EXCLUSIVE: New Arsenal home shirt for next season revealed

This is what the new Arsenal home shirt for next season looks like, Arsenalinsider can exclusively reveal. As in previous years, we have been given the first sneak peak at how Arsene Wenger’s players will look in the latest offering from the club and manufacturers Nike.

We’ve been right every time in the past and we stand by this image, such is the strength of belief in our source. We have seen an actual photo of the new top but to give no clue as to where and when it was taken, we have mocked up this version based on the original picture we have been sent.

Of course, the Gunners are due a fresh design given that our current home kit pays tribute to our 125th anniversary, with the club badge suitably altered to do so. As you can see, we revert to the previous crest and there is an introduction of a third colour, navy blue, too.

So, what do you think?

19 Comments on "EXCLUSIVE: New Arsenal home shirt for next season revealed"

  1. horrible hope its not true

  2. If you can’t post the picture at least get a decent photoshopper.What the hell is going on with the sleeves?

  3. Gooner ED (Highbury) | 10/02/2012 at 14:56 |

    not in a million years! looks like you’ve taken this years top and added homage to GB Olympic squad. Absolute tosh I am saddened by this attempt to get visitors to your generally great site.

  4. the black strip is the shadow..isnt it???

  5. Alternative shirt with an image of the Emirates

  6. But I thought it was a joke and then I saw it in more and more sites/blogs. What utter crap of a shirt is that? Why not stick with tradition? Plain red shirt with white sleeves, how hard is that? OK add a fine golden stripe like the one some years ago. Why mess with the home kit? Still hoping it’s a prank.

  7. Fake, look at the neck, its painted black, its just the last season shirt with some mods on it, its Fake!!! 

  8. look at the red on the sleeves, that’s the end of them. the collar is coloured black and it’s just a mod on last years kit…

  9. Are you people absolutely stupid?

     They are not claiming that is the ACTUAL shirt. They are saying they have seen the ACTUAL shirt, and then made this (awful) photoshop mockup of it so that we, the clueless public can grasp a little of how it will look.

  10. The worst photoshop attempt in the history of photshop. I will bet you a million pounds that this is not our shirt next season. Anyone believing it is a buffoon.

  11. Not in 1,000,000 years is this our kit for next year !! 

  12. Looks like a Ice Hockey Jersey

  13. I’ve seen this as a full kit on another website.  Black socks! …………….. pure minging.  Worst Arsenal shirt ever.  Hate it.

  14. Benedictalbert26 | 22/05/2012 at 08:24 |

    eish that black strip on the hands area is fake please remove it

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