Boateng says AC Milan needn’t worry about Arsenal Bottlers

Champions League Trophy

According to Kevin Prince Boateng, Arsenal typically chokes when it comes to big games. The former Spurs defender, who now plays for AC Milan, was quoted by the Mail Online as saying the Gunners bottle it when it matters. It’s hard to argue with him when you look at the London team’s record over the past half-dozen years.

Boateng will be a part of the AC Milan squad that takes on Arsenal on Feb. 15th at the San Siro Stadium in Milan for the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie. Milan, who are the league leaders in the Italian Serie A, have nothing to worry about according to Boateng since the Gunners play some amazing football one day and are quite bad the next.

He said there’s no consistency with Arsenal as they’re either other one of the best teams in the world and play some beautiful football or they don’t really have a clue what they’re doing on the pitch. Boateng puts it all down to inexperience and insists the current squad of players doesn’t know what it takes to win anything since none of them, other than Thierry Henry, Robin Van Persie, Johan Djourou, and Manuel Almunia were around the last time Arsenal won a trophy. He said they always come close, but when it comes to do-or-die situations they always break down.

He added that the players are young and obviously hungry enough to win trophies, but they just don’t know how to get over the last hump due to their inexperience. He feels experience is the main ingredient when it comes to winning the league or a domestic or Champions League final. Boateng said Milan has the experience needed to take the final step, but it’s missing in Arsenal and they need it badly if they’re going to succeed.

Boateng pointed out that Arsenal hasn’t won anything since back in 2005 and that’s not going to change until manager Arsene Wenger start spending some serious money on experienced players. Of course, Boateng joins a long list of people who feel this way. “These days you must spend money if you really want to have success,” Boateng stated.

He said it doesn’t matter if you spend about £20million too much for players because the only way you can win cups is to bring in the best in the world. He admits that Arsenal has some tremendous young players in the system, but things would be a lot different if they added a few superstars to the squad. He added that opponents often get scared when they realize they have to face the best players out there and this could be an advantage for the Gunners.

He compared Arsenal to Barcelona because of their excellent movement and one-touch football, but without the same experience as the Spanish side. However, Boateng said his team still needs to be wary of Arsenal because when teams are having poor seasons they often focus on one game to lift them and of course Arsenal could do this in the Champions League. He feels if Arsenal can get a win in Milan they will feel their season hasn’t been such a waste after all.

Looking at Milan’s recent record against English teams there’s a good reason for Boateng to worry. They haven’t beaten an English club in their last seven attempts and have lost three consecutive home games to English competition. They’ve also been knocked out of the Champions League three years running by English teams, starting with Arsenal, then Manchester United and Spurs last season. They’ve been playing well in Serie A though and have only been beaten once in league play at the San Siro this season.

This will mark Henry’s last appearance for the Gunners during his recent loan spell from the New York Bulls of the American MLS league. So far Henry’s scored the winner in an FA Cup victory over Leeds as well as a league-game winner in the 2-1 win over Sunderland last Saturday. Sandwiched in between was a goal in the 7-1 home romp over Blackburn.

It wouldn’t be much of a shock if he produced something dramatic on Wednesday and what could very well be his final farewell in an Arsenal uniform. Boateng said Henry will definitely be watched closely as will Van Persie. But he added that Milan wants to prove they’re still one of the top five teams on the globe and beating Arsenal will be a perfect way to prove it.

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  1. need more bottle like him  (his penalty in the FA cup final?)

  2. Yea like when he absolutely melted when he could have won them the trophy


  3. You will beat them over 2 legs they are shit, we smashed them up and if anything Italian football is getting worse by the year, a Spurs reject in the heart of AC, not exactly Gullit, Van Basten and Rijkaard is it. Arsenal win 2-1 and 3-1 over 2 legs.

  4. I love european nights and tonight we will show them all at the san siro, good luck boys!
    Arsene has given us champions league football year in year out, something the spuds can only dream about.
    Now they come on here spouting this and that they don’t fool me.. pathetic.


    • To be fair I think the Champ League is nonsense Jenny and have said it from Day 1, it is boring in this format, it should be for champions only and if that means Spurs never being in it so be it, it is one big money spinner consisting of 4 months of nonsense until it gets the stage that used to make the old European Cup worth winning, a pointless competition over hyped and killed the ultimate footballing prze in the world cup with it….so no I don’t dream about watching you lot fluff out to better teams in the comp each year barring one very good season, we made a mockery of the competition last season and exposed it for it is, SHITE !

      • Any team that makes the quarter final with Gomes in goal really is playing against rubbish until Madrid, Barca, step up…I see Arsenal as still being a quarter final side this season, English football is strong, but there are still 4 teams left in it with which you have no chance against..

      • No!  The champions league and the Europa League exposed Spuds for what they are in European football terms.  Your own word, SHITE

        • I used to think you were a decent knowledgable bloke, but as time has wore on I can see you are a clueless buffoon, Stuart Pearce is a good coach according to you, Saha was a joke signing, aqnd now you maqke fun of the Europa league and spurs, as if spurs tried to win the Europa league, taking the piss out sof spurs in the europa league is like me laughing at Arsenal for failing to win the carling cup, we all know wenger could have won it if he didn’t arse about with the kids, if you want the cold hard facts JIN you are a an absolute flop in Europe and always have been, search through your proud history and tell me what you have won of any note in Europe, does it even compare with us im not sure to be honest, I remember a Valencia final on penalties as a kid that I think Graham Rix fluffed, and a cup winners cup final I think under GG, but one Champ League final in all of the years you have been the best in the land, gpo back to sleeping through the day old man , you are deluded beyond belief..oh yeah Nayim from the half way line i remember that one too !..undeniably a superb force in English football are Arsenal, Europe ? F*ck Off mate you aint done diddly son ..

          • Mashman147 | 15/02/2012 at 12:20 |

            Sorry Bigsy, but I would take Pav ahead of Saha any day of the week.

          • Berg10 | 15/02/2012 at 13:40 |

            Pav was my choice before we went for Arshavin, he looked good before he went to WHL. 

          • Agree but in fairness Pienaar looked good too ha ha

          • Pav is a fantastic instinctive finisher, but his work rate and holding the ball up leaves a lot to be desired, Saha for me wins a lot of ball in the air and despite his size and height I have been very disappointed with Adebayor and his limited ability for flick ons and aerial activity, Sah right now fits the bill better, but yes Pav at one time was a great signing, back to my olde criticism of Harry, he has his favourites and if you are not in his club you will be sold..

          • Berg10 | 15/02/2012 at 14:04 |

            Ha Ha, that’s another reason egobayor was shifted on, not to mention his continual offsides

          • offside more than any player i have ever seen

          • Arsene will win us the european cup and you will eat humble pie  you P.O.S.

          • In what year Jenny ?

          • Look, I’m an Arsenal fan – always have been and always will be, but our record in Europe is truly awful.  Don’t remember the Fairs cup win but I can remember all the other finals and one win out of five is dreadful.  I cannot defend our record in Europe, it is awful.  Winning is everything,simply qualifying for a competition doesn’t amount to Jack shit! 

          • Thanks for your honesty, ours is no better !

          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/02/2012 at 19:00 |


          • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/02/2012 at 18:55 |


        • Thank you John for standing up to this blog bully!

        • exposed us ? here is a cloth my old mate to wipe the egg off of your chops ..or do you want jenny to do it ? : )

      • Sour grapes.

      • do you think Jenny’s got a crush on JIN?

  5. He couldnt get in front of Huddlestone and Jenas. That says more than enough about his level….

  6. Whisper it quietly, Freddie Lungberg has just quit the J League, he’s now a free agent, could he be the next to make a surprise comeback.  You never can tell!!

    Right, I’m off to Norwich airport where my private jet is waiting to whisk me off to Milan.  I shall watch the match and then go to a bunga bunga party with my mate Sylvio.

    “Prossimo sugli Artiglieri”  (come on the Gunners)

  7. AM a GHANIAN  AND PLIIIIIIZ BOATENG WE ALL HATE  IN GHANA……..retiring at 24 shows what a cunt you are…GHANA for GUNNERS.milan 0 ARSENAL 3

  8. What do we make of Footballers like Boateng ? seriously they trap off all over the place and make themselves hate characters, I must be honest your very own Frimpong is starting to head down the same route and needs a little wake up call, The game has gone mad, Fergie it would appear thinks it is acceptable to kung fu kick a fan, miss a drug test, sleep with your brothers wife, sleep with a whore who is a granny, yet fail to shake one of his players hands and all hell breaks loose, what hope do you have if the manager sets examples like that ? I note Tevez this morning has returned for his 198,000 gold nuggets a week and immediately got the hump for being asked to train twice a day, jesus christ I would pick shit off of the back of public toilets with my finger nails for 198k a week..are we the fans really stupid individuals in 2012 for following this nonsense and funding it ?

    • Can’t argue with that mate, and to add credibility to it even Dennis (God) has spoken to smudger smith regarding the difficulty in motivating the new crop at Ajax (Telegraph).

      • Dennis is a legend, whilst I was holding my son, he was about 18 months old,we were in Cheshunt near Cuffley where Dennis lived,  suddenly I was aware of somebody behind playing with my sons hands, when I turned around it was Bergkamp, I told him to get his dirty Arsenal hands off of him, and winked at him , he just man !

  9. Jin and Jenny you are an embarrassment to your fans on here, they deserve to have the full support and backing from you 2 now, how Wenger can go to the San Siro where hitting them on the counter would always be key and not start OXO is beyond me, I have been to Milan with Spurs, I know what that long trek home feels like, absolutely not acceptable from Wenger, I have no desire to bait anyone on here but JIN and Jenny you 2 are living in a dreamworld, Ramsey, Arteta, and Rosicky play against us in the same midfield and you will get absolutely murdered..Wenger is finished, no heart, no desire, no commitment, and that is Wengers fault…for those travelling back you get my respect ! keep at it he will resign he can’t keep papering over the cracks.

    • DANTHEHOTSPURMAN | 15/02/2012 at 22:34 |


      • Dan I must confess to you I am not smiling, I really thought the Gooners would do them and invested in the 3/1 that was available in Arsenal all morning, I thought Wenger would go over there and keep it tight, start Oxo and hit them on the counter attack, instead he fielded a midfield that couldn’t beat Orient never mind Milan, I knew I had done my dough when the prince smashed home a screamer..bit pissed off to be honest, but should have known better really they have been up and down all season, but if he put the right formation out and the right the players..3/1 was huge value..the french tit !….totally agree about JIN and Jenny they are dreamers ! 

    • I agree well said bigsy.Im take no great joy in saying that Wenger is finished and should be let go(not sacked to much respect) at end of season.It would be painful to watch him go down the Clough road not to realise its over.If big changes dont come about this summer were just going to fall into mid table ranks.Something has changed this season and Arsenal are no longer the best team in North London the Clock has finally ran out for for wenger era.For the first time Arsenal will be underdogs going into Derby next Week and if we play like tonight were going to get a beating.

      • You have been significantly better than we currently are, and we have been worse than you find yourselves, and we have to go a long way back to remember a league meeting between us 2 that was a hiding, that won’t happen it will be a tight affair, judging by last night I will be annoyed if a few people at WHL are not asking why Boateng went and Huddlestone and Jenas stayed.

    • This has been going on all season. No heart no fight. Our midfield is a joke. This time last year we had nasri cesc and wiltshere. What do we have now? Ramsey is a squad player. Always passes to the side or back. Cant shoot. Rosiky cant shoot his way out of a wet paper bag. He should never have been given a new contract. He is what is wrong with Arsenal. Tip tappy no end product. Im not even going to start with Walcott. I havent got the time. I feel it is time for Wenger to step aside. The players dont fight for the shirt. The biggest game of the year and we have no plan b. Totally down tonight. Jenny blind faith is not the answer.

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