Wenger 2 match ban by UEFA, Thanks SKY Sports

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Well just when you thought that our Annus Horribilis couldn’t get any worse, UEFA have hit Arsenal with another broadside. The Sky television has had it’s effect and the constant harassment by the media will mean that this season has become one of backs against the wall. Never has there been a more obvious case of the media highlighting something that would hurt the club. TV Pictures of Pat Rice looking up at Wenger was not filmed by UEFA.  UEFA have handed Wenger a two match ban for his alleged contact with his staff against Udinese. A decision the club will appeal robustly as there was reported compliance by Arsene Wenger with UEFA official’s rules of engagement at the stadium.

Yet I feel that Sky Sports TV helped bring about this ban, because the constant Sky Sports emphasis on Crisis at Arsenal is inadvertently becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. I recall seeing Jose Mourhino blatantly flouting the touchline ban with a headset under his woolly hat. I cannot recall Sky Sports News using it’s footage to enable the FA to land Sir Alex Ferguson a ban when there was incontrovertible evidence of Ferguson’s gesture as can be seen here.

Ferguson gesture to Reading fans

I don’t recall the gesture being aired every 15 minutes on Sky Sports News. There is a clear bias towards Manchester United in my view and a relishing of pointing out every misdemeanour by Arsenal or it’s players. Take the recent ban on Song, please look at the free biteside footage of the incident o the Arsenal player on this link at 1 minute 17 seconds of the footage one can clearly see Joey Barton hack through Song’s left ankle with such force that it removes the boot from his right foot. This was the tackle that led to Song’s retaliation, but did Sky Sports News highlight this with regard to balance? No is the answer. I am not a typical moaning Gooner, Song deserved his red card, but Joey Barton is portrayed as the victim, with people ignoring his tackle from behind which was not seen by the officials either. I feel that this is real evidence and thus for me this is a real grievance.

I am calling upon Gooners to boycott ringing Talksports radio and giving them audience figures for advertising. Whilst we cannot boycott Sky TV and Sky Sportsnews TV, what you can do until they decide to report Arsenal matters objectively is to highlight the imbalance in reporting similar incidents which involve the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United players. Now Arsenal and it’s fans needs to close ranks. We will have to fight for justice, as we are under the microscope.

We need to provide evidence of this perceived imbalance by the media. If you see televised incidents which should result in charges by UEFA or the FA with respect to our top four rivals, and especially where SKY fail to generate wall to wall coverage in order to create headlines, then please send that evidence to arsenalinsider.com. I am sick of this double standards and wish to expose it for what it is. Many of our problems may be self inflicted, but all  I ask for is for the media sources to report incidents fairly, I am of the view that currently we get a raw deal, or am I wrong?

LOVE Arsenal… Hate SKY!

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