Gloating Taarabt dedicates goal to Spurs in Twitter taunt at Arsenal

It would appear Arsenal striker Marouane Chamakh has even more reason to stay away from fellow Moroccan Adel Taarabt.

For gloating Taarabt has taken to Twitter to throw a jibe at Gooners after the defeat to QPR and revel in his previous associaton with Tottenham.

Chamakh tested his relationship with Arsene Wenger at the weekend when he, along with Taarabt, was photographed holding a shisha pipe following the 2-1 loss to Rangers.

Taarabt scored in Mark Hughes’ side’s victory over the Gunners and he has since taunted Arsenal supporters on the social networking site by seeking approval for his goal from fans of his former club.

Taarabt’s tweet read: “lol yid fans that goal was for u guys against Arsenal a way to say thank you for the support when i was at Tottenham.”

Of course, Chamakh, 28, has hardly been a hit at the Emirates – he’ scored just once in 17 appearances this season – and his latest indiscretion could well tip the balance in Wenger’s decision to sell him or keep faith in his ability.

Now Wenger will decide if he will punish Chamakh, who came on a free transfer from Bordeaux two years ago.

As for Taarabt…well, he can do one.

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26 Comments on "Gloating Taarabt dedicates goal to Spurs in Twitter taunt at Arsenal"

  1. taraabt wont have much to say in the championship next year. he has contributed to QPR’s downfall this year.

  2. Love it 🙂

  3. Arsenal fans should not stoop to these lads level and allow ourselves to become soccered into their childish mischief. Arsenal has to remain focused and leave Chamahk in his comfy seat until the end of the season.

    The lad knows he cannot alter his record, which read: Was given a BiG opportunity, but could not cut it at Arsenal!

    Could not man up to early expectation!

    Tried hard, but it proved a step to far!

  4. What’s wrong with an Arsenal player having a shish session with an ex-Spurs man? Are you saying that Arsenal fan can’t have a spurs fan for a friend? Stooopid Londoners.

    • It’s not who he had the shish session with, it’s the shish session itself.

      As for having Spurs fans as friends etc.  I have a Spurs fan as a wife and have done for forty-six happy years.

  5. One slight problem with this. Taarabt doesn’t have a Twitter Account. This one is a number of fake Twitter accounts in his name! 

  6. Bloomfield G is correct, it isn’t Taarabt, it’s a fake. You’ve been trollololed by a kid and gone as far as writing a blog about it. Well done!

  7. this is a load of arse insides, the big T isnt on twitter.

  8. Crap. Taarabt does not have a twitter account. Fact.

  9. He’d be more likely to dedicate a goal againts Tottenham to Arsenal.

  10. dontbotherinthefuture | 04/04/2012 at 09:58 |

    anyone who knows football knows he hates spurs so this isnt him!! we didnt play him despite him being good enough to play for real madrid where he was so sure he was heading when he left us…. QPR is pretty much the same though

  11. Twitter is the curse of  “celebrities” in general and footballers in particular.  Pillocks like Barton are forever twittering and exposing their idiotic thoughts to a disbelieving public. 

    The latest pillock is Joleon Lescott, his twitter revealed that he was taking Lemsip, for a cold, most varieties of which are on a banned list of drugs.  It could land him with a long ban from his chosen occupation.

  12. Taarabt does not have a twitter account.

  13. All this does is demonstrate that once again this website is full of nonsense !
    half of the fans that come on here moan about the writers, you would think they would do their homework first especially this writer as he is well into twitter himself !..
    There is nothing wrong with spurs and arsenal fans being friends, I grew up in Cheshunt where Terry Naylor, Pat Jennings, and Don Mcallister were frequently found in the Bulls Head drinking with Sammy Nelson, Pat Rice and Co..they are all mates it is us tits who argue over who has the biggest fan base and most engraving under spotlights..

    •  Completely agree, I’m a Spurs supporter and most of my mates support Arsenal and we generally have good banter. There is a difference between supporters back then and now though. I was in an Arsenal pub in Highbury during the Aston Villa game as my mate was at the Emirates so I watched the game waiting for him. If I had walked in with my Spurs shirt on having just watched the Chelsea game, I think I would have been attacked within a few minutes. The pub summed up what a lot of football supporters have become: aggressive, loud mouthed, vile and happy to lay on a verbal/physical assault on an opposing fan just for wearing a rival shirt. It makes you question the human race. Granted it’s not every supporter but you see it more and more nowadays. No one should have to walk about wearing a top of their team and be given abuse for it. I want Spurs to beat Arsenal when they play them and have been at WHL for one of the matches but I don’t sink to shouting abuse at the Arsenal players just because they play for a rival team. It also doesn’t help when you have players inciting it. Jack Whilshere is one of them, if he wasn’t playing for Arsenal, he would be that typical fan in the pub shouting abuse left right and centre. Regardless of how good he was, I wouldn’t want someone like that playing for my team. Anyway, the end of the season is getting exciting so enjoy the rest of it.

    • And to think that only a few days ago you wished RvP would have his legs broken?
      I enjoy a bit of banter but that was seriously low.

      • you can reply to other posts !

      • im fine in the main but when cocks like mashman turn it personal im going to retaliate with nastiness..If I wished gooners harm I would n’t have saved one in salford who was getting a terrible beating after you won the semi final !

        • Is this the same good samaritan that was on here a couple of weeks ago boasting about kicking an Arsenal fans head in on Holloway Road? Oh dear. Trying to portray an image again and forgetting your previous posts.

          And thanks for blaming me for your comments about RVP. You are the biggest mug in town.

        • Very commendable if factual

  14. Very lazy journalism if you could be bothered to check you would know that taraabt is not on Twitter. The accounts fake check the following

  15. Adel doesn’t have a twitter account, you’re reading a fake!

  16. If Kevin can play for AC, then Adel will play for real madrid


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