Breaking News:Wenger 2 match ban by UEFA, Thanks SKY Sports

Well just when you thought that our Annus Horribilis couldn’t get any worse, UEFA have hit Arsenal with another broadside. The Sky television has had it’s effect and the constant harassment by the media will mean that this season has become one of backs against the wall. Never has there been a more obvious case of the media highlighting something that would hurt the club. TV Pictures of Pat Rice looking up at Wenger was not filmed by UEFA.  UEFA have handed Wenger a two match ban for his alleged contact with his staff against Udinese. A decision the club will appeal robustly as there was reported compliance by Arsene Wenger with UEFA official’s rules of engagement at the stadium.

Yet I feel that Sky Sports TV helped bring about this ban, because the constant Sky Sports emphasis on Crisis at Arsenal is inadvertently becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. I recall seeing Jose Mourhino blatantly flouting the touchline ban with a headset under his woolly hat. I cannot recall Sky Sports News using it’s footage to enable the FA to land Sir Alex Ferguson a ban when there was incontrovertible evidence of Ferguson’s gesture as can be seen here.

Ferguson gesture to Reading fans

I don’t recall the gesture being aired every 15 minutes on Sky Sports News. There is a clear bias towards Manchester United in my view and a relishing of pointing out every misdemeanour by Arsenal or it’s players. Take the recent ban on Song, please look at the free biteside footage of the incident o the Arsenal player on this link at 1 minute 17 seconds of the footage one can clearly see Joey Barton hack through Song’s left ankle with such force that it removes the boot from his right foot. This was the tackle that led to Song’s retaliation, but did Sky Sports News highlight this with regard to balance? No is the answer. I am not a typical moaning Gooner, Song deserved his red card, but Joey Barton is portrayed as the victim, with people ignoring his tackle from behind which was not seen by the officials either. I feel that this is real evidence and thus for me this is a real grievance.

I am calling upon Gooners to boycott ringing Talksports radio and giving them audience figures for advertising. Whilst we cannot boycott Sky TV and Sky Sportsnews TV, what you can do until they decide to report Arsenal matters objectively is to highlight the imbalance in reporting similar incidents which involve the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United players. Now Arsenal and it’s fans needs to close ranks. We will have to fight for justice, as we are under the microscope.

We need to provide evidence of this perceived imbalance by the media. If you see televised incidents which should result in charges by UEFA or the FA with respect to our top four rivals, and especially where SKY fail to generate wall to wall coverage in order to create headlines, then please send that evidence to I am sick of this double standards and wish to expose it for what it is. Many of our problems may be self inflicted, but all  I ask for is for the media sources to report incidents fairly, I am of the view that currently we get a raw deal, or am I wrong?

LOVE Arsenal… Hate SKY!


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  1. IfIhadasonIdcallhimarsene | 22/08/2011 at 11:20 |

    Good on you mate – I wish you all the best in your endeavours but sadly Arsenal has and likely always will have to live with being unpopular amongst the major media and football governing bodies. Why this is I’m really not sure – one would imagine that Arsenal would be considered an exemplary club in terms of financial management, fair and exciting play and unrivalled talent development…. but they are not.

    The proof will be in the pudding when the JOKE that is UEFA’s financial fair play standards are exposed as a farce in 2 years time. Until then I am just glad that I can hold my head up high as an arsenal fan and say at least we do it our way and the right way. Shame on City, shame on chelsea, shame on Barcelona and real madrid, shame on AC Milan and PSG… GOONERS FOR LIFE!

    • UEFA’s fair play rules have been undone by the Etihad naming of the city of manchester stadium. This loophole means that Man City can still participate in the CL in 2 years despire spending ridiculous amounts of money. This is why AW has lost out

      • Bloomsbury Gooner | 22/08/2011 at 14:51 |

        Looking forward to the day someone (hopefully some mad Gooner) invents a new source of environmentally friendly energy, that replaces oil.

  2. Bloomsbury Gooner | 22/08/2011 at 11:24 |

    Spot on about Sky & TalkSport.  They are C****, the biggest being Alan Brazil, Micky Quinn, Geoff Shreeves (grass).  Gooners know the score.

    In Arsene We Trust….still!

    • We (Arsenalfans) are accused by John Cross of the Daily Mirror as being responsible for the negative headlines about Arsenal. When will we fight back, we need some high profile star Gooners to crticise Sky etc and then things would change imo

      • Bloomsbury Gooner | 22/08/2011 at 12:42 |

        John Cross is meant to be an Arsenal fan as well, what a joke that is.  He can’t wait to go on TalkSport and tow the party line

      • John Cross is a numpty who has printed so many exclusives about Arsenal since the end of the season.  Would love to see how many he has got wrong.  In fact the only one he got right is Cesc and that was a little obvious.  Can’t wait for Arsene to prove all the haters wrong.

  3. Are you serious haha there is a bias towards man utd ? You must be on something what about last season when skys footage got wayne rooney a three match ban for swearing in the camera when every player on that pitch swears at one point on camera even your presious players or when skys footage got sir alex ferguson a touchline ban you cockneys are all the same you are fickle and blind just like wenger you dont see anything until it happens to you lot haha you are all pathetic and need to stop crying when something goes against you

  4. Spot on. Seems like the media vultures are sensing blood at the Arsenal and aren’t wasting any opportunity to further intensify the pressure. We need some players for sure. Wenger will buy a couple of players I’m sure. If we get the needed draw on wednesday ‘crisis’ is not how I would describe the situation. It’s only the start of the season… lets back the lads!

  5. RTK
    I fully agree about an agenda against us but I do feel AW brings a lot of it against himself. The continual moaning about how hard the tackles go in against us (and I know they do) then one of ours from Song, Wilshire, RVP etc.flies in with a clumsy tackle totally contradicting him and gives rise to a great opportunity for a story against us or showing double standards.
    His opinion is often taken as arrogant due to his intelectual responses rather than a cockney type joke by Twitchy, by the way have you also noticed when Rednapp has a headline he’s referred to as ‘arry but AW’s headline refers to him as Wenger, more bias by the shit media coverage in UK.

    What would be really great would be for all Gooners to cancel their Sky Sports subscription for a month and making it known to the c***s how pissed off we are.

    • Berg10 what we need is for any high profile Gooners to speak openly in the media about this.
      what if Ian poulter wore a tee shirt like
      Love Arsenal, Hate Sky on his back…lol
      Cancelling subscriptions will never work, we need to expose the bias with its own evidence.
      We need others to speak out without the risk of being called precious.
      i agree that AW over protects his players. He does himself no favours.

      • RTK
        OK. Orders taken here £5 each!!

        • Perhaps Red Action could get a banner made???

          LOVE Arsenal,  HATE SKY

          C’mon guys we can do this!!!

          • Bigsyisback | 22/08/2011 at 16:55 |

            High profile Gooners ? Ainsley Harriot ? is about as good as it

            As it happens I watch the sunday supplement every sunday morning and all the press say how well Wenger treats them when they go to Arsenal, perhaps it is time to not treat them so well and be awkward, I too agree that they are sticking the boot in but Wenger can be a touch ridiculous on the touchline and with his comments, but I do feel they have given Arsene a bit too much flack this time !

  6. ArsenalForever2004 | 22/08/2011 at 12:09 |

    Look at this article – I am no AKB and look at every situation without
    bias even towards Wenger (as much as I like him) and our players,
    however, it is time to stop the abuse towards him. It is becoming
    clearer with every passing week that the board is the root of our
    stagnation. This article proves it with some witnesses in the comments section supporting it – a few comments even discuss how Wenger looked away from Gazidis the whole match.

    I think it is time to stop booing
    the players and Wenger but still find a way to make our voices heard to
    the board whether it is through protests outside the Emirates or chants
    during matches aimed at Hill-Wood and Kroenke without being counter
    productive to the team. Maybe a chant like “Spend some f***ing money Stan, spend some f***ing money Peter*.

    Hopefully someone can raise this article on Drive Time on talkSPORT – lets see what that dumbass Adrian says since I would not be surprised if he says it is not reliable despite the fact he is always criticising Wenger with no factual basis or evidence (for example, when he said Wenger was behind Wilshere’s withdrawal from the eventually cancelled Holland friendly).

    • Why bother?
      I have tweeted this dilemma already this morning. we can afford 30 million stars but we cannot afford their wages…simples!

  7. I suppose Rooney got pilloried when he went through his diving bouts in the CL?
    Rooney regularly uses obscene words towards refs, yet never gets a red card.
    Any ref who gives a penalty at Old trafford or falls out with SAF gets brick bats from the Old Trafford propaganda machine. The FA stands for Ferguson Association and you know it.
    AW refuses to give interviews to the BBC because they won’t be brown nosers…
    Are you for real red devil and believe the crap that you write???

  8. we must support our lads
    Arsenal for ever!
    We will beat Udinese!

  9. Its our own fault,we treat the media like royalty and all they do is piss on us,stop the “wedding style catering to these bastards”they will soon change there tune.

  10. You only have to read Steven Howard in the Sun today to see that there is a witchhunt on at the moment against AW.  It sells papers.  But too many gullible gooners out there need to ignore it.  TalkSport also lapping it up.  They know we have a huge fanbase and a minority of stupid fans who take the bait.  Am boycotting TalkSport now as it is full of shit, cheap radio that is jumping on the bandwagon.

    And Adrian Durham is a ginger c*nt who knows nothing.

  11. For years now Sky Sports have tried to de-stabilise any team who try to rival Man Utd. The propaganda machine that is Sky Sports will be shown up for what it is once people get wise to their mischievous ways. When viewing a live game on Sky with Arsenal, I have noticed a curious lack of replays when a decision clearly goes against us but as soon as Arsenal are perceived to do anything wrong, every camera angle possible is suddenly strewn across the screen.

    Sky Sports are Pro-Man Utd and Anti anyone who attempts to challenge their dominance. How much of a coincidence can it be that Man Utd’s dominance has dovetailed with the rise of Sky TV?……think about it.

  12. I entirely agree with your comments and think Sky were over the top in trying to get Wenger done, but you all really are starting to sound like Spurs fans, jesus christ how much moaning and groaning do you lot want to do,
    Were we really this bad ? no wonder you used to laugh at us it must have been unbearable, and for 50 years of it too ! ha ha….xx

    • OK Bigsy…
      great comment!
      But we are not in a parallel dimension where we believe that we will win the Champions League because we got into the top four…lol
      we have never issued commemorative DVDs when we beat Spurs…lol
      We are the Arsenal!
      You are the Spurs…

    • Bigsy, what do you mean

  13.     Make your feelings known!  Flood them with e mails!  Demand answers!
    Power to the People!  Oh! sorry I got a bit carried away there.

  14. RTK,

    On a more serious note, it’s not just sky that’s running The Gunners down.  Henry Winter, in The Telegraph, never misses an opportunity to put the knife in, check out this morning’s  picture of Gervinho “tangling” with Barton.  The fact that the thug Barton has grabbed Gervinho by his shirt front and is screaming in rage at the Arsenal man bears no mention in the accompanying caption.

    • Barton is the new robbie savage.

    • Berg10,

      It’s amazing how yesterday’s thug becomes today’s love-able rogue.  Kevin Davies was lauded by Sky yesterday for being willing to “get stuck in”.  What he was doing was no less than fouling the defenders at every possible opportunity, but that’s OK with Sky because he plays for an unfashionable club.

    • Well spotted J.I.N
      next the journalists will be saying that Arsenal fans are lucky to be paying the highest ticket prices in the land, and that we are just spoilt brats thinking we have the divine right to win a trophy every year…

  15. The only Arsenal fans who phone Talksport are the ignorant or the stupid. I tired of Collymore and Durham awhile ago. Skysports is tied to Murdoch who tried to buy man ure several years ago, asian markets i would suggest.

  16. My e mail to Sky Sports has just bounced back, I must have got the address wrong.


  17. I went on to their home page>contact us and filled out the info as a subscriber.

  18. The fiasco continues, he does it to himself it’s part of the unravelling that’s been going on for a year now.

    More importantly we seem to have continues our relegation level run of form of the end of last season. Nothing has changed except we just have less players if quality. Brilliant.

    Don’t delude yourselves he will suddenly buy two world class players on the next week. Ain’t going to happen.

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