehensive technical abilities made him the ultimate forward. As a result Thierry picked up The European Golden Boot in 2004 plus 2005, and is one of the only two men to be the top goal scorer in the Premiere League three seasons in a row. The French Legend has also been inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame, of which a contributing factor is being the only man ever to be top goal scorer more than three times in Premiere League history.

An intrinsic part of the insurmountable side of 2004 “The Invincible’s”; Thierry Henry is obviously not only the best ever Arsenal player but perhaps one of the best ever Premier league players. Wearing the number 14 Jersey made famous by well… Henry, Thierry was also (without coincidence) part of the record breaking Barcelona side that completed an unprecedented sextuple. Henry was nominated for the most coveted award in football an individual could hope to receive and managed this feat two years in a row.

The first nomination for the FIFA World Player of the year came for the 2003 consideration. Unfortunately for the French hitman, Henry was beaten to the award that year by his mesmeric and ineffable compatriot Zidane. The second nomination came the following year and once again and perhaps more deservedly Thierry was runner up, on this occasion however the Arsenal striker was second to the unfathomable ability of Ronaldinho.

With two of the greatest players of the last decade beating Henry to the punch and with these two individuals probably being in the top 25 players of all time, it begs the question is Thierry Henry one of the best players never to win The FIFA World Player Of The Year. One thing is for sure although it was rumoured that on his departure from the club in 2007 he might have had a negative effect on the locker room; perhaps his second coming might be hailed as one of the contributing factors, as to why Arsenal FC are playing Champions League football in the Autumn.

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