Fourth Not Secured Yet

Arsenal’s next Barclays Premier League fixture is an away match against Queens Park Rangers and many pundits have the Gunners as the favourites to win that encounter. The Gunners, who seemed destined for Europa League football until February, have put together a run of seven consecutive wins in the last two months and now find themselves in top of the bookies’ soccer picks to clinch the third spot on the league table.
Since their February 4 match against the Blackburn Rovers, coach Arsene Wenger’s men have scored 22 goals and conceded just six, which suggests that they are dominating their opponents at both ends of the field.

Arsenal have faced a lot of criticism this season for their overreliance on their captain Robin van Persie, who has scored 26 of his team’s 61 league goals. But their recent goal distribution indicates that they might not be a one man team anymore and while the Dutchman certainly is the most important Gunner at the moment, there are others who can chip in as well when needed.

A striker’s scoring drought is normally considered a bad thing in football but such has been van Persie’s influence on his team that his two-match barren run is being taken as a positive sign for the club. He last scored against Newcastle United on April 12 and while he went missing in the next two matches, his teammates stepped up to fulfil the goal scoring needs of Arsenal.

The Gunners now have three more points and a better goal difference than the Spurs, their most immediate rival for the third position. Unlike their opponents, they also don’t have any Cup distractions and all of these signs suggest that at least Champions League football is guaranteed for Arsenal next season.

But Arsenal’s Spanish midfielder Mikel Arteta has refused to relax just yet and warned his teammates that the remaining eight matches of their season aren’t easy at all and they can still miss out on even the fourth place if they aren’t careful.

Speaking in an interview with Arsenal Player, Arteta said: “If anyone thinks it’s all done now, then they are making a big mistake. We can’t take our foot off the pedal now. We have won seven in a row now, which is very difficult in the Premier League nowadays, and we have done it well, playing some high-tempo football, but there are some tough, tough games coming up in our last eight matches.”

The only game of any major difficulty that Spurs have left to play is their April 7 trip to the Stadium of Light where they will lock horns with Sunderland. On the other hand, Arsenal not only have to host both Manchester City and Chelsea, but they also have to face Stoke City at Britannia, which is no easy task (just ask the Sky Blues).

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  1. wenger is gagoots | 26/03/2012 at 23:15 |

    That boy Arteta always speaks sense. I’m beginning to like him. Chelsea can’t beat us now but City and Stoke City away will be very very difficult. 

  2. you lot will pick up a grand total of one point from city chelsea and stoke, mark my words. arse will somehow defeat the rangers and then all hell will break loose. april is when arsenal goes back to fifth. 

    • U betta take ur egg picture n get da fk outta here this’s an arsenal forum

      • shut up mug

        • I apologize. U r clearly hurt frm slippin to 4th. U can switch allegiance anytime our hearts are big we will accept you. C’Mon ARSENAL

          • leave it out im going to wembley again for the 4th time in recent years..up the brum !

          • Mashman147 | 28/03/2012 at 11:30 |

            Cheltenham, Watford! Stevenage and Bolton. You should be so proud of your teams achievement in getting to Wembley. Well done. Wish i was a Spurs fan….

          • now now, you had the easy route in the champ lge and got AC like we did last season, sadly you failed.

    • Funny how it’s Spuds that always get head of the actual results….there always is a St Totteringham Day, like Easter just what date is the question.

      It’s tottenham that can’t get any points when the pressure is on.

    • nas nis = richard head

    • You spuds all seem to have crystal balls, are they sold inside that shack WHL?

      • that crystal ball that said all season chelsea will miss out on the top 4 and you will get 4th, so far it seems quite accurate given your run in, what it didn’t predict was that we would be going to wembley again whilst you duds carry on bragging about the top 4 again yawn yawn, in arguably the weakest prem ever, real room for improvement that is, you’re getting like us, next season seems to be the lowbury way these season ha ha

        • I  already gave the reason we are having our worst season
          so won’t be going over that bit, the fact you’re Wembley bound is as you said…”the weakest prem ever”…so when it get’s back to previous strength (well for some of us) it’ll be adios Sp*rs normal service will be resumed.
          Remember, you’ve won nothing yet, you dismiss our previous successive continuity of top 4 status, final of Champs lge and domestic cups yet you’re celebrating for all the same reasons (oops no ECL) and for how many seasons? One! Come back to us in 10 years mate. 

          • yeah the weakest prem ever that you have been humiliated in until Feb/ March…fair play for the lucky breaks in the last few weeks but the truth is I doubt you will even get a result at Loftus Road.

          • Berg10 | 28/03/2012 at 11:11 |

            Yeah, lucky breaks don’t come to us too often and on saying that you often make your own luck by pressing the opposition into mistakes, sadly only the fortunate bits are captured and spewed out by the idiotic media and Sky scum and the positive facts are conveniently left on the cutting room floor, like the stats I left for you to comment on in both our games against Chelski where your inefficiency on goal attempts, tackle success et al were woefully weak but don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

          • we are awful in front of goal, if we had van persie we would have won the league..thats how bad you are !

          • Berg10 | 28/03/2012 at 15:05 |

            Ha Ha, he’d never join you lot so keep dreamin’.

          • Mashman147 | 28/03/2012 at 11:22 |

            More hilariousness. You are slagging us off about Top 4 yet you are celebrating being in the last 4 of the FA Cup. You are so far below intellectual, you are a Spurs fan.

          • celebrating celebrating the fa cup is shite, along with the world cup, the carling cup and the early stages of the champ lge..let”s face it none of us has much to crow about which is why we are all acting like kids replying to each others stupid comments

        • Put your house on Spain…… Gets me every time…

          • what gets me is you pretending to have a kid 3 weeks after i exposed you for a geek who sits at home pretending to be a wealthy follower of fire your muck in a pair of boxershorts not a fanny..ha ha..where is jenny these days has the dopey old tart ran off with geriatric jin ? : )

  3. Saying Chelsea can’t beat us now is hubris. We’re not unbeatable, and I would prefer it if we did not lose a game again this season. 3 draws and winning the rest

  4. Snatching 3rd is vital for us at this stage for many reasons:

    We can attract top players early in the window who want champions league football.
    Our international players won’t have to come back early from their break to prepare for the qualifyer. Most of which will no doubt be injured in the Euro’s.
    Finishing the season strongly will give us momentum & confidence going into the opening stages of the 2012/2013 campaign.
    Robin & Theo will sign new contracts for sure.

  5. I don’t know where this bollocks that Spurs have an easy run in has taken root. The only games that are easy as the season runs down are against those in the comfortable obscurity of mid table with nothing to play for. While they are at home the Spuds still have to play Wigan (who just beat Liverpool at Anfield), Blackburn (who beat Man U at Old Trafford this season) and Villa (who are slowly slipping in to the dog fight).

    You can’t judge the run ins by the dogs in the fight, but the fight in the dogs.

    • mmmmm, take no notice of this clown he can’t even get the fixtures right ! Villa is away not at home and mid table clashes with Swansea, Norwich and Fulham (where Jol will throw the last game if it is in doubt we qualify) easy !
      sooner have our run in anyday, 3 points at this stage for you is not enough to keep 3rd spot with 3 tough fixtures in the remainder, Man City will be so fired up it is unreal, then if Chelsea still feel they can nick 4th spot playing them back to back with Stoke is unlikely to get you maximum points, and playing Chelsea is perfect for us as someone drop points around us..happy days !..what is more sad is that the mighty Arsenal are now left chewing over if they can finish above spurs..mighty , fallen  spring to mind..I bet doubles seems like light years away..Me I don’t know what im missing, but to have bedded Angelina Jolie and now find yourselves noshing on the flaps of Heather out of eastenders must hurt like fuck !..see ya later ..sliders !

      • The chelsea game is bang in the middle of the CL semi finals. If they are still fighting out for 4th with Spurs, maybe they will play a decent team. If you hit some sort of form (unlikely), you should be clear of them by then anyway and they will focus more on CL.

        Take our form from September onwards and we are 5 points behind United and City. We arent as far away as people think we are. And like I said before, we have loads of room for improvement. Spurs do not. That must hurt.

        • M147,

          Fourth place isn’t a certainty but at least it’s in our own hands. 

          Everybody knows that spuds will drop points, they’re like the milkman’s horse trying to gallop up the hill at Cheltenham.

          • we have always been the milkmans horse so not aware of anything else, unlike you trading Kauto Star for Black Beauty is a kick right in the pun intended about the black bit, I know Black and Arsenal is a sore subject with you KKK boys.

          • Berg10 | 27/03/2012 at 14:40 |

            Wasn’t it you that stated on this blog you wouldn’t let or be happy with your daughter marrying a black person? If anyone’s a racist it’s you my friend.

          • im as proud to be white as they are black, never forget we are entitled to be proud of what we are, that doesn’t mean they should be abused though, I wouldn’t want a Cat but I wouldn’t hurt one.. 

          • Mashman147 | 27/03/2012 at 20:28 |

            A bitter racist… Still laughing….

        • When you have watched your rivals win doubles, and go all season unbeaten I can assure you a bit of improvement sitting in 3rd whilst pinching pennies hurt is really not even a word that comes close to the relief we all feel at have your rival club consisting of friends and family laughing because they have made up 13 points on you rather than being so fucking superb that the whole world talks about them trust me being a spurs fan right now is so so funny !

          • Berg10 | 27/03/2012 at 14:42 |

            Every team has a poor season and this is ours so to achieve the results of the last few weeks is certainly something for us to cheer about, just so happens you mugs were the ones ahead of us.

          • a poor season ? you are Arsenal FC between you and Liverpool you have won 31 league titles, 7 years watching others win trophies is hardly a poor season, by that reckoning Stephen Hendry is still top dog like Arsenal then Berg10..

          • Berg10 | 27/03/2012 at 19:33 |

            Ok, I’ll rephrase it, we’ve had our worst start for quite some time while rebuilding, also taking into consideration the much needed but distracting move from Highbury, and I’ll take 7 years of being in close contention for the title rather than 50 years.

          • really ? so when pires and co were ripping people to bits you accepted and acknowledged back then that the move would create 7 years of nothing ? of course you didn’t it is all after talk, like the 50 years you lot keep banging on about, you are arsenal much better than us so that is to be expected, what is not ok though is for your players leaving to join the champions elect when you are so mighty, truly a sign that you are in decline and not rebuilding at all

          • Berg10 | 28/03/2012 at 10:33 |

            Players are for the most part mercenaries, some (Cesc and TH14) succeeded in their dream and the afore mentioned deserved the taste of higher level than they felt they were getting by staying put, many other who left failed in achievements imo, Vieira & Flamini etc and as much as Na$ri is coining it in that success he “said” he craved isn’t assured yet.

            We are in transition and it sounds like positive changes are already afoot at AFC.

          • Mashman147 | 28/03/2012 at 11:20 |


          • Mashman147 | 27/03/2012 at 20:37 |

            Bigsy, you are fighting a losing battle, just as your club are. Coming on an Arsenal blog and trying to demean the fans on here is embarrassing. You clearly have nothing better to do. You talk so much shit. We have won lots of trophies and we have played fantastic football. We have been 17 minutes from winning the Champs League. We have a fantastic state of the art stadium. We have a manager who can build a club, not just a team. We have the most exciting English player since Rooney. We have so much going for us.

            You have a shithole of a stadium, a manager who cant wait to leave, a striker who you cant afford to pay his wages. No league titles for over 50 years.

            So bang on about how in decline we are and take a look on your own, riot ridden, shit covered doorstep.

            Thank fuck I was born a Gunner and not a Cock. You were just unlucky.

          • every saturday I am 3 minutes from winning the lottery, what a stupid statement that is regarding the champ league final..

          • Mashman147 | 28/03/2012 at 11:19 |

            Got to be in it to win. Every saturday i would say you are hanging out the back of your old girl. Guess you class that as winning the lottery.

          • done my bit with pesky little nippers ruin my proper kids now..

          • Berg10 | 28/03/2012 at 12:19 |

            Itis hardly an achievement filling in a lottery ticket as opposed to reaching the ECL final!

  6. Absolutely loving the Norris write up with comments closed, I reckon that is because judging by his picture he is as black as the ace of spades and he knows you racist thugs would abuse him ..ha ha

  7. Correct me if im wrong,if chelsea finish 5th,yet win the champion league,would that then mean the team which finished 4th will not qualify for CL.

    • Only four teams from the Premiership are able to enter next seasons competition, so if the chavs win this season they would get automatic qualification leaving only three places, the team coming fourth go into the Thursday night league.

    • thats correct Arsenal with 4 tough fixtures remaining would be eliminated and playing europa

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