Bendtner ‘receives fan and ban’ after pants celebration

UEFA have fined Arsenal and Denmark striker Nicklas Bendtner after he whipped out his Paddy Power boxers when he celebrated after scoring against Portugal in his country’s Group B match at Euro 2012.

The Dane has been fined £80,000 for improper conduct and will also be banned for one competitive international match.

I’m not defending him at all, but it’s a unbelievable to see him receive such a large fine, compared to the £16,000 fine that Porto received after their fans racially abused Mario Balotelli in February.

Other fines for racism include Spain in 2004 (£45,000), Serbia in 2007 (£16,500) and Croatia in 2008 (£10,000).

I think it’s fair to say; UEFA need to re-order their priorities.

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