Fabregas calls Arsenal ‘we’

Cesc Fabregas still seems to consider himself a gooner, saying he watched nervously and was pleased to see the team progress past Udinese and into the Champions League group stages.

The former club captain left the Emirates for Barcelona two weeks ago, and has spoken about the atmosphere at Arsenal’s old home Highbury, following criticism of the club’s fans by Samir Nasri.

Nasri, who has also just left the Gunners, claimed he did not particularly enjoy playing at the Emirates Stadium, and Fabregas has echoed his former team-mate’s belief that the atmosphere was better at Highbury.

He said: “I have never felt at home as I was at Highbury at any other stadium in the world but it was not my decision, it was the club’s decision, it was what they needed in that moment.

“Highbury was a special thing that I don’t think will happen any more, but Arsenal have to make the Emirates their own home now and with their own cabinet of trophies to start all over again.”

And speaking about the game last night, the Spaniard said: “I watched it and became a bit scared when they scored and got the penalty, but I think after we saved the penalty the game became more comfortable for us and I think we played very well.

“I’m very happy for Arsenal and their fans because they deserve to be in the Champions League. It’s a big boost for the club and the players, because it is a very difficult season and I am sure from this they will get so much confidence they can move forward.”

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