Fabregas calls Arsenal ‘we’

Cesc Fabregas still seems to consider himself a gooner, saying he watched nervously and was pleased to see the team progress past Udinese and into the Champions League group stages.

The former club captain left the Emirates for Barcelona two weeks ago, and has spoken about the atmosphere at Arsenal’s old home Highbury, following criticism of the club’s fans by Samir Nasri.

Nasri, who has also just left the Gunners, claimed he did not particularly enjoy playing at the Emirates Stadium, and Fabregas has echoed his former team-mate’s belief that the atmosphere was better at Highbury.

He said: “I have never felt at home as I was at Highbury at any other stadium in the world but it was not my decision, it was the club’s decision, it was what they needed in that moment.

“Highbury was a special thing that I don’t think will happen any more, but Arsenal have to make the Emirates their own home now and with their own cabinet of trophies to start all over again.”

And speaking about the game last night, the Spaniard said: “I watched it and became a bit scared when they scored and got the penalty, but I think after we saved the penalty the game became more comfortable for us and I think we played very well.

“I’m very happy for Arsenal and their fans because they deserve to be in the Champions League. It’s a big boost for the club and the players, because it is a very difficult season and I am sure from this they will get so much confidence they can move forward.”

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  1. Get the fuck over it. He’s gone, who cares what team he supports. He plays for Barcelona and given the opportunity would knock us out of the CL without a second thought.

    • Agreed. He had no problem doing it at the Nou Camp with that ridiculous backheel in our defensive third. Time to move forward and if anything, show Cesc we are better off without him.

      • denver took the words right out of my mouth! now that he’s gone hopefully our team can rally around someone (van persie or vermaellan) and show the heart this club deserves, whom actually wants this club to win, no matter who we play!

  2. well, he is still an arsenal fan at heart. but it was his dream and goal in life to perform for barcelona. we cant blame him for that people.
    Awesome player, glad that he still supports us.. i think it would be mental boost for the team.

  3. Cesc proves himself to be a classy player, while Samir continues to come off as whorish

  4. Cesc has Arsenal DNA afterall

  5. As Sahun said, he is not playing for us anymore. I really dont care what he says or who he supports.

  6. Yes, Time to move on, Fingers crossed for some new buys, we all know which positions. Another 3 wingers for me!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Come on Gooooners start believing, i do ithink.

  7. Just one of a long line of foreign mercenaries who have legged it for for either more money or more pots ,who then refer to Arsenal as their club and will always be in their hearts .sorry its all bolox .Whos next Van Persie?

  8. Kids write here. Kids read too. What a pain reading such pieces!

  9. Its funny how the majority of us give Nasri grief- whether he went to City for money or trophies what exactly is wrong with that??? He wasn’t exactly born in North London. 

    And him saying City fans are more passionate than Arsenal fans is only true. After giving him grief, what do we do on Saturday?? Go to the Emirates and quietly watch the show as if we were in a theatre, and at the end boo

    • ‘And him saying City fans are more passionate than Arsenal fans is only true’ you sir are only wrong, after six years without a trophy real gooners remain loyal so, there is your passion. MC fans are not passionate, their reall followers sure, but the majority probably not. Nasri and Fab are different because Fab’s move was coming for a long time, Nasri on the other hand actually hurt the club because now there’s not much time to find a replacement, in short Nasri never gave two shits about Arsenal

      • Nasri is right, City fans are more passionate than ours. I say this based on going to a number of matches between Arsenal and City and once seeing City fans out sing the mob from anfield. 
        For a long time i’ve felt they were the best fans in the country

    • John Murray Hill | 25/08/2011 at 20:01 |

      Yeh but he said when we were losing 3-0 the Man City fans were incredible and that’s what he wanted. That’s a pretty mutinous thing to be thinking. Seriously, who in their right mind thinks that.

  10. hit the nail on the head him and nasri.. awful atmosphere in emirates greedy board priced out the real passionate ones from the highbury and made way for the impatient prawn sandwhich brigade. god save us and give our soul back

  11. You fuckin bumder

  12. I have to agree with both of them, I was over to the UK at easter and managed to catch the Bolton away and the Man U (which we won) at home. i was shouting and screaming the team on at home and seemed to be the only one doing it, whilst getting strange looks from everyone else. Our away fans are much better, we all pitched in to egg the boys on. (shame we los) think back to the Barcelona at home, that atmosphere was incredible but a complete rarity.

  13. hopeless romant ic…pliiiz let us move on

  14. miss highbury

  15. Peter King Oloo | 25/08/2011 at 20:01 |

    So what if he calls Arsenal ”we”? He cowered off to Barca to have it the easy way, sorry Fab, bt he jst will never warm his way into many fans’ hearts like Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira, Pires, & countless others who really showed so much respect to the club that made them even when they wanted new challenges.
    He shouldn’t pretend to have Arsenal DNA now, because he was so disrespectful in allowing so much talk from the Xavis & Messis to do PRO for him.

    • U stupid cunt! Viera does not even want to join the gunners after he retired! And fabregas was told to be silence all along by wenger.! He juat follow orders from the boss.! Dickhead.!

    • U stupid cunt! Viera does not even want to join the gunners after he retired! And fabregas was told to be silence all along by wenger.! He juat follow orders from the boss.! Dickhead.!

  16. City fan here: pleased to have signed nasri, great player, but I actually think your better off without cesc and nasri. Both top players who didn’t want success to be to dependent upon themselves say unlike maradonna who almost single handed won stuff for Napoli. These just want to be cogs albeit great cogs in a machine of even better players. Great for city and barca but harmful to arsenal had they stayed. So I think your “team” ethic will now cone to the fore with players who are committed to be there and maybe a few signings before the window shuts. Wenger is a top manager who has been close to caving but has survived the worst now with that victory over udinese last night ad I think will now quickly gather performance and results and most likely will finish top 3. Give wenger a break, and best of luck on Sunday..will love it if you sling it right up utd…Blueman

  17. I dont know about anyone else but during the Udinese game there was a challenge which ended up with Vermaelen on the floor holding his ankle/achilles, I seriously thought TV5’s season, more like Arsenals season was over…but there must be a god cause he came out fine.

  18. if we spent stupid money, we would be delerious as well and make a lot of noise, people seem to forget we have been around a long time in the top flight, unlike, man utd, man city,spurs, liverpool and chelsea. they are shouting at the moment!, how long for i wonder.

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