Fringe players to get a chance as Arsenal focus on Europa Cup

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Arsenal’s stunning 3-0 victory over Stoke City represents the first time since October of last year that the club has managed to secure four wins in a row. While the Gunners’ form lately has been below average at best, the recent improvement is consistent with their tendency to finish seasons on a strong, positive note.

It is interesting to note that Arsenal is no stranger to this bust-and-boom cycle, as last year, after a terrible run between January and mid-April, they managed to win nine of their final ten games, including the FA cup final against Chelsea.

Their improved form and resilience has spelt good news for both fans of the club as well as punters looking to make money off bets on their matches. The consecutive wins have renewed betting interest in the club, and this has further increased with the growth of online betting platforms that have created a fast and efficient way for players to place bets on their favourite club. Considering that FIFA World Cup is around the corner, these online bookmakers are presently offering a wide variety of interesting world cup betting offers.

Are Arsenal’s troubles over?

While the sequence of good results come too late to have a substantial bearing on the final outcome of the Premier League – they could potentially come out on top of Chelsea and finish at the fifth position – but aside from the League, if Arsene Wenger is able to build on the club’s renewed momentum using seasoned players like Lacazette, who is all set to give his best now, then it could be quite useful for the Gunners’ upcoming Europa League Fixtures.

It is evident that the Gunners’ manager has turned his eyes to Europa as a means to salvage what remains of the season, and while a win over Stoke City was an important one for the club, the team selection for the match was a clear indicator that Wenger has his sight set on Thursday night’s Europa League clash against CSKA Moscow in North London.

Koscielny and Mkhitaryan rested

Particularly, Laurent Koscielny was on the bench after playing for France, and in his place was Calum Chambers. Despite the Englishman performing quite well in place of Koscielny, it is clear that the French international’s presence will be instrumental in taking Arsenal forward in the Europa League, and Wenger wants to take no chances in this regard. The manager’s concerns are not entirely unfounded, given how the 32-year old has been struggling with a chronic Achilles tendon issue that requires regular treatment, and accordingly Koscielny’s fitness issues prevent him from taking on a role where he can play several times a week, and this reality was reflected in Arsenal’s team selection on Sunday.

Following a similar pattern, Henrikh Mkhitaryan was rested for Sunday night’s game, and while other important players such as Ramsey and Ozil were a part of the squad, this was only done to ensure that they are sharp for Thursday’s match against CSKA after the prolonged international break.

However, do you know, there have been rumours of Arsenal selling off Koscielny, Xhaka and Lacazette! Here’s more on that.

On the other hand, if Arsenal continue along their current path, we’re likely to see their Premier League side made up of more fringe players, and such an approach will ensure an all-round growth for Arsenal’s squad.