Fourth-Place finish doesn’t yet guarantee Champions League spot

Champions League Trophy

This might not really be news to many supporters, but casual fans and youngsters may not realize that a fourth-place finish by the Gunners this season doesn’t necessarily guarantee them a berth in the European Champions League. It rarely happens, but the UEFA rules state there are only four spots available for English teams and these won’t be bent like they were back in 2005/06 season.

England was allowed a fifth Champions League spot that year because Liverpool won the tournament in May of 2005. However, they didn’t finish in the top four in the Premier League, Everton did. Liverpool ended the season in fifth place, but was granted a spot in the Champions League the next season as cup holders and Everton was given a spot in the tournament as England’s fifth team.

If the same scenario happens this year, meaning Chelsea somehow manages to win the Champions League, it means the fourth-place finishers in the Premier League will lose their Champions League spot to Chelsea, no matter where Chelsea finishes up in the league. Of course, this is highly unlikely to happen, but it is a possibility and any true follower of sports will realize that the unthinkable does sometimes take place in sporting events.

As unlikely as it seems, it is something Arsene Wenger may want to remind his players of and how important a third-place finish is to the club this year. Of course, if Arsenal finishes in third place in the league table, then whoever sits behind them would be the team to lose their Champions League spot. If the league ended today, Spurs would be third and the Gunners would lose out if Chelsea took the Champions League.

It also means that if Arsenal does have to settle for fourth place this season then supporters should be cheering for Chelsea to knock Spurs out of the third-place spot. With Chelsea finishing anywhere in the top four, a Champions League victory by them in Munich would guarantee the top four English teams a spot in next season’s Champions League. Also, as soon as Chelsea is knocked out of the Champions League, the top four English clubs are all safe.

If a team happens to lose their Champions League spot to Chelsea they’d be given a berth in the Europa League next season. If Chelsea fails to win the European Cup on May 19 this year and finish in fifth, they’d also get the usual spot in the Europa League. A Chelsea win would be against the odds since they would have to beat Portugal’s Benfica in the quarterfinals and then take on the winner of the Barcelona vs AC Milan matchup in a semi final tie and face either APOEL Nicosia, Real Madrid, Marseille, or Bayern Munich in the final.

This situation should be enough to motivate the Gunners to keep up their fine play from now until the end of the season since third place in this year’s league could possibly mean the difference between playing in the Champions League or Europa League.


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  1. There is NO CHANCE in hell that Chelsea will win the CL. Simple as that.

  2. It’s never gonna happen. Barcelona in the semi and madrid in the final?? I’m sorry, but you get miracles and then you get miracles. Besides, I have a sneaky feeling the table will end with United champions, city 2nd, Arsenal 3rd and Chelsea 4th anyway.

  3. Arsenal should simply battle till the end and worry about the what if’s then!

  4. Knuckle Draggers ? Thugs ? Scum ? all these things I have heard in recent weeks, yet as a former Arsenal player lies dying on the pitch at WHL our supporters to a man sing his name, the very same fans who observed a minutes silence for Rocky like it was a member of their own family, after what I saw up close on Saturday, I couldn’t give a shit where Spurs finish we are class, a class apart and im immensely proud to be a knuckle dragger.

  5. Yeah bigsy. I’d like to believe that any club in the prem or in the world would have acted with the same dignity. after all this isnt the first time this has happened, but hopefully it will be the last. But i do recall a game at the lane earlier in the season when you lot bood a player and called him a cheat while he lay on the ground from a broken ankle. one fine evening of sportsmanship doesn’t erase a history of low life scumminess

    • yep fair retort, providing we forget the cheating goal from a throw in, Hillier, Van Rapist, Adams, Merson, bung Graham, Storey, Sunderland, Paul Davis, Rix kiddy fiddler, Pennant, shall we leave it there whilst we are talking low life ?

      • That’s more like the spuds we loathe and hate.

        • of course you hate us, you are like pikeys who move in and take over, you wish nth london was your home but it never will be, fuck off back to woolwich you nomads, about time you moved stadium again isn’t it ? been a few years now.

          • Mashman147 | 20/03/2012 at 05:50 |

            Jesus, how rattled are you.. The season spurs were supposed to have arrived as a force and they are slowly sinking. Jealous of our fan base, our stadium, our star striker. Oh dear. Bigsy, sorry to say, bu you have nothing to offer this site anymore. Looks like you should be the one that moves out. Even if we dont make the top 4 this season, I know we are in a far better position as a club than you will be for many years. Our future is very bright. Yours is very much here and now. And it looks pretty dim.

          • still as easy as ever to get idiots nibbling.

          • Mashman147 | 20/03/2012 at 11:24 |

            And loving your desperate posts…. They are making me laugh. You have no argument, no facts. Just clutching to that 1 point lead you have. Stench. Wafting from the Lane. Smells good….

          • arsenalbob | 20/03/2012 at 09:15 |


  6. In the remote event of Chelsea winning the Champions League it wont be Arsenal who miss out next season as we a destined to finish in third place. 

    ‘Arry’s bedraggled battalion will be the team consigned to Thursday night on channel Five, which is the height of their ambitions.

    League title winners?  50 years and counting!!!

    • What’s with all the arrogance ? IF ou beat Everton which you won’t you still have to play Man City, are you seriously expecting to go unbeaten ?
      You won’t finish above us it simply won’t happen NO CHANCE !

      • We don’t have to go unbeaten, as everybody knows that the spuds are going to drop points. 

        You may as well crawl back into the woodwork Bigsy, even you know that the wheels have fallen off ‘Arry’s bandwagon and the spud’s demise was started with a 5 – 2 thrashing by The Mighty Arsenal.

        What’s the gap?

        • I fucking hate Harry for all the reasons you mention and you know I do I have said it all year, he doesn’t rotate a squad, he is tactically naive, and he is short term everywhere he goes, but you overlook a very very tough 6 weeks we had to face, Liverpool, Man United, Man City and Arsenal, and you are in the middle of an easy one..didn’t we beat Newcastle with the weels off 5-0 ? didn’t fluke a last minute winner ..didn’t need to..lets just wait and see, I understand your confidence has grown after a laughable start but you aint home and hosed yet, struggling to beat shit like Newcastle !

          • Mashman147 | 20/03/2012 at 05:46 |

            Sounding desperate Bigsy…. No one says we are there yet, but you have had the season of your life and everyone raving about you. As you just said, after a laughable start, one of AW’s worst teams he has built and we are one point behind you. Dress it up however you like. Those are the facts. Our team is awful, yours the best ever Spurs team and 1 point is all you have to show for it. Oops….

          • your team isnt awful though is when they are all fit, thats what you have said all year, now they you were lying then back in November when you said they were great but having a blip, you did think they were poor ! make your mind up man , you have mugged yourself off.

          • arsenalbob | 20/03/2012 at 11:05 |

            Historically a poor team under Wenger. Yet still only one point behind your best team in 50 years. What’s to make up the mind about in that?

          • Mashman147 | 20/03/2012 at 11:22 |

            Indeed. And we are fully fit now and spanked you 5-2 on our climb up the table. Am laughing at you now and will continue to do so. Loving seeing you so rattled. Fair play for keeping coming back, but the desperation smells like a day out at Shite Hart Lane….

          • arsenalbob | 20/03/2012 at 09:14 |

            Tough 6 weeks that you never had earlier, which is why you had more points. Beating tottenham and liverpool is the middle of an easy run? You talk wank man.

      • Bigsy you need to get a life mate. You have been arrogant on here all year. Dont get upset if Arsenal fans on an Arsenal site are positive about their team. It smacks of hypocrisy and bitterness…

        • still am arrogant you won’t make top 4 no chance not good enough ! man team, im praying he breaks his leg.

          • johninnorfolk | 19/03/2012 at 22:17 |

            That does it for me Bigsy, you’re sick!  To wish an injury on a fellow human being is despicable. 

            I used to think there was some merit and even a bit of humour in your posts but this latest one is just too disgusting for words.

            Do us all a favour, find some other outlet for for your foul comments.

          • arsenalbob | 20/03/2012 at 09:11 |

            Surely we’ve known he’s a cyber tosser for months. What a joke. He’d be better off bragging to Barnet fans that his club is more illustrious. 

          • clearly some hadnt worked it out ! ha ha

          • 7 years, ouch for a BIG CLUB that must hurt, sooner be a realistic dreamer than a real life moron, United are a big club, Your not !

          • arsenalbob | 20/03/2012 at 11:02 |

            It’s relative. United are bigger than Arsenal. Tottenham are bigger than Barnet (just).

          • why is it ? a little injury is no worse than what some of you have put in the past about Tottenham and its people.sod off you old dinosaur.

          • Mashman147 | 20/03/2012 at 05:40 |

            Well done Bigsy. You are no better than the scum fan who laughed at Muamba and mugged him off on Twitter. We are seeing your true self now. Bitter, desperate, despicable, sad, lives on his own, wanks himself to sleep watching black and white re-runs of the Spurs glory days.

          • Muamba was tragic, it is now overkill, soldiers being repatriated, kids dying in coach crashes and we have total saturation about a man who was fortunate enough to survive what Gabby Logans young brother didn’t. enough is enough, Eboue the mug then started last night claiming English are racists because only black people visited Muamba, check his apology out after he deleted the original comment..everyone is at it now so sod off.

          • Mashman147 | 20/03/2012 at 11:19 |

            Genius. So now it is overkill. And after all that chest thumping about the class Spurs fans. And trying to bring it back to Arsenal again. Mind the gap Bigsy…..

          • Mashman147 | 20/03/2012 at 05:55 |

            And below you say how Spurs fans are a class apart and then you are wishing a broken leg on a player. You are an embarrassment to Spurs fans. At least they drag their knuckles with dignity. Actually you are an embarrassment to the human race.

      • Oh dear. Wheels falling off????

  7. Chelsea will not win this years champions league as much as ex-Chelsea players and pundits are saying they have a chance. They have no chance because they will have to beat Barca over two legs and then beat Bayern or Real Madrid in the final.(Remember the final is in Munich) When this current Chelsea team where in their pomp and they could not beat them when Messi was 21 and he is now 23-24 are at the hight of his powers with an even better team around him.

    Even if they luck over two legs and beat Barca in the final. They would have to either beat Mourinho who has never lost a major final and Real Madrid with the likes of Ronaldo in his pomp, Kaka, Benzema, Alonso, Di Maria and Ozil, that is just a few of their players off the top of my head. Even if it’s not Real Madrid they will be playing Bayern in the their own back yard.

    So yes good result for Chelsea against Napoli but Napoli froze when they had the tie in the bag twice and it was more Napoli lost the game rather then anything great Chelsea did. Chelsea will not win this years Champions League.

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